How a guardian amulet or talisman with his own hands

May be for creating a mascot for themselves and for other people. This subject may not be transferred, and other people. Talisman brings luck to its owner only. Loss, theft, gifted, or a broken action forces have been stopped.

First, the operation to be performed, you need to understand, the more unlike magic items:

  • amulet makes almost two functions: protects the owner's loss and brings him good luck;
  • guardian protective function, human health and housing;
  • mascot is able to develop some of the character traits, providing the owner brings to work to achieve success, happiness and peace.

If you are planning to action or avoidance amulet, please general rules and suggestions:

  • Amulets and talismans can be made both for myself and for other people. Guardian forcibly to someone is unacceptable. The guy's just taken the job to be of his own volition.
  • If you constantly think about that person to another during operation mascot. Thoughts should be clear and positive. An investment piece just a magic item, an amulet that will really work and be able to make the soul owner, not only welcome to bring.
  • Select month a good time to do during the growth phase. In this period, you any good for beginnings.
  • To work in a quiet environment. Should be comfortable, no one and nothing can disturb you.
  • But if you do it yourself after completing a talisman to the yellow fabric and put it under your pillow the night. This connection between the expense, the subconscious and the amulet will not be provided.
  • About what we do for ourselves, mascot, preferably anyone. Carry and storage with you all the time prying eyes.

Adhering to these simple rules, a successful production and working for an effective amulet.

A broad popular mascots, the relevant current year. For example, within a year of the intervention in a variety of materials prefer a dog figure, dog and year of the rooster — петушков.


The materials used to create the talismans

Magical Items that brings luck and happiness to protect against bad influence, are manufactured from different materials:

  • stone;
  • tree;
  • metal;
  • skin;
  • fabric;
  • thread;
  • fur etc.

Cardboard or a thick paper you can draw the symbol, optionally — stall.

Children's imagination in the choice of material. It is important for you only positive emotions and why I loved it a nice touch.

A strong protective needle, thread

You can see many of today, a red thread on her left wrist, worker protection, evil eye. The rope should be of natural material (usually wool).

Who became famous first gear wear the color red on the left hand wrist, it was Madonna. An ambitious Kabbalah esoteric teachings what happened after that. By faith, a person who wants to handle only tie a PIN to close, and a good understanding of the essence of ritual.

Slavs old has been linked with red thread in a slightly different ritual. Крепили her right hand wrist. Able to do this yourself, the main — yarn tie seven knots. The owner of the guardian that drew such a life, money and luck.

Protective if it severed the rope, don't worry. According to legend, could have been with you it's unfortunate, but "the Guardian" took him.

Mascot can not only be used to create a red thread at the same time, other colors of yarn. Their own weave bracelet. Important it's the right color. Pursue a goal that plays a role in the selection:

  • red against the evil eye and the environment energy and Vitality;
  • white protects against conflicts, bad thoughts, helps to create a harmonious relationship;
  • blue is responsible for helps to improve inspiration, lateral thinking and hidden talents, therefore, creative individuals;
  • yellow color, sun, help, happiness, improve health status, to expand information;
  • orange that makes a man attractive, sociable and self-confident in their own abilities helps you to reach greater heights;
  • pink color, romantic and loving care; using it you can build strong relationships jealousy and passion;
  • inspiring purple and creative ability improves;
  • Yesil against jealousy and conflict situations, health improves;
  • blue is useful, who you are, find yourself and improve your mental capabilities;
  • brown it helps to improve and determination to reach your goals, hard work is a symbol;
  • black develops respect between balanced and calm surrounding will help.

It's only natural that weaving the yarn to choose. If thin fold yarn, a few times. If you used only one color, the easiest way to do warding off seven tied into nodules. If implemented in various shades, weave, braids or some kind of a magical ornament.

Torn necessarily burn the thread mascot. So it will burn, provided protection and assistance to mentally thank him.

Sack mascot

Protecting you and your loved ones a magical little thing that the forces of evil or evil-human, and that can be manufactured sacks. This material was popular in the avoidance of the baby, "Domovenok". Handicrafts size is selected optional.


Production instructions

  • The pouch itself is to start to fabricate. All seams you should be good. Out in front of him.
  • Now all you need to do is a hand. To do this, or you can take strips of yarn in woven braids. A place should be located in the handle, slowly slide into the holes, and obtained the hair braid. Now manually align and secure.
  • Various herbs can be to fill the bag or other filler. It will be when the bag is full, tie it tighter.
  • You can start-made hair. A vegetable brush or twine them. Hair wear the crown using a thermo-gun.
  • Domovenok do forget to do mouth and lips, and beard are both Nov. For the eye the baby or in-store with hands that can be purchased.
  • Domovoy create лапти turn dried corn leaf.

Note domovoy sew clothes and hat, and a thrift — a few bags.

Test magical crafts, with salt

His talismans the ancient Slavs, salt dough. Manufacture of this type of Crafts, it's not difficult, even for a beginner:

  • You need to take the flour and salt ratio is 2:1. By adding some water, knead the dough elastic.
  • Let it sit for a bit to test Ver. This mold is then an amulet from him. Popular animal figures, a horseshoe, or angels.
  • Time guardian will be ready, leave for 3 hours in the oven preheated to 70 degrees.
  • Bring handicrafts, allow to cool for a few hours, and gouache paint.

Jewelry, wood

The wooden Amulet of the ancient Slavs is part of Culture. For magic items you can use to create different breeds of trees:

  • birch is known as for its medicinal properties believes in his shell лапти done previously, they along get rid of rheumatism; is used when creating only wood but also leaves, buds, root;
  • on your stay in oak, it has a powerful energy, mascots, made подкладывали crib new born children, this thought, this will help them grow at their full strength and health;
  • alder also helps to strengthen the spirit learn how to get rid of negative thoughts the power of right decisions, The Guardian protects a married couple alder;
  • hazel symbolize fertility and the impact of incentive capital;
  • rowan protects against the forces of evil before him высаживали near housing, branches with fruit in my father's house.

It's mascot is choosing a healthy tree.

Amulet manufacturing instructions:

  • Wooden mentally obtain a permit to ask dal. Me when I left with him money, bread, or a small grain.
  • Branch brings home to me a few weeks and absorbed its energy is used for housing for him.
  • Branch to a specific location in a circle, one side with a knife or scalpel to cut the character you want.
  • Make a necklace or lace through a hole to be able to be a solid thread.
  • To protect the wooden mascot of dust and dirt, and apply it to the surface, cover with hot wax or paint.

More optional symbols and talismans out of wood. They work and no cutting marks them.

Magical amulets, beresty

, Birch bark, ancient Guardian, what he did for children sharkunok their case in the form of a rattle. He caused a concussion toned voices more interested in children and an indescribable joy. Were babies, the teething period. It's the glue that is used in the production of sharkunok.

Optional fire avoidance to create bark, live tree, you can use Berestov with firewood.

hammer-birch bark

Instructions for making:

  • Of material give the job to him elasticity.
  • Cut into strips of bark, beresta was treated for vegetable oil can be bent on both sides.
  • You need to do six equal-sized strips.
  • The upper and lower strips 1 cm side curl in place, then the clasp.
  • Putting all six pieces together.
  • It's not for a toy, dispersed, must sharkunok in boiling water and boil 5 minutes. Tie this yarn before, that you want to remove after cooling.
  • One day, when a toy-the Guardian просохнет must bend one of the edges and even the inside of the caterpillar.

Perestu warding off you need to take to create a medium thickness. Crust too thin or too thick is not suitable.

Fur mascots

Long, leather, fur, bones, teeth, and claws of animal are used to create the amulet. If you stayed home a piece of fur, then you can do a good guardian. "Domovenok":

  • Cut a small circle of a diameter of 8-10 cm to the edge of the handle.
  • Into a small piece of sponge and sew.
  • Buy in stores, glue on eyes.
  • Бусинку use as a pacifier.
  • Optionally, to make quotes.
  • We are doing the same fur foot. We did the strips 1,we get to see 5х4 lace, putting each foot into one, two and скрепляем glue "Moment".
  • Which mascot will be петельку top are making money.
  • We are doing the lace on the back foot and Domovenok.

It's not home and just hang fur mascot, at the same time in the car.

Genuine leather jewelry

Leather, various animals and high demand for production amulet. You can do him:

  • the wearing of amulets, the neck;
  • bracelet;
  • belts;
  • kin et al.

Tolerated the skin surface by pressing technique, embossing the desired character. Avoidance проделывается are carefully processed edge and top strap hole. As to the jewelry look beautiful and elegant.

Hedgehog needle magic

Hedgehog needle made from a variety of charms. It is considered, helps protect them, adverse action, to teach other people enjoying life despite trouble and a problem to be both very happy.

Porcupine needle charms to make:

  • necklace;
  • earrings;
  • "dreamcatcher".

Women love this Amulet of natural material, fabric and the needle by turning until tight to hide under a pillow or a loved one.


Guardian ring

The service not only as a decoration for the ring fingers, you can make them guardian. This is the best for to buy a new product, you want to apply to the inside post. Expression of human engraving to the public at its discretion.

In ancient times, two names that were given to children: one known surrounding the second Secret. Baptized a child by the name of secret. This aid to take corruption or a curse. Children often touted mother was a protective ring on the inner side of her middle name.

The talisman of death, drunkenness, prison and the way with his hands

An unexpected situation that happens too often in life. Therefore, to participate in the pre protect yourself and loved ones. Jewelry, hand-made, the best way you will cope with this problem.