Amulets and talismans for good luck and money - how to make it at home and charge

Everyone wants to be fortunate and rich, that no one could depend on. The wealth that opens many doors, gives confidence. To do so, by all means not prohibited by law and morals. Important in the achievement of prosperity – perseverance and hard work, but sometimes something interferes, not enough luck. To get there at all times and in all cultures there was a special omens, rituals, talismans. The greatest power have the charm to do with your own hands. We will talk about this: how to manage the finances so they did not go and how to make the right amulets for money.

The concept of the amulet

Stick to the modern interpretations of value, because the times have changed. The amulet, according to the dictionary, a subject done in the body, which has properties magic against diseases, misfortune and attract good luck. A synonym is a talisman. It is true, all the values do not match. Amulet craft thing, and the mascot can be any issue of having to master a special significance. To avoid confusion, we will use a value.

Amulets for money and the rules for the use of

talisman-good luck

Its countless and the list will depend on the religion and culture interest of the country. In Ireland clover Shamrock in China – toad, in the culture of the Slavic – a spoon, a sign of the flower of the fern and others. Now it has become a little blurred the boundaries of countries and cultures and, therefore, not be ashamed of using native mascots. The question that arises is: how to choose the mascot? You can find tips of how to make a hand-made amulet, offers to buy already ready tutor, to apply the symbols zodiac sign. Clear advice, no one will do it. Refer to the MAGE – advised a talisman that is able to do, and check if the same, the old wise people, too, will draw on its experience, but this does not mean that the amulet is suitable for you. In the choice of a mascot to stick to the rules:

  • You should choose the mascot of the religion, which is the nearest to avoid any contradictions;
  • Use your common sense. We should switch off our common sense, reason, and listen to the inner voice. Go with you, taking into account the idea of luck. The way there, myself.
  • Intuition is only looking for amulet online store and select the one you like. This is one of the main rules is the mascot must be the soul. Want to touch, stroke and admire them. Find it it will work. Money symbols of the need to be respected. Perhaps it will be understandable only to you, but the question of money and luck necessary to take into account in the selection;
  • There is a perception that the most powerful amulet made with your own hands. There is a bit of truth, but do not forget that any thing done in good faith, with a clear thoughts. Don't want to or don't know – don't force yourself;
  • To make a gift amulets can, with full confidence in the good intentions of the man. Presented the mascot of the cleaning salt. It is impossible to accept as a gift the dish empty, an empty wallet, an empty piggy bank. These items originally scheduled for the poverty;
  • Raise money to help red. You can use thread, garment accessories, decoration. Can't decide on an amulet – buy red bag;
  • An effective mascot can be a decoration. Choose the jewelry and not jewelry. Use currency symbols.

When you choose the amulet, which must be resolved to identify it. Depends on the type of talisman. Decoration of transport, both at the time of cleaning. Small figures, figurines, bring in a bag or compartment inside the bag. Large shapes put into the house. The location you choose. In this place the talisman does not hurt the eyes and looks organic, so that moving the thing. Amulets and Feng Shui position in accordance with the philosophy in the area of money.

On the subject of financial well-being is not the last role played by the attitude of Finance. Not amulet does not help, in case you don't follow the rules of the respectful attitude of money:

  • Do not wrinkle the money, not put them in if necessary. Place money – purse. Piggy boxes will fit if you save up, not only did he leave because it's no where. To carry a bag must be in the bag and not put it on the table;
  • Use a large red or Gold bag;
  • The money is stored in expanded form in full length, not folded in half four times;
  • Take out of the pockets of all the extra notes, receipts, tickets. As for the photos, many of them there are, but this should not be done. In your wallet have a Bank card. Discounts, business cards, plates should be removed and transferred to a special case;
  • If the portfolio breaks – shot;
  • Love money account. Periodically count the money in cash;
  • Paper bills and coins together not keep. Must be left clean and in the portfolio, and in the Bank;
  • Money to attract money. Don't spend everything to zero, even if expected. Always store a large bill that cannot be redeemed, but two, to procreate.

Things in order, and life is the key to success and peace of mind.

Runes as a talisman

Each debris, once a part of the writing, now has a special meaning and magical effect. To attract the money, the following signs:

  • Fehu. Most of the debris on the subject of financial well-being. In addition, it gives people the strength to carry out the plans and achieve all objectives.
  • Yer. The character of remuneration for work. The hard work will bring wealth.
  • Otal. Means the property. Helps to get the support of influential people, who had already intervened in his life.
  • Dagaz. Denotes prosperity, perspectives, opportunities. If there are going to important, improve it, use it. It gives positive result.

Use the runes you can own and in any combination, according to the meaning of the talisman. You can buy finished, you can apply, but remember that it is inscribed in the plastic, which will not work. Use of natural materials. If you're going to apply, then apply natural dyes, preferably ochre. The metal debris is removed. This pet must always be kept with the host, to attract good luck and wealth.

Figures of animals and insects

threelegged toad

Keep in mind the most common that are used as amulets to attract money:

  • Trokhpalaya toad. The mascot came from Feng Shui, and, therefore, to apply the rules. Toad should be kept in the mouth for a coin, which must be removed. For more action, the toad should be placed near a source of water: fountain, aquarium, fine painting with the image of the water or to clean the toad every day with a damp cloth;
  • The elephants (trunk). Nice as a pendant, but also the statuette in the shape of an elephant seems appropriate;
  • Turtle. Another Chinese symbol. The rules for the application as a toad;
  • Bumblebee. It is a ritual. The first bumblebee to be captured alive and put in a bag. The corpse insect to throw not touch. Custom cruel and requires a certain skill. The substitution of the life of the insect of the figure. It was found glass, jewelry, made with their own hands from threads. It does not matter, it is necessary that it has always been in your wallet.

The biggest effect have the charms of precious metals or simply gold shade.

Nerazmennyye bills

This is not necessarily the project of law. The currency is also nice. The question only in the name. The higher the denomination the better. If you want, you can use foreign money, or anniversary. For efficiency, keep them in a separate pocket of the bag and can't tell anyone. If you gave a bag with the money, leaving the content as Nerazmennogo.


A variation of the previous amulet. Bring a lucky charm. It does not fit in a bag — kick for a stone bag and keep it in a bag. It is necessary that the stone was a precious or semi-precious. Do not buy cut stones have been removed from the energy. The ideal option is to find a seed of his own. Some argue that the most effective way to emerald. Apparently, due to the color green, but you should choose the one that works and warm up in your hands.

Amulet to attract money with their hands

This pet reminds the owner, who is in charge of part of the energy. The amulet begins to work faster and safely to help in the topic of good luck in financial Affairs. These are just some of the popular types. You can choose what you want.

Imperial currency

In fact – the coin conspiracy. The history goes back to the first Russian Emperor Peter Alekseevich Romanov. A monk of the Trinity Sergius Lavra to talk with him, the king, a currency that, after the prayers of the night. Since then the Emperor has made a lot of cases in which he was lucky. This amulet began to desire of each one, it is not only the common people, but also the rulers who in those times asked for this in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. To make this amulet can each independently in accordance with the rules:

  • Choose an appropriate currency. You can find tips to get on the road, but this is not worth. The money that moves in many rituals, culminating in the throwing money. Where is the guarantee that have been collected, with a false negative. It is not surprising about the find money say, "More to lose than to find." I advise you to take a commemorative coins, antiques, jewellery, all and any right.
  • Wait until midnight of the full moon.
  • Put a coin in a piece of red cloth.
  • Tie with a thread of green.
  • Read the plot in the wealth and economic benefits. The revised text number As in any other conspiracy or of the prayer – the words should come from the heart. Tell us about the problems, the aspirations, dreams, and perspectives.
  • Hide the amulet in a safe place.

To give the amulet of power to help the faith in him.

The magic of the umbilical cord

This amulet is intended to draw money and good luck. He does so:

  • Take natural yarns green, red, yellow, or blue, to symbolize, respectively, wealth, the love, the health, the achievement of objectives. Use them singly or together depending on the required areas.
  • Weave of them a bracelet. Can be in the form of a braid, and can be something more beautiful. With proper skill you can make signs to portray the characters. It is convenient to work during the full moon.
  • At the time of weaving to visualize desire. Remember that the brighter the image, the faster the dream will become a reality. Try to imagine as many details as possible, their feelings, actions and reactions of their loved ones.
  • Put in the left ankle and wait for the luck, which will help you to make the dream come true.

Effective cord is good not only from a magical point of view, but also psychological. Compensation helps to focus on the object of desire, put in the way of the achievement of the goal in stages, to calm down.

The bag of herbs

It has always been used as a talisman. In addition to most effective bag can quiet aroma of the herbs and tactile contact. In addition to the herbs to put different things depending on the task. Rules of creation of money of the talisman are the following:

  • Apply effective fabric color: yellow, green, gold, silver.
  • Visualize the goal. Imagine what you can do with sudden wealth, to imagine the emotions, the setting, the details.
  • Fill all synonymous with wealth: the magnet, money, pearls, stones. According to Gypsy legends promise of the wealth and the pen. Of the plants, the use of peppermint, sage, ginger, maple, acorns, oak leaves and bark, Jasmine, rosemary.
  • Tie the neck with a red thread woven in braid and hide in a secret place.

It's not worth to tell anyone.

Cash ball

cash tangle

This is not a personal amulet, and the home. It is thought to bring good luck to all of the people who live in the apartment. Standards of manufacture are the following:

  • Use green thread and a coin.
  • Coin wrap the thread, like a cocoon.
  • Secure the ends.
  • Hang the amulet on the door.

In general, with regard to amulet or ritual, its efficacy depends on the faith of the man. Perhaps the magic in all this, but the owner, believing that as they feel more sure of themselves, while the difficulties will not give up and not to fall into depression. Programming yourself for success – an effective psychological technique and things in this play an important role, as well as the ceremonies.