How to make charms out of coins: detailed instructions

There are many different customs associated with a currency standard. This simple item used by the magic and tradition of almost all countries and peoples. There are two types of coins: the rites and talismans.

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How to make charms out of coins

In various magic rituals use of a single use of the coins. The pet also has to serve humanity faithfully for many years in a row. In this article we'll talk about the pets. What, in reality, means that the word?

A talisman is an object with magical endowed with special significance and power to protect its owner or to unlock your potential (improve the ability) . This brings luck, and preserves the health, attracts positive emotions and protects from troubles, tribulations, challenges, and external influences magic.

A talisman can be any object. But coins – pet has become very popular, especially among people with supernatural abilities.

The use of coins, in charge of special features, the people resorted in ancient times. Particularly urgent need in the talismans were manifested in moments of complete impotence of man before the Universe. With the help of special charge talismans to keep the people of the evil of witchcraft and the impact on their identity from the outside.

The fact that the belief in the power of amulets and talismans appeared by writing to the company, does not mean that in the modern world has become unnecessary. Evil lives in the modern world, and perhaps the opposite, only gain their force. How does the coin is a lucky charm and what is it for?

The mascot is different to that of their "brothers" of the talisman and amulet. What is the difference? The task of a talisman (amulet) to push all incoming in the human energy field is negative, to protect it from the outside bad influences. And the mascot for another purpose – to attract all the good things of the universe – good luck, love, wealth, the place, the people, and so on.

There are two versions of the arrival of the talisman in the life of a person. The first is random. Many people have been convinced that the chance is very natural and happen by the will of the Supreme Mind. A certain currency can be a talisman in connection with some emotional or physical event.

For a better understanding you can see an example of how the mascot of the currencies is a person.

Here, for example, there was once a boy was friends with the girl. These were the best friends. And then one day they found on the street of the beautiful old town of coin. And the girl gave it to the child with the words: "Let that be your talisman and the memory of our friendship, I'll bring you luck". If the child will believe in these words, that the coin really would be his talisman.

The second method is to make a mascot himself. Similar magical item will have a huge power and force in this direction, that is waiting its owner. After these lines, many people have a reasonable question about how to make charms out of coins.

This process is very complex, but the approach is necessary with all responsibility. Best of all, your pet is fit to an old coin, or made of precious metals. This kind of things energy, initially gained power.

The currency can be worn around the neck as pendants (this will have to drill a hole) , or just keep in a bag of good quality. Of course, before you expect it to be something special, a currency is needed to "charge".

It must be the full moon out the talisman on the window sill, preferably on the flap, or fabric of red color. You must then ask the Universe (God, Higher than the Mind, Allah) that what we most need in life. For example: "I Ask that the amulet brought me luck, protection from enemies, attracted love, money and nice people, prompted the problems."

Then the coin must be wrapped in this cloth (a napkin) , put it under your pillow and sleep there until morning. And in the morning hanging in the neck, or put in the bag. And the important thing is the faith in your strength and the strength of the new amulet.