How to use an amulet, a talisman and an amulet?

Since antiquity, man has created different types of artifacts, designed to be used in a same and designed to ward off misfortune or bring good luck. Today we call these things a talisman or amulet. But, as they differ from each other, and that is a talisman? What are they? It is possible to at the same time bring a cross and an amulet or a bit of magic stuff? All these questions and some others to answer in this article.

What types of amulets and talismans are and how to use them?

as amulets to bring good luck and money

To start with the definitions. Often, the words a talisman, an amulet and considered synonyms, but this is the wrong approach. Shades of meaning here are quite significant.

So, talisman is an item magical, the function of which is to bring the company the desired forces, situations. Therefore, the talisman can be used to attract good luck, love, improve the financial well-being, attractiveness and so on. Speaking of computer games: +10 to charisma, +100 to health. Thus, we can say that Pushkin in his lines to Keep me, my mascot has sacrificed meaning for the sake of the rhyme, and the size.

How to bring a pet from the protection of the function of a talisman is usually not responsible, it is better to hide from prying eyes, carried close to the body or, simply, carry, wrapped in a suitable cloth. However, every pet should be treated separately - often, the charms contain elements of charm, that is to say, to protect the that we can describe the details below. For example, images of crosses, sun symbols, the pentagram as a part or base of the talisman would protect him from the negative attention. The stone-talisman can also be used in the mind, because natural minerals have a natural protection. The same applies to the ring-the talisman ring includes a Hoop, a circle, a talisman, a symbol of the wheel of life. And the mascot on the pin, better to fix it to the bottom of the clothes to be seen.

An amulet (from Latin amulētum) is an element of magic designed to reduce or remove the media the impact of unwanted factors and forces. The amulet can protect in the way, protected from damage and the evil eye. You can also bring good luck. But the difference is that the talisman acts as a magnet for luck, attracting her, and the amulet prevents that to happen something that will break their plans. Therefore, the result can be the same, but the subtle mechanics of the process will be different.

How to use amulet: how to perform a function is protective, it does not matter if it is visible to others. You can use it discreetly (for example, the Christian crucifix in its name already has a clue where this place is, in fact, an amulet in the body). You can use, to show, over the clothes. This can be a ring, earrings, suspension - this was often worn in a red thread to the hand like a bracelet. In fact, the red thread can also be an amulet.

The word talisman comes from the Russian verb to be protected, and their purpose similar to the purpose of the amulet. It protects from evil eye, negativity and evil. However, the amulet can be not only a personal item, worn on the body or yourself. A talisman can be used to protect your home, car or other property, and are located, respectively, in the threshold of the kitchen of the house, or hung under the mirror in the car (doll, the magic of the bag, etc.). The function talisman can be a separate matter, but, for example, embroidery on clothing - remember the clothes worn by the old Slavs, where each element had its own meaning and purpose.

How to use amulet: amulets of the that has a personal character and not belong to the house are on display, in a visible place. In the traditional culture charm has been an integral part of the clothes and the image, embroidery, jewelry, entire articles of clothing (e.g., safety belt). Amulets were worn close to important and vulnerable sites in the body, as can be seen in the popular mind. These sites were the areas around the face (hats, earrings), chest (necklaces, pendants), the area of the belt and below the belt (belt buckle), wrist (bracelets or embroidery sleeves). Charms were also used in the copy of the copy of the evil eye and the words thrown in the back. Today, such a protection function in the back can be performed, for example, icons and jewelry in the backpack.

All kinds of these magic items may be artifacts, i.e., objects created by man (and not even necessarily from the beginning with a purpose magic – for example, horseshoe), and objects of natural origin. The latter include, for example, natural crystals and Druze stones, animal parts (for example, teeth or feathers), the grass and the branches, plants and other gifts of nature.

How long can I go with amulets and talismans?

Amulets and charms can be kept forever, provided that it will not work fully. These elements, the realization of a function is protective, taking on the negativity of the outside world and keep it to themselves, therefore, they should be clean - as we describe below.

However, there comes a moment when the amulet is fully developed, and breaks down. The red thread is broken, the suspension of the ear, earrings - another part, from the ring falls a stone or a crack. This means that it can no longer be used. However, this does not apply to the jewelry of precious metals - only jewellery. Silver jewelry that can safely repair, clean, and it will work again.


The mascots are up to the execution of the tasks for which they are created. Then you can burn it, if that enables the material, or to clean and with the gratitude to put in a isolated place as long as re is not required. After you have made the decision to stop the celebration of a pet, decide how you will proceed. It is necessary to focus primarily on their own feelings – the melody of the pet and listen to your inner silence. What do we want? Waiting in the wings in the box to your magic box office? The rest on the river bottom? Burn? Please accept the answer and make what you need.

It is possible to use several amulets at the same time?

There is no reason why it would be impossible to wear various amulets. Slavic characters get along good with Scandinavian and runic talismans can be worn with almost anything.

If you have a question, can I wear two amulets at the same time, take two (it is convenient that they were already activated), put in front of him. Will be good by the light of a candle, for example, white or purple, in order to improve their perception. Focus your attention in the present subjects. How do they interact? Don't feel the tension between them? You know how you can build magnets with the same polarity? Does not occur if you have this feeling of resistance between these artifacts?

If not, if you think that do not conflict with the other, feel free to bring them together.

If you want to carry some stones-talismans at the same time, you should start from the properties of the stones. For example, it is not recommended to use at the same time, the stones associated with the elements of Water and Air, Fire and Earth, Water and Fire. But the Air stones and Fire, Water and Earth are perfectly combined and reinforce each other. However, sometimes magical jewelry to break this rule, don't be afraid. In addition, the more important focus is the inner feeling. If you feel that this combination of stones is what you need, then it is so.

Is it possible to use the amulet with a cross?


Our ancestors - grandmother, great-grandmother, our great-great silence wearing the traditional charms and amulets with a cross. Ultimately, the cross is a kind of amulet of protection against evil spirits and serves as a symbol of belonging to the Christian egregor.

Today the Church has a negative attitude to all kinds of magical elements, and denounce as superstition. We, on the other hand, does not see obstacles to that, to bring different types of amulets and talismans, along with a cross. In addition, there are a number of Christian charms, from the Holy places and often portable, the Church was the people, for example, the nodular beads or the red thread of Jerusalem.

In short, the decision to use a specific amulet or talisman simultaneously with the trappings of religion - a private matter, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist.

What kind of amulets worn on the red thread?

The red thread is an ancient talisman. The wear is usually on his left wrist. The most famous view of this thread the red thread of Jerusalem.

Also in the red thread can be used with other small charms, beads, pendants, acting as amulets. For example, a bracelet of desires – red lace with pearls, which, if broken, indicates the imminent execution desired. The red thread that performs the function of protection and improvement of the effect of the amulets we carry.

In which hand wear amulets

It is believed that the left hand is the receiver, and the right driver, the giver. In fact, this applies not only to the hands, and, so to say, to the sides of the body. That is to say, charms to protect from evil and negativity, it is good to have on the left side, for example, in the left hand. Or head to the left on the chest, if it is a snap.

The pet, for example, by marriage, or a pentacle of Solomon (wealth), or talismans to attract love, happiness, good luck, you can keep to the right.

Any amulets and talismans may be worn on the neck, in the chest, in the middle of the body. Here the regularity is more important than the positioning. For example, a bag is a talisman, worn on the chest close to the skin, instead of doing your job to one that is kept at home and used case.

Note the talismans related to procreation. For pregnant amulets or talismans worn by the pregnant woman, it is advisable to bring belly area and thighs.

If bought to wear other amulets

To the question of whether to use a strange talisman or amulet, originally not purchased by you, requires an individual approach. Of course, this is subject personal, almost intimate. The relationship with these magical things to develop for a long time, sometimes years, and the change of the machines amulets and talismans don't like it. It is, therefore, considered that a magic item of this type you must buy for yourself, and give back. But to this rule there are exceptions.

For example, if we speak of decoration, which is transmitted in the family from generation to generation is a wonderful amulet, the lucky owner can only envy. Even a simple vintage brooch with a black cat, his beloved grandmother in his youth, can turn into the most powerful talisman.

Also amulets and talismans, acquired as a gift and it is presented with sincere and warm wishes of happiness, it will be more powerful - maybe even more than I bought it for me.

How to clean amulets, talismans and charms

When the use of these magical things take a negative, bad, evil eye and evil wishes, and also removes unwanted twists of fate. So from time to time it is necessary to clear them from the backlog and fill them with new strength.

To clean charms you need using elements:

  • Fire to hold over a candle flame, view all of the burned surface.
  • The water-hold it under the running water under the tap (if there is no access to the Stream or river).
  • The ground is covered with salt or the earth and leaving it for a few days.
  • The air, the smoke from the cleaning of incense.

The choice of a method, in accordance with his wishes, and, most importantly, with the material from which it is made, so as not to spoil it. The safest for the implementation of the amulet method of cleaning the water.

how to clean charms

In order to effectively purify the talisman with water, enough intention and visualization, but you can use a spell or a conspiracy. Do it yourself or use ready.

Let your amulets, charms and talismans serve him faithfully, protecting it, and to bring the joy, happiness and good luck!