How can you make yourself an amulet to attract money and wealth?

Money talisman is the most relevant today. It is difficult to find a person who doesn't want a comfortable life.

talisman to attract money

You need to buy them in the store, many of them easy to do at home.

How to make the amulet with their own hands at home?

Talisman to attract money can represent almost anything. It can be bracelets, rings, necklaces, coins or banknotes with a charge. The most important thing is the relationship that is established between a talisman and its owner. To purchase an object the magic is not difficult. Build your hands will not be difficult.

The most common varieties of money amulet include:

  • Talisman of wax;
  • Pendant with natural stone;
  • A charge ticket;
  • The decoration of the coins;
  • Amulets with the symbol of the rune;

To make money talisman, you can use any of the available materials. More often, the preference for wood, clay or cardboard. The amulet is composed of two parts round shape. Must be of the same size. Each of them is a small hole, it is odevaetsya thread. Preferably, red. Directly on the amulet cause the symbol runes, designed to increase the wealth of the owner.

The most simple money talismans can be attributed to the loading bill. In this case, you do not need tweaks. However, not each ticket is eligible for this important function. Series specified must be fully repeat the initials of the owner. And the numbers after the two letters, at least in part, must coincide with the date of birth. You should pay attention to the first 4-6 digits. Ideally, when the date is repeated in its entirety. To pass this bill should not d'. Being close to the owner, she brings him luck in the financial sector.

A wax talisman is made from ordinary candles. The main rule of the manufacturing process – the time in which they are incurred. You must select a day in the beginning of the waxing moon. The process of manufacture it is desirable that they occur in the darkness of the night. He bought a candle should be placed in a vessel of appropriate dimensions and light. While the candle burns, the future owner of a talisman in the list of their wishes. The information is stored in the wax casting. Thus, the resulting figure becomes the Guardian of the will of the owner. Should be carefully removed from glass and placed in any bag to avoid damage. This talisman brings the owner happiness and the satisfaction of desires.

how to make amulet

Not less efficacious talismans are those that are made of natural stones. Properly selecting it, you can protect your savings and ensure the success in the projects. It is best to choose stone of the amulet in accordance with the zodiac of the system. Because it brings good fortune to one character, may be the cause of unhappiness of the other.

These ornaments do not have a decorative function. Despite its attractiveness, which are used solely as a mascot. Therefore, you have to hide the thing from prying eyes. The best place for her hand-embroidered bag in red.

The quality of the material used natural thread. A compulsory principle that should be considered is the embroidery of a single image, not individual characters. So before you start, you need to understand clearly what happens at the end. After work, the talisman must be consecrated by the four elements. The first night must be under the glow of the moon, and after absorbing the sun's energy, thereafter to be inflated by the winds and finally doused with water. After all the manipulations talisman gets its magic power and brings its owner prosperity.

Lucky charms for coins

The mascot of the coins can also be made with your own hands. For this you must follow the rules of the implementation of the technology. First, select the currency of any denomination. It is desirable that it was an old coin with a unique history. In the absence of such, you can use other options.

As a part of the amulet formed a small circle of wire. Its size must match the currency. The decoration of the plot will be wrapped around a thin wire. In the free space of the coin inserted and clamped with clamps. With the help of cable you can build a hole for threading of the string.

Obtained the amulet must first be loaded, and then use it to the maximum. Coin talisman must always be at the side of his master, but not in front of strangers.

How to charge an amulet?

The presence of talisman is not enough to attract wealth. Before you start to use it, you must perform the ritual of consecration. For this reason, you should choose a time when no one was to bother us. At this point, the need to be in a good mood. On a completely clean table, you have to put the mascot of the image up. This should burn a candle, preferably green.

Thinking about how the amulet is filled with energy, you need to keep the flame around him three times clockwise and three times after.

talismans of the good luck and money

After the ceremony, you should remove the amulet in the bag. If the invoice, which must fold it up and hide in a distant division of the bag. The most important condition is the presence of faith in the talisman. Without that even the most efficient not to perform their duties. Should establish a close relationship with the owner. Otherwise, the energy of the element of magic will be sent to the void.