How to talk to you for luck and money charms of charms and key chains

Since time immemorial, people turn to the help of the magic: some want to improve their health or return a loved one and to learn or to change their destiny, and others – to attract the fortune. In the latter case, it is possible to speak on the subject of luck, and then he will have magical properties that make people happy.

amulet of the luck and the wealth

If you constantly pursues a series of failures is a serious reason to think about how to change it. Here you have two options: to refer to the seer with magical skills, or to learn the basic rituals that can be performed independently, and their effectiveness will be noticeable almost immediately.

Guidelines for the performance of rituals

It is important to remember that the final result depends not only on spoken words or a topic chosen by the conspiracy, but the observance of certain rules for the person that will carry out the ritual.

What should you know anyone who wants to talk about love, luck and happiness:

  • Even the white magic is dangerous, so before you resort to it, you need to think about the consequences. Instead of white, to life, on the contrary, it can appear black stripes, and instead of the love – quarrel or in the absence of a decent person. However, all this happens with greater frequency when, during the ritual, make mistakes, or people who simply do not believe in the power of magic and uses it to obtain interest;
  • If you can't learn a word of the sentence, you can write them on a sheet of paper, but after reading immediately burn it with the flame of the Church candles;
  • During the ceremony, the room should be conductive to its people. Noise, jokes, laughter and the presence of outsiders is not allowed;
  • It is not recommended to carry out the rituals during pregnancy: it is full of problems with the child or in part, and to the lack of future can be self-fulfilling for their child;
  • If for some reason does not work independently to read the argument (for example, through fear), you can seek the help of another person, but then you should be thanks to the conspiracy that he was acting in the right direction.
  • 3 days before the procedure, it is recommended to leave the alcohol and junk food. The diet should be healthy choices: they have positive energy;
  • A few days before the ceremony you should try to avoid conflicts and scandals: they affect the energy field;
  • Of his intention to make the ritual impossible for anyone to say, and after the voting. Everything has to remain a secret, otherwise, the plot will not work.

Given the details mentioned in the act, you can make it completely safe and effective, and then what really attracts luck and happiness.

How to connect the thing for good luck?


May you always lucky in all things, you need to find a favorite thing and read 12 times this prayer to attract prosperity, that will surely affect all spheres of life.

"As a squirrel coat that he wore-not to have to endure, So that (name of the thing) to Me the good luck, happiness has brought. So be it!"

There is another option of holding the ceremony, for which you need a simple safety pin:

  • Wait until the Moon reaches the new moon phase;
  • At midnight, take a pin and read about it:

"The moon is born again, the power of she wakes up and goes straight to me. Luck my this pins do not come off like the moon of the sky will never break. On the heels of the success of my follow me, I welcome the great work! Amen."

  • It is advisable to do a ritual every full moon, and after the success of sure never leave.

There is a third method that can help you attract luck to your side:

  • Take the string, convert it in a queue;
  • You have to speak the cord, saying that it is designed for these purposes, a prayer:

"Probably luck, come with me, you see. Let luck in life, breaks down, always comes back to me."

The easiest way to attract the fortune, simply tie the cord to the left foot, saying: "tie your Shoe, tie-it-all". Despite the ease that has less magical power presented above the plots.

All items with a conspiracy it is advisable to bring: you will act as talismans to protect the user from diseases and problems.

The conspiracy of the key chain

For this ritual you will need the agate, that in the future we expect to keychain or phone. What you need to do:

  • Rinse the stone under running water;
  • When it is midnight in the light of candles, agate to have in our hands and repeat: "Help me, agatha, help, protect and bring good luck";
  • In addition to the key chain, the stone can be used as a pendant, the most important thing – to carry it with you constantly, and often have in my hands, thinking about their success.

Rite in the luck

This ritual is universal: it promotes good luck on your career, love and other important for every human aspects. How it works:

  • From midnight to 3 hours between Saturday and Sunday will be close to the mirror, the celebration of the Church sailing;
  • Read the prayer of the Antichrist:

"Deliver me, o Lord, from the seduction of the ugly and cunning of the Antichrist will come, and hide me from the network in a secret desert Your salvation. Grant me, o Lord, is the strength and the courage of a solid confession of Your name Holy, but not back down for fear of the devil, Yes, I'm not going to deny the Savior and Redeemer of the mine, from a Saint of the Church. But give me, Lord, day and night, crying and tears for my sins, and have mercy on me, o Lord, in the hour of His judgment. Amen"

Turn off the candle, taking the cloth from cotton. Put it all under the pillow at night.

Rituals for the pin

the plot of the pin

Since ancient times, the pin is considered as the best talisman against the evil eye, so it is used in many ceremonies. To speak of the success in the following way:

  • Take a bowl, put 3 tablespoons of salt, the rice and the sugar, open the safety pin and attach to the slide;
  • Stop the attributes for the whole night so that no one has seen;
  • In the morning remove the pin, and the content of the plaques laid in the ground and buried him.

If you need protection from the problems, the evil eye and spoilage, and a type of ceremony:

  • Open the dialer and say: "the Enemies turn, all evil put me defend, the damage and the evil eye away. Amen";
  • Attach the amulet to the clothing and laptop without removing.

There is a third way to attract good luck with a pin:

  • While the moon is in the growth phase on Friday to buy a pin and a candle of white colour, and on Tuesday performed a ritual;
  • The light of the candle and its flame prikalivaet pin, whisper of a conspiracy to attract angel protector:

"God, the angel came! The guardian, to protect me. From the evil machinations of the cover, clean the flame wash. So be it. Amen."

Wet the tip of a pin red-hot wax, when everything freezes – fix it to the clothing.

The charms of wealth and good luck

Difficult financial situation can be easily corrected with coins of 5 cents, if you to say it in the following way:

  • Put the coin in the left hand palm and read specially designed for your plot:

"Money, money, wallets portfolios. As the light of the sun becomes Golden, and penny is my light, the money was brought, joy gave. As is said and done. Be my words are strong and the action solid. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen."

  • Carrying around a coin in the course of the year, then repeat the ritual.

Money it is advisable to never give up and put them after the ritual in a bag in another pocket.

Gold ring to attract the good luck

This rite is considered one of the most effective, since gold has been used as a magical energy attribute. How to do that turned in a ring bring happiness:

  • Take a bit of thread, put it on the table and put her ring;
  • Hold the candle in your right hand and read: "Tit for blue blue sea, there lived a nest. Ring him and I immediately brought. I'll go and dress up, people of good will, and very useful. Me all the secrets of view opens all of the doors are opened, all in my will. Amen.";
  • Trying to use the ring of a conspiracy of all time, keeping it in a secret place.

Only faith in the power of magic and the luck to contribute to the early results of the ritual: in this case, changes in life will become clear, but it can take time.