How to create a charm of coins and wires to the home

A talisman to attract money and wealth for many centuries did the Scottish mages. It is believed that the recipe for this magical amulet of good luck he received in ancient times, one of the Nations, of the tribe of hunters from the local gnomes. The recipe is a talisman to attract money gnomes gave the hunter for saving in the highlands of Scotland, the old dwarf, who crushed a heavy stone.


It is believed that a race of underground dwarves are the real residents of Albion. At least in the UK and Ireland every second person believes that gnomes and trolls are real inhabitants of the underworld. In fact, the depths of our planet is practically not been studied and that there in fact is under the ground, it is difficult to imagine. As you know, gnomes are the most rich and lean characters of this hidden world. A large part of the wealth they get under the ground in the form of precious metals and precious stones, or do the magic of attracting money.

How to make an amulet of the wire with your hands

For the manufacture of the amulet to attract money you need any coin and copper wire of different diameters and 0.3 to 0.8 mm in size. Tools: pliers, side cutters and tweezers. And now we begin to understand how to make an amulet to attract money, the magic of the Nations technology with their own hands at home . The photo shows the General process of making the talisman. It is believed that this type of twisted pattern wire is a type of amplifier and an antenna to attract money.

  • First make a frame for the currency of the thickness of the wire, bend it to the size of the coins. Fold up the ends, leaving 3-4 cm to form a suspension of the pendant , cut off the excess.
  • Prepare wire 0.8 mm small, dense rings, with a diameter of about 0.5 cm.
  • Take 1.2 metres of a thin wire, leaving a free end length of 50 cm and begin wrapping the framework of the mascot.
  • Every 3-4 round well attachable ring. After making 3 laps to the majority of ringlet, on the side, to which is appended the following, which is bolted to the top three tight turns. He then spent two laps for the second crown to the structure and join him with five tight turns. Then everything is repeated until you connect the last jump ring, closing the circle. Join the first and the last of three laps and finish the settlement of the five laps on the side of the ring.
  • The format of the suspension. Within walking distance of money on cash pet-made in the cable ends in small curls. A thin wire is left free at the beginning, we started with pretty winding two parallel wires of suspension. After the braid, remove the wire and how well the presses.
  • To make money inside the amulet made of 0.8 mm wire to make a frame, the shape is the same as the previous one, but of lesser diameter. The ends are folded towards the inside and well pressed.
  • Insert a coin between the frames and connect them with a thin wire, winding between the rings.
  • Eyelet money to make amulet, bending the twisted hanger.

When the amulet to attract money ready, it must be the spell of the old dialect Scottish: "My gnome makes me amulet for money and wealth. And I tell him the answer that I want to luck. And every day and every hour of starting to herd money into the" pocket", which in rough translation means: "My elf I weaves an amulet for money and wealth. And I have to say to him in response that I wish him the best of luck. And every day, and every hour it will start were the money in your pocket." The amulet must be worn in a strap of leather under garments.