Amulets of Israel: the Jerusalem candles and personalized pendants

Because in our world there are invisible negative of the substances that can cause irreparable damage to our health and the health of our family. And there is no stronger and more effective protection to date, the real Jerusalem, 33 candles, brought from the Promised Land.

candle charm

His power is so great that even a couple of days after the ritual of the burning of the candles in your life will be a positive change. You will immediately feel an increase in strength and energy, and health will be much stronger and the mood is always at the top. Family disagreements have occurred in your life recently, suddenly where-that will disappear, and unprecedented tranquility and real comfort will have a dominant place in your home.

In order to obtain the 33 candles need to visit to the land of Israel during the holidays or become the proud owner of gifts from the pilgrims of this country. If this is not possible, and the 33 candles have long captured your heart, and to get them has become a matter of honor for you, don't despair, because the original Israeli amulets, brought from the Holy land, which can be purchased on the website.

These Jerusalem candle have the following characteristics:

  • Their number is strictly limited, and represents the 33 candles — they can be a couple of pieces: one, two, or three, that is to say, 33 candles, which are connected in a bundle, which symbolizes the specific number. We also offer large and small candle of David, that will help clean your home or office of negative energies and protect it. It is not surprising that the star of David was decorated with the shield of king David, one of the best commanders of all times and peoples.
  • The true Jerusalem, the candles should be made to the Holy land of Israel. These candles are also carried out by the monks exclusively from the hand of the wax of bees. Thus, when the cream of the Israeli candles, she has to exude a faint subtle fragrance of sweet honey.

Custom pendants

Probably each of us at least once in your life, think about the meaning of your name? Is the name given to light with the love and care of our fathers and mothers, brings the necessary energy charge, which leads to clear lines of life. After all knowingly speak: "As the ship call, so it will float" — this statement is more relevant for us with you!

A unique sequence of various letters of the alphabet — this is your, and only your name that is like a strong magic spell, able to build and correct fate for the better, attracting happiness, luck and love,made for the Lady of life.

Therefore, do not ignore these Israeli talismans, such as personalized pendants and pendants of silver magic hands of the famous jewelers of the Promised Land. It is really working talismans, which are made in accordance with the practice of the Kabbalah and of carrying the mystery and magic of the power of your name. All products store and protect code name, not allowing them to disturb the harmony and peace of mind to your inner world.

Custom pendants of Israel are self-protection from bad attitudes, words and negative energy, you will in any way hurt your life is the happiness and spiritual harmony.

Believe me, this is very important and it is always true for every person, no matter to what faith we belong, that we have countries, and what status are in society. All of this is nothing compared to the power of the name that is given for life, and if you choose the right pet, and properly load it, all the things that we want and all your dream will come true sooner or later!

This is not just a buzzword — it is the truth that should bring positive changes in the fate of the ordinary people and make happy to all people!