The pets that attract and save money

Modern man, if we are to achieve something in life, working tirelessly for 18 hours a day, leaving 6 hours for eating and sleeping. It is not normal! People should live to work not work to live, or rather survive.

Pets that attract money


Every person who wants, their desires and possibilities match. But in general, we can see quite the opposite of the image when the execution of each requires significant material costs. Therefore, the modern man, if we are to achieve something in life, working tirelessly for 18 hours a day, leaving 6 hours for eating and sleeping. It is not normal! People should live to work not work to live, or rather survive.

The project of law that can not be redeemed

Talismans are different, one of the most effective talismans to attract money is a bill or coin that can't be changed. Nominal money is not important, but it is best to use a large bill, as well as to attract will be a great income, and 5 cents will be able to attract only a little. But to each his own. Importantly, this bill jealously preserved and not be spent under any circumstances.

What and how should be done to make the bill money mascot? Take the money that is transmitted when a happy coincidence, for example, was given to her, along with a new wallet, or it was with the first significant income from new business (the first salary, the first to arrive).

Selected bill, or the currency should be put in another wallet or purse, where she would be unable to communicate with the rest of the money that you use in everyday life. So it was put in front of your pet in the task to multiply and increase their revenue and capturing new sources of wealth.

Runic talisman

Money amulets and talismans can be made from the ruins, the main of which in financial matters is the rune Fehu, is responsible for the material well-being and money. This debris helps to consider the situation from which they can benefit economically, not allow you to pass money. Fehu is able to remove even the most difficult of the financial situation, because you'll start nose to feel the potential of income on the way to the sweet smell of the enrichment. Fehu also helps to save money, not only to receive. To activate runic talisman, the image of the debris must be requested to the security or the portfolio.

Also debris can be drawn in pencil, bracelet, work tool, such as a laptop computer, if it happens every hour of work. The registration can be done even on the mobile phone if their income depends on frequent calls.

Important, the object with the rune drawn was with you, if not all day, most of the time, you must be constantly with him. When applied to an image with the debris we have to talk and explain what is expected of it, as it can help you and for what. I just know that fleece does not work in crime, fraud, speculation and usury.

Chinese talismans

Today is a very popular money talisman made according to the Feng Shui. Information about the Eastern part of the talismans on the Internet a lot, so make a list:

  • Pink clothes or accessories.
  • Goldfish, and they have to live in a clean of the aquarium.
  • A fountain with water circulating, which symbolizes not only money, but their life cycle.
  • Threelegged toad with a coin in his right front paw.
  • A ship with sails, a nose that is seen in the center of the room.
  • Tree of money (iron coins, not jade).
  • Hotei – bellied monk with a sack of wisdom and wealth.
  • Three Chinese coins with holes, tied with a red ribbon.

Terms of saving money


In order that the money not only carried out, but remained and grew, and grew only money pet is not helpful, even if you've made with your own hands. But I can help rule of saving money, which together with the talisman or talismans, and their feats of work will make you a rich man. That these simple rules that prohibit:

  • to make the night of waste.
  • throw something through the window;
  • to count money after the sunset;
  • revenge in the house or apartment is different with brooms;
  • the traders of selling the first thing a woman;
  • sweep crumbs from the table with the hand;
  • I leave the night;
  • remove after the sunset;
  • give anything after the sunset through the door of the house of a stranger;
  • self-cutting hair, including cutting of bangs and ends of hair;
  • give money in debt to Sunday;
  • to put on the table a hat and gloves;
  • sitting at a Desk;
  • to take money from the hands of strangers (who often do badly);
  • to save money "in the pocket", better to do it through the Bank and the money must be in circulation, since that is your environment;
  • give the money with everything;
  • to aim at the accumulation of money, money can't be the goal.


  • the young people of the moon to show the sun, the bag of money or a bill of great value, the money, has grown along with the Moon;
  • to meet with success, in a room in which to sign the contract or to negotiate, the first to enter the home;
  • loan of money given in smaller bills that they take;
  • to borrow money at a young a month, and return to the bankruptcy;
  • to borrow money left hand, and give the right;
  • receive money with joy and pleasure;
  • politely handle money.

Bag of money

In a small bag to collect coins in different denominations that are currently in circulation.

Each coin oil, eucalyptus oil, while saying:

"Dollar for dollar, penny for penny,
to quinquaginta fifty dollars, the ruble for ruble
The duchy of chervonetsu, all to the court."

After completing the reading of the conspiracy and brushing all the coins, keep the bag away from prying eyes in the Northern part of your home.

To attract money into the house


To attract money in the house to make of a piece of magnetized metal by means of a file of the magnetic poles, which should be put in a bag and the shop as a talisman. Greater force talisman can give gold paint, which is necessary to cover all the metal filings.

Attract wealth

Attract wealth to help steps. Make a bag of dark blue skin, put in a magnet in the shape of a horseshoe, stone, tourmaline, feathers of birds, dried herbs: mugwort, saffron, cinnamon, Chard, fennel, anise, cardamom and the shells of pine nuts. This bag should be stored in your house or apartment, it attracted wealth.

Growing money

To improve their financial well-being, collect coins of metal, of different denominations, which in the time to go to your country and put them in a pot with soil. After you put it in the cactus, geraniums or marigolds. How to grow the flower, will increase your income and improve the financial position.

How to attract good luck and money

Kind of a shower with hot water and drop in a silver coin, and then put yourself fall in the water. Be in the water, imagine how the silver send and gives your fluids and you will attract money and good fortune, and all the blessings.

Money talisman

Over the entrance to your home with the inner side of the door to the house, nail of a horseshoe, with the ends up to form a "sheet of Glass". While saying:

"Like this Cup full,and my house will always be full of prosperity and happiness."