An easy way to make an amulet for money

Finance and money at any time, held meaning one of the first places in the life of any person. It is the purpose of the enrichment and financial stability, the people are very willing to work hard, but even in such situations, it is not always possible to make your dream a certain amount of money. In fact, in this matter, as in many other situations, it is important to have a bit of luck and good fortune. To help solve this difficult question of enrichment may be money amulet, which for more efficiency is better to do with their hands.

how to make the amulet on the money with their hands

Amulets to attract money, have a lot of varieties: they perform almost all the known natural materials and give the most unexpected forms. This is necessary in order to be able to solve almost all the problems associated with financial issues: some talismans will help you get a specific amount of money, others remain intact as to accumulate wealth.

The basic rule is the pet must be made by the hands of its owner, since only in this case, as an amulet will have a top strength in advance is configured, precisely, their aura.

In addition, it is important to adhere to throughout the course of the ritual, carefully observe the recommendations. In this case, you can't be afraid that the creation of these money amulet to turn negative.

Money talisman

Use this magical ritual you can create a special object, like a magnet for the attraction of the necessary Financing. But the ritual is long, it is necessary to prepare in advance, gather the necessary items.

You will need these things:

  • Wax candle green colour.
  • New fabric tablecloth red colors.
  • A small square piece of cloth is green.
  • Fresh eucalyptus leaf. If you find that something is not possible, you can substitute regular bay leaf.
  • Coin worth one ruble.
  • A little bit of essential oil of bergamot.
  • Red ribbon of silk.

The ceremony takes place only in the phase of the waxing of the moon, so that together we come to you and expected wealth. It is also very important to choose the day of the week in which you will build your cash amulet: traditionally, all the manipulations with the finances of magical origin are maintained only on Thursday.

how to make an amulet for their own money

When all the items you collected and the desired day has arrived, you can proceed to the ritual. To do so, wait for the sunset and be all alone in an empty room, put on the table a new tablecloth and light green candle.

In front of the candle you need to put the green square fabric which is placed at the top of a eucalyptus leaf or Bay leaf. In the leaf of a plant that needs to put the preparation of the currency, the pre-treatment with a drop of essential oil of bergamot.

After all these manipulations, you should mentally focus on a desire that led him to engage in this ritual: looking at the coin, think again the amount of money you need and why. Your thoughts should line up as if you have already received this amount and your problems are solved with success.

When ready, wrap the edges of the green material so that the sheet and the magic of the coin was inside a home on. You must pronounce these words:

"Currently, all the meeting, the Names of the Great Ahaziah, In yarat luck tulit iuramentum".

Now, the square has to be wrapped again, hiding his amulet deeper inside the layers of fabric. This action is also accompanied by the words:

"Get the money as you want."

This type of manipulation is necessary to carry out again to say another sentence:

"The truth, not lies! Large amounts of money, not sixpence."

Now carefully tie the knot in a red ribbon. This money amulet, created by your own hands, it is best not to use all the time with you, and safely to hide the place where you can spend your time working, or to keep the savings. Review phylacterium with a request or just keep it in the palm of the hand. Also, don't forget to thank him when you get the unexpected money.

Cash shell

This amulet will help you not only attract new funds but also to effectively maintain the already accumulated, especially if you're prone to splurge. However, to keep this ritual is not as easy as you'll need an unusual thing: to create the amulet have to be on the sea beautiful large white shell formed by two valves.

If you're lucky, and as the subject caught up in the their hands, make sure to save it, when I get home, you will be able to do a magical ritual to attract money with their own hands.

Except for the sink will also need a coin of any value, well, if you take my lucky coin, and also some essential oil to your taste. It is also necessary to purchase a green wax candle.

If a magical ritual that allows you to make money amulet with their own hands, to be the following:

how to make the amulet on the money with their own hands shell
  • Initially, you should focus and make part of its energy to the metal of the prepared coins. Thus, simultaneously activate the amulet. To do this, you just have to focus on your own thoughts on the required amount of money.
  • After that, take one of the valves of the shell and put it after this, there currency.
  • It should be applied a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
  • Now your pet is almost ready, it remains to fill the shell with wax. For this reason, the inclination of a green burning candle above it and wait for it to be filled with a molten wax.

After the wax hardens, his amulet on the money ready. The first time it is necessary to carry constantly with him, and then has to stop in the place where earn money: Desk, near the computer and so on.