Muslim talismans and lucky charms

Muslim amulets and talismans are surprisingly varied. As in other cultures, most of them linked with the religion. Muslim magic has been considered a very powerful local wizards call on the help of spirits and Jinn, it is very difficult, dangerous and requires strict compliance with the rules. Only a strong and experienced magician is capable of such practice, because the Jinn and Ifrit can be killed for the slightest misstep.

Muslim amulets of good luck

Muslim amulets and talismans-magic Oriental

The people of the East believe in the power of words and brilliant temperament. There is a wide hexes, curses, including generic. That's why people are always trying to protect yourself from this type of problem. This implies that Muslim amulets and talismans are powerful. The majority of them have protective properties, but there are other characters.

Many Muslims amulets can be seen not only on arrival in a hot country on holiday, but the shops in our country. Some of them can be done independently. For example, to sew in one of the symbols or make a beaded bracelet. Also works well Muslim nodular of magic, but more of that below.

To the East know how to achieve your goal — to hit a male rival, to keep the youth and make a fortune. If you look at Oriental women, you can see that they are happy, rich, and always look good. The secret — forbidden magic of the East that protects you from all evils and helps to achieve any goal. It is only transmitted orally, in a whisper, and without witnesses, with only the people. In the first place, doing magic is for women only, but later appeared and men-practice.

The magic is forbidden by the Koran, and even in our time, the Test of the Faith can be punished for activities such as for a serious crime. Before the magic in the East has the death penalty, however, as in most countries during the middle ages. And punished not only witches, but those who approached him. Magic the know-how accumulated and transmitted in secret with caution.

Change of destination, reduction and life extension has always been considered a very dangerous occupation in the East, not only because of the laws that live there. Another reason is the great force that can give a man that has no confidence. Today, the magic amulet can be seen in every Oriental resident, as his home. In this case, not always the locals admit that they believe in witchcraft and turn to him. But, despite this, the charm, have become an integral part of life in a Muslim country. How many years ago, while in these countries is slower, and the daily life there is soaked with religion and magic.

Muslim amulets and talismans — of the red crescent

Muslim delights of the red crescent

As the majority of Muslim symbols and amulets, the half-moon is closely related to the religion. It is considered as one of the most common pet in the East. The mascot looks like a crescent with a star at the bottom of the horn.

Half moon is one of the main symbols of Islam. Among the followers of this religion have the same meaning as the crucifix for an Orthodox person. But we know that this symbol appears long before the first ideas associated with Islam. Other religions, such as talisman are rare.

The crescent moon is used only for purposes that are defensive. It is believed that it protects from the evil eye, hexes and curses. As a talisman it will bring any problems of a magical nature.

Muslim amulet Hamsa

This charm is known all over the world, in addition, he is present not only in the Muslim culture. It is of great importance in Judaism. Amulet Hamsa has many names — the Hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, the Hand of God. In Spain, this amulet was so popular that in the 16th century that had to be forbidden by law.

On our website you can find a separate article on talisman, the Hand of Fatima, from which we can learn of its history and the legends associated with it, and the attitude in other countries. This amulet is very popular in our country, this pendant from suspension for the home or even a baby stroller with his image is no surprise.

Hamsa protects from harm and the evil eye. In the East believe that this talisman extending the life of the use of the same, gives good health and prosperity. Hamsa talisman can be not only personal, but also to protect the house, to bring prosperity and protection of all the family of envy and spoiling.

Amulet of the principles of Islam

Muslim amulets of good luck Hamsa

Amulet of the principles of Islam can be called one of the young charms of the East. Appeared relatively recently, in spite of its name, which contradicts this fact. If we talk about more precise time of the appearance of the amulet of the principles of Islam, it is believed that it happened in the first few years after the appearance of the religion.

It is believed that the Creator of this symbol was Mohammed. It looks like a round flat coin with ornamental script. The wear and tear is preferable that they chose their faith, Islam, since the main purpose of the symbol of to do so that the prayer was heard by Allah.

Amulet of the principles of Islam is able to alleviate the pain and cure the disease. Also has protective properties, to protect yourself from the black magic, envy and accidents and serious diseases.

Eye of Fatima evil eye

Eye of Fatima can be seen on the shelves of the markets in tropical countries. This amulet is very popular not only among the superstitious local residents, but also tourists. In our country too difficult to find someone who doesn't know what to say the bright beady eye. The amulet has a rich history and a very complex meaning, which you can read individual articles on our website.

One should not believe too much in the power of the evil Eye, and for good reason. It possesses powerful protective properties, and can be a great and elegant decor. To divert the attention, the Eye of Fatima protects its wearer from the evil eye and envy.

But there is a condition. A talisman should be made of glass. In addition, it can not be used under clothing. Eye of Fatima exercises its functions only when it is in full view of strangers.

Surahs and verses of the qur'an

There are many recommendations on how to properly apply the surahs, ayats and duas from the evil eye and for protection from evil. It can be done and the Muslim mascot, which is not contrary to the legislation of the Koran and aid to protect yourself from witchcraft and envy. But bring it only to those who profess Islam. For everyone this item can be dangerous, designed only for those who are connected to Muslim egregore. At least he doesn't work for a follower of another religion and someone who is not in compliance with the law Muslim.

Of particular importance for a Muslim is 225 ayah Sura 2 of the qur'an, which is called ayatul Kursi. It should be re-written on a small sheet of paper and folded three times to make a triangle. Received a paper triangle wrapped in foil and then in a black cloth or leather.

Carry this amulet in the body. You can tie it to a chain and worn around the neck pocket is fine. But these goods must not be below the waist of the person who uses the Muslim mascot. Door the stronger protective properties.

Muslim amulets good luck evil eye

Zulfiqar powerful amulet Oriental

Zulfiqar is an amulet created by the Maghreb tradition. It is named for the angel of Zulfikar, strong and pious patron of warriors. The amulet represents two transierunt of a dagger, the blade of which was written the Surah of protection. It is very popular among Eastern businessmen.

Zulfiqar can be both personal and household pet. In the second case, it is to protect your home against the wiles of false friends and family, robbery and manhunt. The main feature of this amulet is protection.

As a personal amulet Zulfiqar will be a good remedy for the evil eye and envy. Cut out all negative magical effects for the user. In addition, Zulfiqar grants success in business.

How to make a Muslim talisman with their hands

To the East and a very popular tie-dye magic. Know the technique, using conventional threads to find protection, find love, and achieve other objectives. Do not underestimate this kind of things, with this knowledge of a few hundreds of years, to the East of the woman can change her destiny.

If you suspect that you can put a spell, or for other reasons need a powerful protection from malicious magic, you can do string amulet. It protects against witchcraft and evil spirits, while wearing this amulet is based on the left ankle.

Take the black and white thread, and tie them together 114 knots, spinning the threads together. 114 is the number of Sunna in the qur'an. When the fabric you need to tell the Sura of the barracks, while tying each knot.

In order to make a love amulet, you will need a green and red thread. Also linked with 114 websites. The amulet attracts love, but with the condition that is placed under the clothes, away from prying eyes.

Good luck to bind on the same nodes three blue threads, with two white, and then hide in a very secluded place of the house. The success can be woven in the same way, three green and one of yellow thread.

Activation of the Muslim mascot

It is possible to trigger not only the specific symbol. You can make an amulet in any Gold jewelry that you already have. Suitable ring with carnelian, Jasper, or agate, of protection from magic stones Muslims. It is important that the decoration did not have any physical damage.

In order to first read the protection Sunna:

Audhu bi kalimati-Llahi-t-tammati allati The yogawiz-Hanna, Barron WAS The Tadiran min Shar-ri mA Halaka, HE, HE, baraa Sara WAS min Harrius easy mA min AC-Samaya WAS min Henricus jarugu mA Fi-ha, WA min Shar-ri mA Sara Fi-l-arda WA mA min expellentes Henricus yakhruju min-ha, min WAS Henricus fitini-l-Laily WA-n-Nahari, WA min Kulli Henricus tarikan island tarikan iatrou bi-hairin, ya Rahman.

Now you have to sit on my lap facing East. Grab your future talisman and lift it so that it stays above your head. Then say three times:

Muslim amulets of good luck Zulfiqar

Bismil-laahi, rrahmani rrahim. Al-hamdu Lil-laahi rabbil-aalameen. Ar-rahmaani rahiim. Maaliki yawmid-diin. IAACA IAACA nabudu WAS nostain. India siratal us. Siraatul-latina anamta alayhim, ghairil-maghdubi alayhim WA ladi-toolleen.

Now go to the mosque, don't talk to anyone else on the road. The right hand has to be put in the heart, and the left — on the wall of the mosque. Mentally encourage the kind of spirit and ask that he give the amulet to the desired properties. Do not choose properties that may be incompatible with the character selected by amulet. Always thanks to the spirit for help to get the talisman and leave. To look back and say, until you return home, you can't.

In General, Islam gives a lot of excellent ways to protect against witchcraft every day, however, can only be used Orthodoxae Muslims.