The talisman on the money with his hands — 6 powerful rituals

To attract money and good fortune can be your own. How to do it? You should talk about elements in the recruitment of energy, luck and Finance. The article will consider the question of how to make talisman for money of ordinary objects. Just remember that the magic works on strength of a belief in the possibility of a change of circumstances. Without faith nothing happens, any doubt over the result of the effort.


The bag with amber and the bay leaf

Amulet to attract money you can make from the cloth bag of gold full of water and sun. The ritual of preparing the following items:

  • new package of salt,
  • pre-sewn cloth bag;
  • a piece of raw amber.

On the growing moon to buy a new package of salt, not Commonwealth or under the settlement. A Bank card also you can pay. Bag you need to sew with natural fabrics without any mix of synthetic materials. To tie it, cut a piece of tape. The color of the bag is not basic, but better than the red or yellow.

To point bag that must be put into spring water, in which the day had a Gold object. After 6 hours of the bag of take out from the Golden water and dried under sunlight. This can be done in the winter, but always in a Sunny day.

Then, the bag is folded items: salt and a piece of amber. If amber does not, you can put any gold item, even though the link of the chain. Bag tied up with tape and read the plot 6 times:

The bag of the store in a secret place.

The second variant of the bag of the amulet to attract money. On the growing moon need to stitch a bag of green natural fabric and put in there the following items:

  • peas of black pepper;
  • a bay leaf;
  • the feathers of the bird;
  • coins.

The coins need to take the chassis: a. At the time of the ruble, two rubles, 5 and 10 rubles. When you make the talisman, visualize that from all sides the money. The red pepper symbolizes the wealth, the bay leaf attracts success, and the feather of a bird: good luck. Hang the amulet to attract money in a place where you involved in the financial Affairs.

Silver amulet

Amulets to attract money and good luck with your own hands can be made from gold and silver jewelry. If you want to make an amulet of gold, must be done in a clear Sunny day. Amulet of silver began to speak in a moon night. To create the amulet, that will fit any thing from silver, you are going to use.


Choose a clear moonlit night in the first half of the lunar month, it is possible to perform the ritual and the full moon. Open the window to let the moonlight come into the room. Time for the rite: from two to three hours of the night.

It is an ancient conspiracy in which it is impossible to change the place of words and is pronounced differently than the written. It is impossible to say jesus Christ, instead of jesus Christ.

After asking a conspiracy to throw the ornament and let it fall to the ground. Go to sleep, leave the window open: the light of the moon is needs to fall to the ground, the lighting and decoration. Before going to sleep point of view and read the lord's prayer, to talk with anyone. It is impossible that someone saw the ceremony and the sense of the plot.

In the morning get up and raise the ornament of the plant. Put it on and not remove. If you think that a certain amount of money, to leave the decoration up to get. When you receive the money you need to go to the Church and to put candles to the mother of god and the Savior.

In a gold ring

Gold ring cannot only be a decoration, but a talisman to attract wealth. To speak of the ring, you need to perform the next act. Sunday on the growing moon put the new ring in a glass of spring water (you can buy in the store carbonated water from the source).

Then, take a tablespoon, to prevent the water in the Cup clockwise.

A part of the water to drink and poured the second over the threshold of the house or to the door of the apartment. Ring worn on the index finger and wear it constantly.

Stone of the moon

How to make an amulet for money at home? Amulets with his own hands work well, even for beginners in magic, if they invest in them because of their faith. To create such an artifact, you need to buy a stone of moon to the gift shop and talk to him in new moon.

Talisman for good luck in business

Stone of the moon

This talisman will help you in the conduct of the financial Affairs, can be maintained in the office or other location of the company. For the manufacture of the artifact that needs certain elements that must be purchased any day of the crescent moon:

  • cardboard green color;
  • gel pen or felt tip green;
  • if the bar is green;
  • the herb Basil;
  • thread green.

Also for the manufacture of the pet need scissors and glue. Alone in the room, go down to the company. Light a green candle, placing it in the candlestick. We must draw on the cardboard five-pointed star (practice beforehand) and cut it following the outline. To use a ruler does not need to draw by hand: let it be, not exactly.

Crush the leaves of Basil into a powder, grease, glue the center of the star and sprinkle at the bottom of the pot. Now carefully apply the glue to the rays of the star and fold them in the centre. Tie the resulting figure green thread and seal the knot with wax of a candle. The talisman is ready. Keep it close to important business papers or money.

Bark of birch

Bark of birch taken in the spring, has a powerful force of attraction of the wealth. Before the start of a piece of bark and ask the birch of forgiveness and put it under the roots of a piece of bread or coins.

Wear and tear of the bark has a broken hand (right-handers: to the left). Bring the pet at home and put it where save money or conduct financial Affairs. Remember that natural talismans help you to make money, so that from heaven they fall: they have to work.