Magic amulets and talismans

Magic amulets and talismans – a topic that is of interest for many people. Before you choose any amulet, we need to know what it is and how it works.

Each piece has its own special energy. Some properties of the natural origin, some nominal. Its influence can be beneficial and can cause harm.


The choice of his magic amulet depends on many factors. This is the age, gender and your character and temperament. If you listen to all the advice and the recommendations and select the right pet can change your whole life.

Each amulet has its purpose. Some are aimed at the improvement of the financial situation, others in the maintenance of health, and others – to attract happiness and good luck. Try to understand more details.

Magic amulets for money and wealth

Who doesn't want to be rich and successful? To be able to afford to go abroad for holidays, to buy luxury cars or the purchase of a large and comfortable home for your family? Perhaps these questions do not require a response – it is clear.

It turns out that you can help you to attract money energy by the use of the magic money charms.

Very good effect gives a figure of a toad sitting on a mountain of coins. And if it is to decorate a couple of small fish with Golden color, the result is immediate.

The bag always had money, putting it in another pocket, three Chinese coins, tied together with advance as a red thread.

The ancient Slavs were chosen to wear wolf Fang to be more rich. The wolf is distinguished by its wisdom and power – no matter what circumstances it achieves its goal. So it does not fall, it has not yet multiplied his fortune.

One of the most powerful talismans Wheel of Fortune. It is especially necessary for those who need to solve the financial difficulties in the short term.

Magic amulets good luck


Magic talismans and charms that attracts good luck, don't hurt anyone of us. There are several ways to find a wonderful thing to make yourself, bought in a store or find.

Found amulets are considered very strong. A well-known symbol of good luck – the horseshoe. The luck to find a horseshoe that will be a true achiever.

The same effect, and a leaf of clover with four petals.

All of us in childhood tried to find this symbol of good luck, pushing groups of clover.

If you have managed to satisfy a dried leaf, and gently put it in your purse or wallet.

And, sometimes, a person is attracted to any object – for example, in the stone. It is intuition, which suggests that this mineral will be able to fulfill your desires. Listen to the inner voice.

Self-made charms are also effective, because in the process of creation you are sharing with the subject of energy.

This object must be activated using simple plots or just mentally pronouncing the words. But the purchase amulets require pre-treatment (fire or water).

Magic amulets for health

An amulet can be any object – the most important thing is to believe in his power and to always carry with you.

To preserve the health and youth, can use natural charms. This is all kinds of stones, tusks and teeth of animals, leaves and roots of the plants. Not less powerful, magical amulets, made by yourself.

In the countries of the East for attention for your question about your health from an early age. Especially positive effect on the human body has a guardian "Chinese dragon".

In addition, it represents a magical creature – that combines two of the principles of the energy (the Yin and the Yang). The male energy is represented by a strong bird, and the female – the sage of the snake.

The uniqueness of the snake is that it is very dangerous and threatens with a bite deadly. But also because the poison of the snake can get rid of pain and suffering – and more importantly, know how to use it.

Represents the energy of the sun charm of the Sun – fill the owner with power and the lust for life. Note that these people virtually never get sick, even colds. And about serious diseases that I don't remember.

The guardian maintains physical and mental health. The worst of the depression disappears in a few days of the use of the amulet!

It is believed that any round object retains the vitality of the man. If you don't like to wear jewelry or charms, use a ring regular and a thin bracelet. Their energy is not wasted in vain.

Magic amulets for love


All women dreams with the beautiful feeling of love – even if he denies. A talisman magical love attracts the eyes of men.

This happens on a subconscious level. Around the amulet contains a special aura that affects the thoughts of your partner. And the woman gains power over the powerful. A sweep of the long eyelashes that you can to do what they want only her.

Thanks to the magic of love amulet that you forget about the shyness and will be able to reveal his true nature. But still can't be too careful: watch your behavior and do not let the love temptations have caused personal injury.

A very good result in the recruitment of love gives you a precious mineral which is quartz rose. In their reflections is concentrated universal love.

In many legends, telling of a romantic relationship between a man and a woman, often called moonstone adularia. He is able to awaken even in the most callous soul with warmth and tenderness.

In the old days, the lovers exchanged charms with this gem, thus, they swore eternal love and fidelity. It is believed that the magic of the mineral is especially strong during the full moon – the energy of the moon is awake in the heart of the dream.

All the paired amulets and talismans to attract love feelings. They are suitable for those who are in search of their halves, and for those who already is in a relationship and wants to support them.

For example, can be two hearts fused together, or two pigeons touching their heads.

Another magic talisman for love is a butterfly. If you choose the interior of your room, don't forget about this symbol. Choose a delicate pattern with a flutter of butterflies, lamp or figurine. Believe me, your sex life will always be diverse and exciting.

In China, the tribute to give flowers. In this country it is believed that peonies are a strong symbol of marriage and help the girl to get married. These flowers symbolize spring, renewal, the spring – fresh flavor revered by the emperors. Hung in your room, a painting with peonies or background on the subject – with which you will attract in your life fine love vibrations and, as a consequence of the life partner.

The amulets cash for companies


The people who clearly know what they want to, understand – without money and productive labour is impossible to achieve success. It is not only important to be able to earn money and be able to save them and guide in a profitable business.

Many wealthy people enjoy the amulet "Cash Swastika" is a very powerful and effective magic talisman, it is essential in conducting business.

Experienced entrepreneurs call is the key to financial prosperity.

The most common of amulets for business – bronze swastika, but they are very popular and other materials for the manufacture of amulets.

This is the magic amulet of the four runes:

  • Algiz – the personification of the great power of the Universe. When a person is filled with it, his life's potential grows. An ancient symbol also protects its owner from evil people, from the negative. Entrepreneur with Algiz, you need not worry about unhealthy competition and the meanness of envy – of debris scatter all the enemies.
  • Fehu is the rune, which gives very good results in the field of monetary. Help to deal with problems, leads us to the right of the answers, it will go directly to the correct decision. This debris is a guarantee of stability.
  • The soul a symbol of victory. It is filled with the divine flame that doesn't burn, and gives to light a spark in the heart.
  • Gebo – the connection of all the previous characters together. Thanks to the Gebo rune can work in full force – and become a fully aktiviziruyutsya.

A runic formula of business includes 13 characters rune: Algiz, Fehu and the soul is repeated four times, and Gebo – a.

Cash the swastika has another name – the amulet of the millionaire. With the time it will take you to great wealth and prosperity of the company.

These amulets known around the world and the most successful people know about them.

Runic amulets and magic

Sometimes people are skeptical with the symbols of the runes, but, in fact, represent a tremendous force, very much used to your advantage.

In the ancient world was a magical system: stavy, amulets with runes, magic formulas, and magical drawings.

Some of them have not survived up to our days, but still, despite multiple attempts on the part of the Inquisition, and the authorities to destroy the ancient symbols – the majority of signs used today.

All magical charms (wooden, metal, leather), which have runic formulas that turn into generators of spiritual energy. Runic magic acts miraculously in human beings and in all areas of its activity.

It is important to remember that the influence can be both positive and negative. Before you start using the magic runes – talk with an expert in the subject.

When you penetrate the mysteries of the runic symbols, will be able to make magical items.

Rules of making amulets magic


If you feel that you are totally prepared – you can try to make a personal defensive item.

I suggest to stick to a certain set of rules during the making of a talisman:

  • Determine exactly what you want to acquire talisman.
  • Prepare in advance several so-called natural energy. Each one of them will impersonate the identity of one of the elements – water, fire, air and earth. This can be a glass of water, candle, aroma sticks, a handful of earth.
  • If you want an amulet of metal – melt it and formed into the desired shape. In the process of reciting (mentally or aloud) your needs. Try all his energy to send for the next talisman. If you choose wood as the material for the production is slow, cut all the parts and symbols.
  • Now pick up magic item and imagine that the energy flows through the palms and penetrates talisman. Continue the procedure for ten minutes. The activation is necessary in the first use of the amulet, and you should repeat it at least once a month.