Charms to attract money with their hands

Charms to attract money are widely used by people to increase well-being. This is an effective way to raise money. To consolidate the effect of the talismans with a particular conspiracy in the portfolio.

How to make money pet with your hands?


If you want to keep the money flowing in your family by the river, make a simple talisman that will help you for sure. To create a magic amulet to take:

  • the currency;
  • wire (thin and thick);
  • pliers.

For the preparation of this talisman uses a specific technology. To use it, you can make a talisman to attract wealth at home.

In the first place You need to take the thickness of the wire and make it circle. Must exactly match the size of the chosen currency (which must be inserted in the prepared bezel). The ends of the cable to connect it to the top and twist together. Leave a piece with a length of 5 cm, and the rest of the wire can be cut.

Next, prepare an additional decoration of the amulet. Take a thin wire, cut it in small pieces and roll them into rings. The next step is to have the finished frame and thin wire. You must be of wire, like a snake entwine ready-made framework. After a loop is mounted on a thin wire in the onion ring. Not very tight to bend towards the inside. With a thin wire staple between all the small links.

Then, once more, to have a thickness of wire and make another ring. To size should be a bit less than the previous one. Now fold the edges of the cable towards the interior. This ring must be connected to the first. This is done with a thin wire.

Attach the second element to the small rings. Because You have a double rim. Will serve as the front of the edge of the coin — put a small ring inside the larger one. On the reverse of the coin should be fixed with a wire. Choose from any aesthetic method. The remaining tails of wire bend, so that the amulet can be attached to the chain.

Why this complexity? The more work you put into the talisman, in addition to its energy that is absorbed. Consequently, their magic will be much stronger than any bought.

When the money talisman is ready, it is necessary to speak. The spell says:

My nan weaves me a amulet for money and wealth. And I have to say to him in response that I wish him the best of luck. And every day, and every hour it will start were the money in your pocket.

Strong talismans to attract money


Money came to the hands of the river, we must talk about them in a special way. So You will be able to attract prosperity to your home.

The magic of law

The rite of passage to decide which bill you are speaking. It is desirable that it was a great value, but You should not be sad for her. From the note of dignity You choose will depend on your income.

Less dignity for the selected notes, the less money You bring home. Selected money can not be, in any case happen. After the ceremony you will need to hide in another pocket of my bag and not get them out.

Keep in mind that the selected coin should be received in a special way. For example, It gave the occasion a certain amount, select a currency. Or You made a new project, has a new job and received my first salary, they do not have to allocate the full amount of a bill and talk to her.

12-15 lunar day, take the prepared bill, go with her to the window and whisper:

Growing young a month, and the money will be in my house already.

Repeat the text five times. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the bill, so that the light of the moon fell on her and on You. With this ritual You will be able to attract money and increase your wealth. Remember that it is important not only to spend money, but not show them to anyone, nor alien, nor close relatives.

Bag of money

To start with, You should make a house for money. To do this, arm yourself with a small white cloth and make her a small bag. When the bag is ready, has three times to sprinkle consecrated water, reciting the "our father".

After that, take it out of her pocket a couple of coins. Met a great group. It does not matter that the coins are advantages You will use. Before the ceremony spender each currency and sprinkle the Holy water. Then put them in front of you (not on the table) and lift each coin in turn to face, say:

Penny in pulchellus denarium, Piggy Piggy, to quinquaginta Fifty dollars, the ruble-to-ruble gold Piece in chervontsu, all to the court.

After the words are spoken, putting all the attributes of the prepared bag and put it to one side as far as possible. Jinxed attribute to the attraction of wealth is not seen.

In order that the ritual act stronger * use a horseshoe in the role of the amulet. It is necessary to nail the front door, so that became the other way around.

Currency in the bag with your hands


Needlework of the time of paganism was closely associated with magic. Here is the rule — the more labor will be invested in the magic thing, the stronger it will be. In order to make a bag for coins and banknotes can be an effective talisman, attracting money.

How is it going to do? Choose any material, which makes you sympathetic. In addition, consider your skills. If you don't know how to work with leather, or instead, for example, leave the choice of the material of which will be able to make something beautiful.

To participate in works only on the growing moon. If you do not manage to make the bag during this period, you will have to take a break before the next one. After the production, it is necessary to speak, and this is also done on the growing moon, on a clear night — a month should be visible. Put it in the bag for any handful of coins. From the window that displays the contents of the month and said:

A month-my friend, the legs are silvered, golden horns! Leave the gold-silver my good works, giving benefits and wealth! Let's go to my bag a little full, And always full of advantages! Amen.

Open the bag, leave in a window for the night. At dawn, close it and put them under your pillow for three days. Only after that the simple act of the bag can be used for the purpose.

Talisman for money "Full bowl" with their hands

To make this simple and effective talisman that you should take:

  • a large metal bowl;
  • a handful of coins (to be taken from the wallets of all those who live in the apartment);
  • wax Church candle;
  • a bit of Holy water.

Place in front of a candle, light it, and whisper the text "our father." Point of look, sprinkle the consecrated water capacity and, at the same time, put in your coins. Use the patterns on the coin to attract money.

Taking each one in hand, think about everything that is not small change and large accounts. And they come in a big bowl, which symbolizes their family budget.

When the Cup is full, You have to whisper about her:

As the cup is full, and my house will be full of prosperity and happiness.

How easy it is to attract prosperity?


To the family of all time was a prosperity, You must have a special talisman. - Arm magnetic powder. You can buy or make your own.

To do it with a file to make the poles of the magnetized piece of metal. If it is possible, it is desirable to painting, powder of Golden color. This will improve the magical properties of the talisman.

The result of the powder put into a small bag (which can also be painted in color gold). Hide received the bag in the hallway, so that it is not visible, and you can be sure, the money that will soon come to Your house.

Ritual with water

The ceremony was held only 12-15 lunar day. You should take a bath and wash all the negative energy that had gathered throughout the day. After dialing, a bathroom and take him a coin. It is important that one was silver. After immersing yourself in the water and whisper:

Silver of the water, bring abundance, prosperity and happiness. Amen.

To take a bath should be no more than 10 minutes. Now the water should be drained, and a coin hidden in a safe place. This is not the only rite with water, which is held to raise money. Growing in popularity are Simon the rituals that are carried out to increase the prosperity and happiness in the house.

Simple money talismans

There are some simple ways to bring the state into the family. Not have to conduct elaborate rituals for attracting money. It is sufficient to ensure all the attributes.

Blue bag

Every house must be like a bag. He will be able to attract wealth in any family, and soon they will give account of how the money will come to You. Blue bag leather specification of the following attributes:

  • tourmaline;
  • anise;
  • the cardamom;
  • wormwood;
  • saffron;
  • cinnamon;
  • the feathers of the poultry;
  • magnet in the form of a horseshoe;
  • a bit of pine nuts.

This bag was put in my room and not leave it to the hand.

Magic toad

Money toad is the most popular amulet, Feng Shui is used to attract wealth. If You decide to opt for this talisman, then, choose a statue made entirely of onyx or jade. These talismans to attract wealth in your home.

Money toad should remain with your back to the front door, as I'd just jumped in his house and he brought with him a wealth. But you can put it in the south-west of the house, who is responsible for the prosperity. In addition, another pet right location — living room. If you have a tank, put it near the toad. These two positive characters reinforce each other.

The toad is afraid of heights. Therefore, put it on low tables or shelves. Under the figurine is recommended to put a little of any cash of the plants such as mint or Basil.



One of the most popular mascots Feng Shui. Hotei is known about the world, as the God of wealth, the abundance, the joy and the happiness. Did a figure can be made of different materials:

  • tree.
  • clay;
  • stone.

The magic of the properties of the good God is not affected by the material with which is made. It is important that this talisman was standing in the hallway, he met with cash flows and do not let them out of the house. Must be in front of the door of the house. Place figure hotea also in the South-Eastern part of the apartment is the area of wealth. In addition, you can stay on the desktop.

Each day pass a procedure special — Pat God on the belly, coaxing him and to bring us luck in the financial plan. In order to make the dream come true, you have to Pat the God of the stomach 300 times, thinking about her. Experts of Feng Shui suggest you do before leaving the house to attract good luck.

Super fruits for the enrichment

Gold and orange – the colors of wealth. So try to keep the interior of your home, often it met. If there is no way to do this, use the magic of the fruit:

  • orange;
  • grapefruit;
  • apricots;
  • papaya;
  • quince;
  • Mandarin.

Let some of these fruits are always in leading positions in different rooms. This will help you to understand cash flow and send it to your apartment. A condition — the fruit must be fresh. You can eat, and then buy a new one. If you don't like the fruit you can use dummies.

The coins in plants

Collect some coins from his wallet (the number should correspond with the number of plants in the room). It is desirable that they were of the greatest dignity. Every penny to sprinkle Holy water and bury one in each test.

Talisman money to help attract wealth in your home and send positive energy flows. Use simple and effective talismans, being in tune with positive emotions and enjoy life.