How to make the amulet on the money with their hands

Every nation has its own charm that make their owners to financial well-being and prosperity. The correct treatment of financial energy is a science.

The Slavs cash amulet, which for centuries was considered the horseshoe, the Chinese - frog of three legs with a coin in its mouth. That the amulet had magical powers, it is important to do it yourself and charge you with positive energy.

How to make an amulet for money

To make the amulet on the money you can out of coins, stones, wood, fabrics, essential oils and other improvised means. Wondering how to make different charms to attract money with their own hands.

Amulet for money: "money Bag"

Amulet for money

For the manufacture of the amulet need to prepare in advance: coins of different denominations, eucalyptus oil and a cloth bag. Each coin should be lubricated with oil of eucalyptus and put in a bag, which have to be made personally from any fabric. After that, the bag of money tied to the rope and hide in a secret place. Periodically remove your amulet and not unleash it in your hands. It is important to think about their own financial health and cash flows.

The amulet on the money: "Not exchangeable currency"

To start the project of law on money amulet, you need to take found on the street a coin and put it in the compartment of the wallet or purse. This magic ritual can only be performed on the growing moon. Not exchangeable currency will help to increase their revenue and also attract into your life new cash flows.

The amulet with their own hands: "the Money envelopes for the financial well-being"

This amulet must only create the growing of the moon on Thursday. For its production arm: the cloth and the candle is green, the tablecloths red, a coin, leaf of eucalyptus, and oil of bergamot. At midnight, on the table, spread the tablecloth of red and the light of a candle. On the table there had a cloth of green, and in it - a coin lubricated with oil of bergamot, and leaves of eucalyptus trees. Then repeat three times the following magic words: "the Rich will get what I want." After that, fold the green fabric with the coin and leaves of eucalyptus trees in an envelope. This money amulet need to always carry.

The amulet with their own hands: "Money box"

This amulet attract money and multiply their number by several times. For the production of the amulet, make a wooden box without any images and inscriptions of the amethyst coins and banknotes, several Chinese coins with red ribbon. On the growing moon put in the money box all of the above elements and hide it from prying eyes. Once a month put a few banknotes or coins in the box.

Amulet for money: "Aromatic talisman of wealth"

The magicians claim that certain scents can attract money. For the manufacture of aromatic talisman prepare a canvas bag, a note of the value of 50 rubles, three coins, a powder of Basil and of cinnamon, and two drops of the following essential oils: bergamot, sandal, patchouli, pine, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

In a glass container to mix all of these essential oils. This manipulation should be done on the growing of the moon on Saturday. Then, the container with a mixture of essential oils, which have been put in three coins and leave them there three days. After this, the currencies need to get it and immediately wrap them in cash 50 ruble ticket. Then, the resulting folds place the tissue from the bag and pour the powdered cinnamon and Basil. Fragrant talisman must always carry in his wallet.

The amulet on the money: "the Magic bracelet-the amulet"

Magic bracelet-amulet

For the production of this amulet to buy new thread in the following colors: red, green, and blue. These colors are chosen because the colour red will help you to increase the power of the will, the color green is a symbol and monetary well-being, and the blue, will facilitate the fulfillment of a cherished desire. Of these threads on the growing moon to weave a braid and secure the ends between them to form a bracelet.

In the weaving process it is important to focus on your own desire and think only about the financial well-being. A charm bracelet is to be worn on the left ankle. After receiving large sums of money is a charm bracelet should be burned.

The amulet with their own hands the "Money ball"

This amulet will help to attract to your home money luck. For its manufacture of take any kind of currency and the wool is colored green. Adjustment of the coin thread to get to the ball. Ensure the ends of the thread and hang the money amulet of the inner side of the front door. Periodically the glomerulus can drip the essential oils that attract money and financial well-being.

The amulet on the money improve your financial situation, it is necessary not only to make their own hands, but to properly charge it with positive energy. If this is not done, the amulet is have magic powers and become a normal decoration.

How to charge a energy amulet for money

There are many ways of charging energy and money amulets. Consider the most popular methods and with more detail.

  1. The burden of the amulet of the energy of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

The amulet on the money you have the power of Water in a glass type of water from a natural source and put it in your amulet. Then a glass amulet placed for 3 days in an isolated place. After completing the ritual of the water is poured out in the intersection.

To load an object is magical with the energy of Fire , you must light the candle and bring the amulet three times through the flames.

If you wish to charge the amulet with the energy of the Earth , delve in the location of a small hole and place it in his talisman, magical. Then sprinkle the hole with the amulet and leave it for three days.

To charge the amulet on the money with the power of the Air , put it in the left palm and brought it to his lips. The owner of the magic element really need to fly in the amulet.

How to charge a energy amulet for money
  1. The burden of the amulet of money for power of their own thoughts. Within a couple of weeks, often, to keep the amulet in your hands and visualize the desired amount of money.
  2. The burden of the amulet with the power of the light of the moon. On the full moon, or in the days of the waxing moon, put your amulet in the light of the moon. In this way not only recharge an element magical energy, but also to increase their capacity.

Shop charged money amulet in a safe place or bring always.

Do not allow other people to touch your talisman magic. Periodically charge it with new energy, and don't forget the amulet thank you for providing money assistance.