Amulets to attract money: what it is and how to make them

Literally, it attracts a lot of money, and, thanks to him, that they come from different sources and never end. Bill, the bag with herbs, stones, plants, amulets can be completely different.

amulet of wealth

But the strongest of them, what you can do with my own hands. Since no one will be able to charge the amulet with a large the positive energy that can give us.

After making the amulet need to talk, it is not necessary to use magical texts, only whispers to his assistant about what large amounts of money that you expect.

Increase your well-being of the rules

Among all the amulets for money the most famous and, at the same time really effective it is a plant in the people, money trees.

With proper care, they can make you really rich and wealthy people. If the money tree grows well, it is the increase of its wealth.

To convert the plant in the amulet, the attraction for the money that you need to comply with certain rules. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy, and to grow their hands outside of the Appendix, taken from those that have already achieved financial well-being.

To put a process necessary only in the first phase of the moon, to load it with the energy of growth directed to attract large amounts of money. It is important to choose a pretty dear pot and put three coins of five.

As the plant will work to increase their wealth, to care for them it is necessary carefully. Before watering read through the water special money mantras, regularly fertilize it.

Woolen ball with magnetic abilities


To own hands to make charms for a lot of money, you will have the coins, and even better these notes, or any of the series to repeat their the initials or the number coincided with the date of birth.

Take one of them if this bill, then screw it in a tube, and wrap the red string of natural wool to form a sphere. Then this money ball should be hung in a red silk ribbon above the entrance to the house.

It is important to keep the tip of the rope so that the ball doesn't go in, otherwise lost his power. And to attract more money with regularity to drip in the amulet of lemon essential oil or cinnamon

Don't forget, recovering the thread in a coin or a ticket for thinking about her future wealth, to imagine as in a large number and variety of sources the money comes to you.

It will be a kind of meditation, the fluid that is firmly woven in the amulet will help you to position, it is necessary that the material the well-being of the energy.

Apples do not grow on trees

As the best and most effective money amulet can be made only their own hands, is to make it interesting, and useful crafts.

To make a real magnet to attract welcome to money, needs a little bit of the sphere, for example, plastic Christmas ball, rubber ball or foam special ball

Later, it turns into a strong and very original amulet in the form Golden apple, so please look and manufacturing effect.

So bright, like fish scales, you need to stick coins of the same size, leaving only a small area at the top where insert a wooden stick strung with artificial leaves.

Then, cover the fruit must be painted with two coats of gold paint to spray and make sure to put it in dishes with a blue border.

From this amulet, you will invest plenty of effort and its positive energy, was guaranteed to start to operate to bring in the house wealth, money will rush you a constant flow of'.

Penny to penny, and the richness of his pocket

A sentence such as: "money comes to Money" is fully consistent with the reality. Guided by this popular wisdom, everyone can to make for himself amulets, the promotion of a fabulous wealth.

However, their production can take a lot of time, but the result is not will make you wait. It will be a ritual to attract your destiny money and prosperity

The source of his future wealth to be literally under your feet, you just have to do with care take a closer look. You will have to collect in the street accidentally lost the rest of the money in the form of coins

In doing so, be careful to collect the coins of the intersections, and especially in cemetery, to be loaded in the negative. But those who are somewhere in the shop, or near public transport probably lost accidentally.

In view of the small money you need to get up and say: "luck!" and to meet so coins for eight rubles. Then put them in a couple of hours in salty water to wash away negative energy and let them dry in the sun to charge positive.

the moon

And when the Moon is full, collect them in a beautiful bag made of natural tissue, tie a red ribbon and go to the temple. There will be to stay from the beginning until the end of the service.

Entering the house, pour them immediately from the threshold, and for three days did not get the money, do not wash the plants. All this time in the house accessible only to its inhabitants.

After collecting them in a beautiful clay casserole dish and store on the south-East part of the house, inaccessible to prying eyes.