Amulets to attract money and good luck with your own hands at home.

People in all times believed in the powerful support of external forces, which can be obtained through a variety of amulets.

Endowed with positive energy charms are able to bring the human life, of good luck and wealth, which he had long dreamed of. Magical talismans you can buy in the stores, but also to do with their hands.

Features charms made with your own hands


The amulet is an element of magic that is endowed with a certain strength. To ensure that the amulet is in reality accomplishment of its tasks, its owner, it is important to believe in the magic. Otherwise the amulet will be useless decoration and nothing more.

Each pet carries a specific purpose — to bring to life a person's luck, health, money, love, etc. the Greatest power of the products created with their own hands, and not store bought. This is because in the process of creation of the amulet is the man fully gives his positive energy directed to own well-being. Also, it is possible to produce a pet for the family and loved ones. It is important that the giver of the amulet of the man he did it exclusively with good intentions.

To make it a house pet, simply. The most important thing — to choose from all the available materials and the patience. To make an amulet can be made of wood, stone, fabric and other materials. It is important during the creation of a mascot for the believe in your ability, only in this case it will operate more successfully to the benefit of their master.

There are many different variants of talismans, created for good luck. The most popular charms that attracts good luck and wealth.

It is these worldly goods most in demand in modern humans.

At the time of creating talismans with their hands, it is important to consider a number of conditions, compliance with which will allow to increase the efficiency of the product:

  • Talisman will act positively only in the presence of the owner trust in the magical properties of the product.
  • It is best to create the amulet at midnight. Created by the light of the moon talismans endowed with especially strong magical energy that enters with the light of the moon.
  • It is important to do a pet one of those materials that most of all lies in the soul of its owner. The amulet should evoke positive emotions in your appearance.
  • When creating amulets, it is convenient to bear in mind your sign of the zodiac. Each sign corresponds to a specific color, which is most favorable for representatives of this sign.
  • You don't have to tell other people about your amulet and show it. Also, it is strictly forbidden to give it to hold to outsiders. All these actions will lead to the transfer of other people of their energy into the talisman and the destruction of their properties in magic.

Amulets to attract good luck

There are the following options of charms that can be done by hand.

A stone from the spring


You need to find the current spring and directly from the spring to pick up a small stone. On a stone surface you need to draw the image that contains an existing desire. This may be the purchase of apartments, cars, trip to the sea, etc.

After that, the stone is fixed firmly in your fist and leave him with a spring counter-clockwise three times. All the time the way that it is important to concentrate on your desire and request that the fortune is favored in the achievement of the set goal. After the third round of the stone acts as amulet, you must throw again in the spring and return home.

Braid of yarn

This amulet is best to do so in the days of the full moon or when the moon is waxing. To create it you will need yarn of three colors: red, blue, and green.

The color red in this case is to embody the power of the will, the blue is a guarantee of good execution, and green — the promise of wealth. Of the three threads necessary to weave a small braid and join the ends so that the result is a bracelet. The bracelet should dress in ankle-length legs.

During the tissue is important to think about your desire and concentrate on the request to the more powers that they called the good fortune for the realization of this desire. It is recommended to present the image corresponding to the realization of a desire (for example, to provide a time of settling into a new house in the presence of the dream of a new house).

If you imagine the image does not work, which allowed them to only say the wish aloud in the process of weaving braids. When the product is ready, tie it around the ankle of the left leg. It is important to use the amulet all the time, not taking off. To remove the pet only after that the desire will become a reality. The amulet is required to use after recording, to send a mental thanks to higher powers for assistance in the implementation of the plan.

Talisman of cardboard

You must have a thick piece of cardboard and a pencil with vivid intense color. Cardboard is recommended to choose the gold color because this color symbolizes good luck. At midnight, you must sit and paint pen on cardboard on the sign — pentacle. This image is of a special character inside, which is a wheel of fortune. This image focuses on the achievement of the cherished desires and attract good luck.

It is believed that the pentacle acts as a magnet, the attraction in the life of a person's luck. Examples of images of pentacle can be found on the Internet. During the creation of the cardboard pattern of mental and recite the following text: "the Amulet because it helps me to get what he wants." After the completion of the image, which is enclosed in the circle symmetrical. The result circle cut-out. In order to increase the magical power of the amulet is created, it is possible to immerse the resulting cardboard circle in the wax of the candle. The candle should be lit immediately before the creation of the amulet.

After the completion of all actions necessary to keep the amulet in his hand and mentally ask for help from the high forces that are responsible for attracting the good luck. This will help to charge the talisman needed positive energy, which subsequently will work for the benefit of the owner of the amulet.

Amulets to attract money

The ideas that can be used in creating amulets to attract wealth.

Cash bag


You should prepare a small bag of money. Do it from the tight piece of cloth of white color. Finished bag to sprinkle Holy water three times and whisper the text "our father." Next, you need to prepare some coins. Can be of any value. Importantly, the coins were, as much as possible and filled her bag was quite heavy. Each coin must cross, sprinkle Holy water.

After that, the coins are distributed on a flat surface (must not be a table) and, in turn, closer to the face. Every time you speak the following text: "kopek, ruble the Russian ruble, all to the court." After reciting the text on each coin, all the coins are added to the bag. The bag is tied and placed in a closed from prying eyes the place. No one needs to know about the existence of the amulet and its location.

Cash no

For this particular amulet you need a pen (ball point, gel pencil), the ticket of any value. Money curl up into a narrow tube so that the diameter to match the circumference of the handle. Draft of the bill that he needed an eagle on the inside. The result of the tube has to be fixed with duct tape. In this way, the bill will act as a cap on a pen. Every time using the pen for your purpose, you need to put it as "money" no.

Luck in financial matters will come to the owner of this talisman immediately. It is important to take into account that the length of the amulet (handle while wearing his cap) must comply with the fourth Imperial size.


This amulet is the most popular and long-proven in practice. All that is needed to create it is a big ticket. The higher the value of the ticket, the more revenue they will attract. Therefore, the selection of bills as low dignity as a currency, it is important to understand that the level of luck in financial matters will be very low.

Prepared project of law should not be a chance of the session of money, and the current contest, which went to his master under very lucky circumstances. For example, money could be gifted to a loved one, received as a result of the lottery or obtained as a result in a new business, etc. As the positive side of getting this bill greatly enhances her magical capabilities. The ticket should be placed in a compartment separated from the bag where it will not be directly in contact with each other in the circulation of money.

This ticket must always be kept in the office and not leave the house, that means the owner of the purse financial luck and wealth. It is important to point out that, to put a ticket in the portfolio is necessary during the growing moon.


Elena: it is Used as an amulet of good luck, the tail of yarn in three colors. At that time, I had a task of my diploma, and I was his good luck charm for the success of a defense. I think that my amulet help me to believe in myself.

Vladimir: for many years, lead to the pocket of the bag a thousand, that in another pocket and I have not used. Apparently, it really works, because with the finances And always have everything in order.