How to make pearls and stones amulet good luck and wealth

Century change, but a person's belief that there are forces, able to help him, remains constant. Forces beyond our control, affect its luck, and there are few who do not believe in it. Someone is trying to protect your home and children, someone himself. Help knowledge about how to make amulets with his own hands.

Self-learning of the amulet is important. In accordance with the that would guarantee the protection of talisman. Talismans will absorb the energy of the hands and the thoughts. Simple things will give you an extraordinary magical power.

The materials for the amulet

Three pets

The material can be used various substances and elements:

  • clay;
  • tree.
  • tissue;
  • metal;
  • stone;
  • the skin;
  • pearls;
  • thread.

The best option choice — what is it in the interests of the people. Special force will have the talismans, if the work is a hobby and creative pastime. These concepts retain emotional experiences, attention and commitment facit person. The connection of these things with the master very sturdy.

Another rule is that the mascot must be hidden from the prying eyes. Better if he does not know anyone that is the owner. If the talismans are made as a gift, then you need to warn him, to give in an intimate setting, one on one, to explain the strength of the item.

Before you start to work it is important to take into account where you can store your amulet, its size and appearance. If it is destined for permanent protection, it is better for him was always there. If this is the protection of the family and the house, then you can keep in the corners of the apartment.

Talismans of stone

The stones – children of the Earth. They keep your inner strength and power. There is a special table when stone with a particular zodiac sign.

If it is possible, you can buy it. Sometimes, I picked up the stones, only at some point in life attracted the attention and I liked it. Normally it is ordinary stones, not jewelry, and the cost. The power of these stones, of the same, with rursumque ZH, if the right approach to the creation and to know how to do the amulet.

The stone is cleaned of impurities. Suitable sallietur water-boiling water. Then the stone is dry and there is a check to see if there is the plate. On the surface you can apply a protective layer, for example, lacquer.

The stone can be engraved and glued to other objects. Prepares packaging: bag of rope. They also sew or knit your own. In the bag for ligaturam cucurreris add a prayer, hand written, beautiful, readable".

Talismans of the herbs

After studying the healing properties of the herbs, select those that are necessary for the protection. They are collected in a bunch. With the amount of herbs should be the same, it is important to know the compatibility of the plants and herbs that can cause allergies.

Combine the herbs, suitable for this red lace or ribbon. Preparation of the amulet bag or box. Sometimes a bouquet of flowers is put in the room in the header. Then of course head, to kick the bad thoughts, remove fears and guard sleep.

In the old talismans — bouquets of herbs, weighed more than the doors, in front of the house. Now many do as well. Small bags with a set of herbs does not give harm to people entering the house. If they do, they will not be able to do harm to human beings. In this embodiment, the location of the protection bundles of herbs that you need to consider how to cover it other opinions and thoughts.


Things decorated with embroidery, it is considered as amulets since ancient times. Sundresses, towels, tablecloths serves a particular purpose:

  • chemise protected from the evil eye;
  • the towel, brought prosperity;
  • a tablecloth to keep the peace and maintain the order in the house.

Embroidery has huge power, so we have to carefully choose the pattern and then repeat it. Head of a cross, embroidered in the face, will change the whole sense of the embroidery. Even begin to embroider has certain day: 14 lunar.

Grain protectors

Talismans-talismans of accounts, not only have a strong defense, they are still beautiful. This kind of thing cannot hide from others. That, on the contrary, wear or take with them to important meetings.

Of importance here is the color of the pearls and their pattern. Done correctly, a talisman will add to the vital energy, optimism and confidence. The strength of the accounts established in the basic colors of the rainbow. The amulet of balls

Types of amulets grain very:

  • necklace;
  • bracelet;
  • the key of the string;
  • decoration for a handbag.

More complex talismans are considered to Gaitana. This beaded ribbon, forked on one side. The form of Gaitan and color recognized as the greatest defenders of the effects on the human psyche. Suggest that the mothers that their children are influenced by other people, especially during adolescence.

Beadwork should be able to keep. If they have inherent magical power, any damage Gaitana be a quick fix, or should I redo it with the same material.

The strength of this Gaitan is not lost, will become stronger and more effective. Not afraid of repair of grain amulets.

Help conventional threads

filo subtegminis charms – the most simple in technology and manufacturing. You can take the red thread, tie it on your wrist, say a prayer and a talisman ready. For threads add charms, with symbols of different protection pendants with names and zodiac stones.

Can be worn without removing. The threads will be protected for a long time, or in a given period of time. These amulets make when comes the time of exams or first love. The threads perform the knots and the string of pearls. The site is also important, so you should study them carefully in order not to change the effect of the amulet.

Bracelet knots, who came from Tibet called Shambhala. It requires a cord waxed, two-color and large. A cord is tied off around the other, with a gradual tying knots and thread instead of five knots. Shambhala is committed to a strong through the troubles of life, to preserve the wisdom and health that will give patience and help to keep the faith.

As aktirovat handmade talisman

It helps to activate the amulet of the Church candles. Light 7 candles or as many as the colours of the amulet. The tutor moves from one candle to another. In this case, a prayer. Candles leave of uri and the pet is near or in the center of the fire. Then the journey prepared for him rim, in an isolated place.