How to make a good luck charm with your own hands

The amulet is an object that has the properties to bring its owner luck, protection, prosperity, etc., you can use a variety of things: it can even be "happy" dress or shirt that you wear to important events, by luck.

making amulet

The most common amulets are small objects: stones, shells, pendants, charms, medallions, pins, figurines, coins, bracelets and other.

This type of "happy" elements usually are by themselves. But also the amulet can be bought or much better to make a talisman for good luck with their hands. In this case, you will have more strength, because you can recharge your positive energy his master in the manufacturing process.

The rules of the production of the amulet

There are many ways to make a good luck charm with your own hands correctly. But there are some General rules to be taken into account in the manufacture of:

  1. The amulet must be made only from natural materials.
  2. You have to collect the materials for the amulet, that is pleasant to the touch and evoke a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin.
  3. The amulet must be made on a Sunday during the waxing moon (at any time of the day).
  4. During the manufacture of the pet, you must think only of the good, if there are any concerns and bad thoughts, the process better to move the next day.
  5. Manufacturer of magic element do not tolerate the hustle and bustle, it must be done calmly and without haste.

Use the talisman they need, as well as the adherence to a series of conditions:

  • talisman always need to bring;
  • if the object is not of the body (for example, in the bag), it is necessary to periodically take it out and keep;
  • I don't need anyone to show you the amulet and tell you your appointment.
  • your amulet can not be provided to any person or give it.

Talismans that you can do yourself


The amulet, which can be done independently, can be of any form, but there are characters that are considered to be more appropriate.

The pyramid of desires. One of the main forms, can bring good luck is a triangle. Therefore, a pyramid of four faces brings good luck and attracts positive energy. It is easy to make at home-cardboard.

For the manufacture of the amulet that you need to prepare your image, and the image must not be of other people and animals. Another condition is that the photo must have been taken no more than a year ago. The cardboard must be cut according to the drawing of the item, collect it from the pyramid and glue.

Then, in one of the sides it is possible to draw a imagewhich signifies your sign of the zodiac. At this moment, you should think in which field of the good luck you need more. If you want to attract good luck in the love area, sign to draw a marker or red paint.

For good luck associated with a trip or vacation, you will need a brown marker, the material plane – green, to move or travel blue, but if you need luck to communicate with their loved ones or work colleagues – yellow.

For the pyramid you'll need to choose a certain place, where it will stay permanently (for example, on the desktop). At the bottom of the pyramid you should place the photo face up. Talisman does not need to hide from the prying eyes, but to say that the people outside about their appointment should not be.

Bag for good luck

Another simple in execution talisman pouch for luck. You will need to sew the red velvet and sew it to the straps.

Gold or yellow thread on this bag can embroider your initials or name.

To attract good luck, the bag must be non-empty. You can put:

bag for good luck
  • Stone.
  • The wax.
  • Horseshoe.
  • Figures of animals.
  • Coins.
  • Herbs or plants (four-leaf clover, the flowers, the violets, daffodils or apples, the orange peel, the cinnamon, the skin of pomegranate, strawberry leaves).
  • The pentagram for good luck.

To attract good luck and success with the pouch you can place a stone that corresponds to the sign of the zodiac:

  • suitable for Aries amethyst and heliotrope;
  • Taurus jadeite and agate;
  • for the Twins beryl and garnet;
  • the Cancer – emerald and calcite;
  • for Leo is ruby and the coil;
  • for the Virgin – kyanite and Jasper;
  • for Libra is the diamond;
  • for Scorpio cat's eye and opal;
  • for Sagittarius – turquoise and lapis-lazuli;
  • for Capricorn – malachite and onyx;
  • for Aquarius – sapphire and obsidian;
  • Fish moonstone and chrysolite.

Universal stone is turquoise, it is suitable for all And if in addition to the good luck talisman is to attract and money, along with a stone to this it is necessary to put a coin. That better be some special currency, for example, brought with the travelers.

The magic of wax

Amulet that brings its wearer happiness and wealth can be made of wax. You can buy small candle. The shape and color doesn't matter. The main thing that she liked, and when you look at it, there were only positive thoughts.

At midnight, a candle is necessary to put in a glass and ignite. While you burn, you should think about their desires, about what you'd like to achieve in life, that the events I wanted to avoid.

When the candle burns, you have to wait until the wax cools and hardens. When this happens, the shape of the wax need to get it and put in cooked red bag. Instead of the box, you can use a small toy or locket.

Pendants coins

Popular amulet good luck and wealth pendant of coins. You can buy a special currency with hole for a cord, and you can learn how to make a coin with your own hands. For this you will need a coin, a piece of plastic rope or thread resistant.

good luck charm

A piece of plastic should be slightly larger than that of the currency. The free edge should be lubricated with glue and attach it to the plastic, so that the top left a bit of space. On this site we have to make a hole and insert the lace. This amulet should always be worn around the neck, or the one that is not to talk about it.

The appearance of nodules in the happiness

To attract good luck, you can weave a bracelet of leather lace. The most important thing in this bracelet – nodes, each of which must end, thinking in the certain desire or the area in which you want to attract good luck.

The bracelet must be hidden from the prying eyes. In addition, it is not necessary to carry in your arm, it will make a approach to a bag or a hidden pocket.Bracelet can be stored in some secret place in the house.

The following talisman can be not only themselves, but for their loved ones. Represents embroidery on the tape, the arbitrary signs of natural elements – the sun, the earth, the air (wind) and water.

You can select only one element or several. But if you select multiple elements, you should embroider the patternin which are combined together. You don't have to embroider scattered marks.

For this amulet you will need a silk or cotton tape, of scarlet or gold color. The thread must also be natural (silk, cotton or wool). The moon can be embroidered with silver or orange thread, the land brown, the water blue and the sun yellow.

Charms and various "lucky" things to give a sense of security. It is not as important as they look expensive if it is a stone or hand-made bracelets with knots, and most importantly, to the holder of the talisman believe in their power.