How to make an amulet of good luck and money with their hands

For the manufacture of "lucky items" can be used in almost any improvised materials. We will discuss the most simple and affordable ways to make precious artifact of their own. Money amulet made their own, that can bring in your life luck, even if I don't have much faith in their effectiveness. But, remember it has to be kept in secret, away from prying eyes!

Cash bag


A very strong amulet for money can be your own bag. No, this does not mean that you have to sew the bag with your hands. Just need to clean it, and at the same time put in a bag some of the subjects, attracting good luck:

  • Leaf clover (Irish Shamrock) or a sprig of cinnamon;
  • Three Chinese Feng Shui coins tied with a red ribbon;
  • Box of red paper (this shade symbolizes financial prosperity);
  • The dollar bill - it shows Masonic symbols of power and wealth;
  • Image or photo of the item that you have to collect the money.

You should not put your pocket all the previous good luck charms. Just select one or a pair of amulets that most appeal to you heart. And still - do not allow the bag to accumulate all kinds of receipts, business cards and other promotional things. Your money in this neighborhood is clearly not like it!

The plant-talisman for money

The easiest way to "grow" the luck – plant houseplant with your own hands. Take a couple of coins of metal of different denominations of a penny up to ten rubles. Money put in the pot with the earth that after you put the plant. With care, look after flower because of its condition will depend on the growth of their financial well-being.

It is important! "Happy" plants you can't use cactus, because it has the ability to absorb positive energy. It is best to plant crassula, known as the "money tree".

To make amulets for good luck and money with their hands can use a normal deck of cards, that they had not played. You should take the ten of diamonds and lubricate the surface of this card essential oil of Basil or bergamot. During the execution of the procedure should be clearer to imagine what you want. For example, the lottery, buying a car or a cash prize.

If you want to learn how to make talisman for money, then try to prepare a "lucky bag". In a small bag made of cotton fabric you need to put three coins of any value and a few petals of the camomile and the rose. Tie the amulet of thread of green color or yellow. If you constantly bring this piece with him, will help you to make a good career.

You are obsessed with economic difficulties or health problems? It is possible that this is a result of damage or other negative magic effects. To protect yourself will help you a talisman against envy and the evil eye, which can be purchased at a specialty store or make yourself.

Signs associated with money

Even the most wonderful talisman for money will not work correctly if you ignore these recommendations:

  • You can not put a wallet or some bills on the table, where the family eat lunch;
  • Bag under any circumstances should not be empty;
  • When making a purchase at the store money it is necessary to stretch the right hand, and the accountability to take it to the left;
  • It is impossible to count bills after the sunset;
  • The night is not give;
  • Keep the finances under the mattress;
  • The neighbors do not take salt if the street was dark, otherwise, give to their hands good luck and health.

Not to disclose to anyone outside the family the actual amount of their earnings or income. If the need arises, it is better to slightly reduce the figure in order not to block the flow of money.

Lucky charms from different countries of the world

good luck charm

Ancient Slavs were a pragmatic people. They were used as lucky items figurines associated with fertility, the harvest, the abundance. It could be images of spikes of wheat, figurines in the shape of a horse or an ox. It was believed that a figurine of clay in the form of sun can bring good luck to the house.

The beetle talisman was honored in Ancient Egypt. Figurine in the form of this beetle were placed on the chest of the deceased in the other life, was able to find happiness and wealth.

Indian amulets to attract the material well-being is a semi-precious and precious stones of red color. But in Ancient China with the same goal was grown orange tree. By the way, according to the Chinese tradition, a bowl of oranges is a symbol of wealth. Therefore, it is necessary to put on the table in the new year's eve.

The inhabitants of Western Europe were used as talismans figurines gnomes elves. It is believed that this would help to attract the attention of a capricious Fortune. According to popular folklore, these mystical creatures constantly carry gold coins in small pots or bags.