How to speak stone-talisman for good luck and money

Sometimes, the effort is not sufficient to earn the desired amount of money and plans to sink in because the tide has turned against you. In this case, people resort to various charms. The correct amulet can become a real help to you. To get your talisman was not just a decoration, but also has helped you get everything you want, it is necessary to reinforce it with other rituals. Experts of the website I offer effective fabric which will give your stone a special power, making him a magnet for money and success.


How to choose the stone-talisman

Your stone really became the mascot, must take seriously their choice. Of course, you can choose the most striking or beautiful, but this does not mean that will benefit you. When you select the amulet in the first place, is based on the date of his birth.

People born at the beginning of the month, you can buy coral, Topaz or ruby. They increase your energy and help you to achieve your goals.

The cat's eye, pearls and jade is suitable for people born from 10 to 21 number. These stones will awake in you skills you didn't know, and you can easily get what they want.

If you were born between the 22nd and the 31st, you can use any of the gems. Protect yourself from the enemies and envious, as well as get rid of the barriers that hinder your plans.

It is important to pay attention not only to your date of birth, but also the day of the weekin which they were born.

Those born on a Monday, you can use any white and shiny stones. That will protect you from the negative energy and to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts.

If you were born on Tuesday, give preference to red pet. That will give you strength, and you can change your life for the better.

For children in the environment preferred blue stones with tones. Will have a positive impact on your energy and funds will protect you from the evil eye.

Purple stones have a positive effect on the emotional state of a person and is perfect for people born in Thursday. With the help of this talisman you will be able to suppress the negative emotions and get rid of the unnecessary thoughts.

People Friday have a strong energy, but sometimes it becomes the cause of acrimony. To protect your health and protect you from wrong decisions, and buy the talisman of the green. Its properties soothing will help you to think more intelligently and to direct their force in the correct direction.

Dark stones give the people confidence, and this is what we sometimes lack for in children Saturday, to succeed in life.

People born on Sunday are creative, but often do not have the will and diligence. The energy from the stones of Gold will improve your ability and give extra strength.

Many people don't realize that a strong energy has a nature. Even the choice of the stone-a talisman depends on what time of the year that we were born.

In the winter, everything is covered in snow and it is easy to guess that his amulet should be light. White stones cleanse the mind of negativity, give additional energy and suppress negative emotions. They protect them from damage and the evil eye, attracts luck.

The spring is associated with the appearance of the first green, with the awakening of all living beings. If you were born in this wonderful time of the year, stones green tones. There will be a charge to your energy and funds you will be able to start to achieve.

The summer of nature assigns a huge amount of positive energy, so that the summer stones have a strong energy, as people born at this time of the year. Pet blue sky will be your protector and assistant. You attract into your life and wealth.

Fall around the preparation for sleep, and people who were born in this moment, they have a weak energy. Bright tones, on the other hand, have a strong energy, and the stones of red flowers and that they are capable of giving.

How to speak stone-talisman for good luck


If you feel that your plans are ruined, and the coveted goal seems out of reach, maybe you are lucky. In this case, to obtain the necessary talisman, which you can choose the date of birth, and after that swipe them with a simple ritual. You will need a candle, a mirror and your amulet.

Light a candle and put it in front of a mirror. It is important that it reflects the flame of the candle and yourself. Press down firmly in the hand of the stone-talisman and say:

"My luck, please do not leave me in difficult times. Not away from me. Just for you, I hope. Leave all my goals are reachable, and thanks to you I am going to get it. Let all my failures through a mirror to another world to go, and here I am your happiness will win".

Wait until the candle burns, and bring what was left of it, and bury along with the mirror away from her home. If everything is done correctly, you will soon notice a positive result.

How to speak stone-talisman for wealth

The precarious economic situation may improve to the ruin of our life. Very often, the daily work and efforts are not made to get the desired monetary rewards. With a plot, you can give your pet a special power and use it to improve your financial situation.

For this you will need some coins and a gem to talk to. Of the money needed to make a circle, put in the center of the talisman and say:

"Like a stone my money around so that I am always in the money. A strong talisman to protect me and to attract wealth. In may, the poverty side always happens to me".

After that take the amulet and carry it with you always, and the coins take on the next day.

If you decide to speak with your stone, it is important that all the actions of the ritual was performed correctly. Many people complain that the amulets don't bring results, stop believing in its power. In this case, you should check if you are suitable for your pet. Let your cherished dreams come true.