How to make a good luck charm with your own hands?

I am sure that many remember her as a wonderful line of Pushkin, even though there was about a special ring for many people in life have the value of your own pet, and, in the majority of cases associated with more pleasant events designed to bring good luck.


In General, it is the goal of any light talisman: good luck in all the projects, protection problems and good luck, finally. Our constant companions, which are small. Of course, it is also strictly personal issue, because I will show you how to make the amulet with their own hands at home, this approach to the manufacture of the most optimal.

The definition of the amulet and its functions

For many centuries a considerable number of people tried to find some elements, such as the properties of magic, which could help man in his efforts and actions or defended from problems. We can say that amulets and charms during this time, received their own classification and separation:

  • to protect their owner;
  • for warning;d'
  • to help in the resolution of problems.
  • to attract happiness and good luck.

It should be evident that in the case of the attempt of its negative use, with the purpose of bringing harm to others, this amulet will inevitably lose its magic power. That is the original use – only for the sound and light effects.

But, once more, to himself to get, there is no need for a professional qualification or is a commonplace to acquire. How to make a good luck charm for its owner, now in detail and tell.

First, the shape of the amulet

Some forms of the amulet have a strict basis, it is necessary to put to start with a clear goal for what you want to and, depending on this, determine the type and the material.

If small size is generally easy, because the amulet should always be with us, of all types of form means the following:

  • the circle is the symbol of wealth and harmony;
  • the oval is a symbol of talent and flexibility in decision making;
  • square — a symbol of the strength and continuity, which contains the power of the four elements;
  • triangle — promotes contact with the higher forces, attract luck and good fortune.

This is the most common form of magic items. In addition, of course, there are more. For example, in the form of a star with a different number of rays, the silhouettes of the animals, of the human soul, and so on.

By the way, as an amulet that can go even with a currency with a special made for the hole to hang it with a rope or chain, or have originally published with a hole like a Japanese or Chinese coins. Talismans, as a general rule, the wealth and well-being, rare to find and as a fashion attribute or of the decoration.

As an amulet, square in shape, it is perfect, even dice or a small piece of wood. A talisman in the form of one or more knots – perfect amulet against the negative impacts on the one hand, and to attract good luck.

Second, the material of the amulet

There is certainly space for the imagination much more. However, remember one important thing, but an iron rule.

The material for the amulet can be only natural and no artificiality!

Not much less demanding, this preference – pleasantness to the touch, because sometimes the amulet can always cross your fingers that should cause a soothing and positive feeling. So, the first thing that is planned is a tree and the different interesting and attractive, and, sometimes, very, magical point of view, valuable species can be easily treated at home. Not less popular are charms, made of metal or even from different tissues.

The magic signs of the Zodiac

the signs of the zodiac

Speaking of charms, you can't pass the signs of the Zodiac, because each of them carries its own, unique, magic, which is reflected in the objects. We are well aware of how they differ from each other, and therefore, if we speak of the personality of the pet, you can't do without more fine tuning for each of them. For the most part, this process is already described, it only remains to try and apply:

  • Aries, the best amulet, round or square shapes, colors – orange, green;
  • Taurus, the desired pet from the animal, the more even – elephants of the colour of the light;
  • Gemini, the best way – in the form of keys or locks, colors blue, white, and blue;
  • Cancer, the basic shapes – a heart or a moon or figure or image of cancer is of gold, that is gold in color;
  • The lion, the mascot of the round shape, or in the form of a lion or the eagle, the color of gold;
  • Virgin, pure handmade made of clay or plaster, the color is bright;
  • Libra, also in the form, but the material is a color silver;
  • Scorpio, the shape of a frog or the color, in this case red;
  • Sagittarius, the choice of bronze in the shape of a horseshoe, keys, or beetle;
  • Capricorn amulet in the form of a scale or of the currency, the colour or the material is gold;
  • Aquarius, again purely manual work associated with the sky (flying) – a bird feather, or a little angel;
  • Fish, most associated with the water sign, so determined just blue them.

The main conditions for the creation

Should be no less obvious that the amulets are not together, but on certain days or even hours.

First, things to keep in mind when you have decided the form, colour and materials to start creating the best during the waxing moon. The Moon at this time promotes all the initiatives.

the moon

Second, there is a difference and by day of the week, as each of them follows its own planet, which shall promote, for example:

  • Wednesday — as for the money;
  • Friday, the better to make love charms;
  • Sunday is a good luck charm.

In the third place, to create amulets is necessary only in an atmosphere of calm and concentration. As the lighting suitable for both candles and the light of the sun. Condition when it should be quiet – no irritation or negative, just an emotional state positive, and not be distracted.

In the fourth place, make sure as soon as you finish your work, wrap the amulet in a cloth and put it on all night under his pillow. It is important to complete the connection of your subconscious mind with what you put in the talisman, commissioning, after which the amulet can be considered completely finished.

Fifth, another important rule is to try not to part with his talisman, to keep him always with me, but not with strangers and, especially, not to speak of his power and ability. That special knowledge too intimate for you, of the properties which was made known to the outside without the risk of hurting yourself.

To follow these main rules are very important otherwise there is no guarantee that the resulting amulet, made with their own hands, although a little able to fulfil its purpose.

Recently, in addition to the shape, the colours and the signs of the Zodiac to a certain popularity it has the traditional Chinese lunar calendars, in particular, the symbolism of a given year. There is no reason to doubt the deep and centuries-old wisdom of the East, so consider the magic items in their calendars.