Make a talisman to attract money and good luck

in ancient times, people believed in the magical power of objects. And often buy or make various talismans and charms that can bring prosperity to the life.

Great relevance today in the use of various talismans to attract money and luck, designed to change the course of life and the financial situation for the better. Especially if they are done with their own hands.

about the mascot

About the mascot

Under the talisman (amulet) is commonly understood as a certain decoration or object. He is credited with magical, able to bring to life and well-being, the happiness, the success and serve as a talisman against negative influence from outside. The owners of these amulets prefer to use them in the body.

It attracts more positive energy and in favor of white magic. The mascots are hidden at home, isolated in places where they will be used as a source of financial well-being.

To put the amulets on the screen of the unwritten rules should not be, because they are able to accumulate the negative energy coming from other people.

Charms, the attraction of money

The money in the world will determine a lot of things, but even in ancient times people thought about the issue of financial well-being. And often tried to find a solution through making various charms.

Its quality can be a horseshoe, a variety of plants and objects. The people decorated their runes, symbols, and apply the signs of the zodiac.

The main colors were green, purple, and red that brings good luck at winning large sums of money, find treasures, and so on. But even the most powerful talisman for money and good fortune are not able to conjure up a big stack of money or a bag of gold.

Your main task – to attract success in various events and Affairs. And the person that should be a strong message, because the talisman is loaded with the energy of it.

This can help you in a special magical ritual, held in the hollow of the moon. You have to take a talisman, he put ornaments of gold or banknotes of high value.

Then you have to put a couple of drops of essential oil (clover), visualizing the acquisition of a large amount of money, fulfilment of cherished desires in the field of Finance. This ritual is ideal for making a successful commercial offerings.

Choose the money pet

The correct talisman will help to attract in the life of the hands of your luck and money wealth. Today, simply buy ready-made mascot in the store or special shop.

But amulets, created with their own hands, they have more strength and help much better. The question of how to make a mascot, no big deal.

Recently gaining popularity, the following types of amulets:


You will need red, blue and green thread. They need to weave the braid, thinking about financial abundance, new job, wins the lottery, and so on. Please, use a braid in the left ankle, to connect the ends like a bracelet. It is not allowed to have it outside, while the expectations of money and luck are not met completely. Then, the cuff must burn it, mentally thanking the Universe for help.

The bag.

You need to take a small stick of cinnamon, some slices of ginger, pine needles, eucalyptus leaves and carefully grind in a mortar and pestle. During the preparation of the blend of herbs is designed to present the desired ideas. Then, pour the herb inside of cloth bag, sewing.


You need to collect a coin or a dollar bill and carefully roll up in a wool yarn of green color, forming a small ball. The end of the thread needed to be locked so that the ball does not PERSOLVO. The finished talisman should be placed on the operation of the door of the office, house or apartment. With a simple renal be able to attract money, luck and success.


You will need cinnamon powder, dry clay and a drop of honey. From the list of components should be thick enough to knead the composition, roll a small ball and shape in the form of a small coin. Until the clay has dried, on the one hand, should draw a decent amount of money, and, on the other hand, in order to illustrate a self-portrait. To dry the finished product to the stove or the radiator, and then put it in a bag.

Do any lucky charm, it is useful to read the following magic conspiracy: "pecunia to Money, companies, everything in my bag". A great faith in the execution of the plan will help fulfillment of desires, attract good luck and money wealth. Pets always need to be kept, and luck will always be near.

Magical figures and symbols

Magical figures and symbols

Almost any object can be charged, with the aim of achieving good luck and fortune. It is sufficient to describe only the surface of magic symbols. For example, in the form of amulets with runes.

In the classic version of the rune represented in the box, in the interior of the bag or the bottom of the piggy bank. Most often cause the following runes:

  • Fehu reminds Latin letter "F", a little bit lifted up;
  • Uruz symbolizes the success, the action and the sun;
  • Inguz is made in the form of a rhombus with a mustache and allows them to achieve the fertility.

These runes can be used in magic rituals for attracting success and wealth.

Very popular money tree and figures in the shape of animals. In ancient times, people believed in the power of the holy animal, trying to keep him in the house. In the absence of this feature, the animal was simply replaced by a figure similar.

With the power of magic animals think:

  • domestic cats;
  • frogs;
  • elephants;
  • cows.

Regardless of the choice, in order to make the data have been made of gold, ivory or wood. And definitely, with my own hands. We also need to consider the following points: the frog can be put in the mouth of the coin, and the elephant's trunk should always look up.

Irredeemable bill

Among the most effective talismans that help to enrich and fortune, is considered irredeemable Bank note. It should be great. Select the project of law is very easy: you need to give preference to money given or found.

And as a replacement for any gold coin or gem, preferably an emerald.

Contribute to easy money and success in life. The most important thing in this amulet – never give you in the bag. To keep the project of law should be in an isolated spot far from prying eyes. The reasons for this rule is quite simple – an outsider able to pick up money and power.

Strong cash mascot

Each defines suitable amulet for yourself, and often prefer the original and very powerful talisman, called the "money bottle". The basis of his action is the energy of the number five, the definition of success, the camaraderie and hoarding.

So he created the following components (5 pieces each):

  • coin 50 kopecks;
  • ruble currency;
  • a grain mill;
  • sprigs of cinnamon;
  • sesame seeds;
  • shoots of grain;
  • peanuts;
  • black pepper peas.

Of the above must be put into a green glass bottle and then every day to throw a coin of any denomination. At the end of the fifth week money mascot will be prepared and will serve as a very powerful means to achieve monetary prosperity.

Near the bottle is impossible, since only the label of the fortune well. Supply bottle of positive energy will allow for frequent and close interaction. You must take the talisman in his hands, the movement, to talk about their most intimate feelings. And ask in difficult times, and make it work with a vengeance.

Talismans for zodiac signs

Talismans for zodiac signs

To protect yourself from negative influences, to attract good luck and money amulets capable designed to carry a protection for the signs of the zodiac.

Given the signs of the zodiac, preference should be given to the following pets:

  • Aries: red, yellow, orange, square shape;
  • Taurus: jewelry, metal with natural stones;
  • Gemini: in the form of a key, a book, a pen or mask;
  • Cancer: images and figures in the form of turtles, fish, dolphins;
  • Leo: charms with scorching Sun to the surface;
  • Virgin: natural stones, having a round hole;
  • Pound: talismans with the image of the brand;
  • Scorpio: a coin or figurine of a frog;
  • Sagittarius: the figure of a beetle and Phoenix;
  • Capricorn: statuettes, medallions and coins of different shapes;
  • Aquarius: aquamarine, lapis lazuli, amethyst;
  • Fish: figures of fish and corals.

These talismans will help you to live a full life, attracting positive energy on your side, in accordance with their signature.

Imperial amulet

As a powerful talisman for good luck use a special Imperial currency, which is made with their own hands. This approach allows a greater action of the amulet, since they "remember" the Creator, later with the goal only to him.

To make Imperial currency is quite simple:

  • with the appearance of the full moon out the talisman in a small piece of cloth red in color;
  • to conclude, the currency and carefully tie a thread to the green;
  • whispering the magic words: "the Sky is adorned with stars, the sea water is full. Even in my hand bag a lot of money, and ever the luck do not leave me! Amen."
  • ready to hide the talisman in a secret place or a secret pocket of the wallet.
  • In the process of manufacture of the amulet should provide a large number of successes in life, financial difficulties and the increase of money in your wallet.

Then you need to go to bed with happy thoughts of future changes.

Magical turquoise

Among the stones that bring good luck and money, often isolated turquoise. As a talisman that is used in accordance with the special instructions. Before the new moon, we must own hands to sew a small purse in a bag. And use only natural fabric in shades of blue.

In the finished portfolio should be put turquoise. With the arrival of the new moon has to be open, began to retire towards the interior of the coins and bank notes, it was definitely on the rise. The money should be put every day until the bag is filled with money completely. Must close with the words:

"The bill is not rubles, and all thousands!".

Then, you will need to empty the bag and count the accumulated "wealth" three times. After tying a blue ribbon and the nearest place to the place of storage of money in the house or to carry out the task. You can periodically take the bag in your hands and repeat the sacred words.

Approach good luck

Approach good luck

Many people participate in lotteries, games of chance and betting high amounts in the business.

The awards, which serve, often, good fortune and happiness of a generation of charms, which are generally as follows:

Quill pen.

Should take 1 pencil and carefully cut the bottom, where there are no hairs. Must be filled with weed seeds psyllium, and then close the hole with melted wax of a lit candle. All the ritual is important to take into account the image of luck and incredible luck. The signature of important contracts, the purchase of a ticket or making a bet on the races, should have ready the talisman next.

Black pepper.

You need to take a new clean white sheet of paper to write the required amount. Then, three times to bend the inscription on the inside and put it in a small bottle of glass. Next, fill the bottle with small grains of pepper, which is exactly half and carefully resealed. Before bet or buy a lottery ticket you can shake the bottle with the left hand, and luck that will definitely follow.

Jack of spades.

Need to buy a new deck of cards, remove the jack of spades. The t-shirt, in red ink to write the required amount of money. Next you need to put the card in a small cloth bag sewn to its hands. Put a few peas black pepper. This talisman works very well, and helps to take the right measures in connection with the game or business.

To catch the "tail" good luck a lot of people want that not everyone. But a successful talisman can help you get rid of the bad luck and start a new, brilliant Chapter in life.

Various talismans for good luck and money can drastically change the life of any person. With its help, you can succeed at work, acquire material possessions, to find love, and more. But the most important thing to remember is that the pet is not able to do miracles, so we need to try.

You should show enthusiasm in the work to find additional sources of income, meet new people, and so on. You must be the magnet that attracts money and luck.