How to make a talisman for good luck and money with their hands

The art of talismans has come to us from the ancient East. Talisman in Arabic means "the written letter". Characteristically, the signs of the sacred texts, digits or symbols that were found by archaeologists and carefully studied — that was the ancient talismans for different purposes. Talisman for good luck and money into your hands can make each person. What do you need? First of all, set a goal and follow the rules.


What is the mascot

The simplest mascot looks like a sheet of paper with a written prayer, a symbol, a number, or spell. It is believed that the words of the text lead to the circulation of magical powers that change the circumstances of the person. A piece of written text put in a leather bag or special box and put in the neck as it is used in the hand.

Numerical pets, enjoyed special respect. Many of them had the shape of a square with the recorded serial number or letters. Sometimes, in plates engraved the sacred words which have the desired effect on the man was under the influence of the numerical mesh, the vibration of which was expressed by the letters.

Pet of mud or wood

The natural materials are good at attracting abundance, fortune and wealth to its owner, as connected with the earth. To make a talisman, you need to carve a ticket of wood and put it on your runesword characters. The harvest can be done in any way, as long as it was complete sharp corners are unacceptable.

Now, the piece has to be applied a rune of wealth. It looks like a stick vertical with two horizontal:

Now you will have to have the talisman in your hand and invest it with a purpose magic. Tell him your desire, and imagine the thoughts are material and fill it with special contents. When you feel that the item is in charge of the aim, time. The talisman is ready. Now you need to be always with you.

Alternatively, this artifact make out of clay and draw a rune. Also a good idea to bring a lucky charm and hot wax.

Simple talisman of wax

talisman of wax

This artifact is not necessary to create, you only have to purchase candle wax. At midnight, stay in a room alone, put a candle in a glass and ignite. While it burns, say fire on your goal — what you want to achieve in the near future. Melt the wax will absorb the energy of the words and the emotions and keep for a long time.

Then, allow the wax to cool after remove from the cup. A piece of wax should be put in a cloth bag and always carry. When the money luck will come to you, melt the mascot on fire with gratitude and bury it in the ground — he did the work.

Clay currency

To get the required amount of money, make a pet out of clay. For this reason, it is necessary to mix it with a small amount of cinnamon powder and honey, and of the resulting mass to form a currency. While clay has not hardened, to write with a wooden stick (toothpick) amount of money that you wish to get.

On the back write the initials and the coin dry in the oven. When the talisman is ready, blow it three times and put it in the bag or the place where you can keep the money. After receiving the necessary amount of clay that needs a coin buried in the ground with words of thanks.

Sacred square Sator Arepo

This talisman attracts luck in the achievement of the goal. In five places, vertically and horizontally inscribed the sentence "sator arepo principle of opera rotas", which translated means, roughly, the following: all the work of the great sower in his hands.

To the magic of the place played to the right, you need to mentally formulate a goal and then start drawing:

  • draw a red square;
  • to fit in the place of the letters.

Pet to create all the Mondays, even numbers. The desire to be realistic, you can't ask the largest of the forces of 10 million dollars. Make the necessary amount of money and wait for the influx of Finance. After the realization of the desires of the square burned with words of thanks.

Herb money luck

Magical plants can attract good fortune for a person if you put them in a specific task. All the plants are connected to the earth — the source of abundance.

Black pepper

You will need black pepper, a piece of paper without lines or cells, handle and glass vial (pharmacy).

On the growing moon to write the required amount of money on a piece of paper and roll three times. Put the paper inside the bottle. Fill half of the bottle sweetpeas black pepper and stir it with the left hand. When you shake the bottle, visualize the fulfillment of your wishes of good luck money. When you feel that the satisfaction of desire, it is feasible, place the bottle in a bag and bring them with you.


Herbal magic

To create an herbal talisman you need to purchase the following ingredients:

  • cinnamon;
  • the needles of the pines;
  • a piece of ginger;
  • the leaves of eucalyptus.

In a mortar with pestle, grind the grass, thinking about the required amount of money. No one should interfere at this time, so it is best to spend the night. When all the ingredients turn into a powder, sprinkle it on a cloth bag and tie up with tape green.

Important! The bag that need to make their own hands the day before.

In a bag put a sheet of paper with a written amount of money. When the dream will become a reality, the powder of the herbs need to pour in to the earth with gratitude. The pouch can be used for the other pet, pre-lavit.