How to make a good luck charm?

The favor of Fortune is something unpredictable. When the fortune favors, which affects everyone: the things go well, and life becomes more fun. And that she never turned away, you can become a lucky charm of the luck that runs in the direction you want. Exactly how to create and how to use it to attract luck and prosperity, learn.

The good luck charms and good luck charms are items that are capable of providing the energy impact on the environment of the owner of the space, drawing you the necessary benefits. These magic "things" can not only attract its owner wealth, love, success in business, at work or at school, but also to protect it from attempts of the negative outside influence (damage, evil eye).


Where to start and what do you think?

Of course, these items can be purchased at the gift shop, esoteric shop or order custom photo charm (talisman or amulet) to a healer or a mage, to offer appropriate services. Although you are able to speak a artifact magic to attract a certain flow of energy, best to do the most magical thing in the home. It is believed that under the amulet has the ability to radiate more magical power of the items purchased. Therefore, those who are thinking about attracting prosperity, we will show you how to make a good luck charm own.

Before you begin to create a magic item, you should determine your purpose – to attract any specific goods that use energy. You can also look at the history and make an amulet or talisman, which would correspond to the traditions of family, faith, or nationality (for example, Slavic runic symbol, five-pointed star of Oriental cultures, the Chinese character, etc.).

An important role in the manufacture of the mystical objects and works used in the process of raw materials. Therefore, choose an appropriate option, it is a talisman for good luck you can do for you, you should take into account three main criteria:

• The type of exposure. • The materials used. • Aggregorial affiliation.

Another important point are properly chosen the day and hour of manufacture of a thing mystical. It is better to perform the magic procedure (see, to turn, talk), when the moon enters the phase of its growth. This period is considered optimal to create amulets or talismans for specific purposes: attracting wealth, love, money, luck, work and study, etc. Whichever you chose to make a good luck charm (Slavic, Muslim, Chinese, or other), it is recommended to do by the light of the candles. So the ritual for the creation of a magic wizard to perform the late afternoon or at night.

It is convenient to know what day of the week is considered good for the rituals of the mystique of the production assistants. In the first place, you need to decide the type and nature of the impact of the amulet, as the day of the week, which allowed the production of the object depends on its mission:

  • On Monday, it is undesirable to take up the creation of magic items, given that this day is not charged energetically.
  • Business people are hungry for attract luck can make talismans for good luck in business on Tuesday. This day is suitable for those who want to succeed in your job or to get higher in his career.
  • On Wednesday, it is desirable to make lucky charms for those who have to trade.
  • Thursday is the most appropriate day to make the amulets of good luck, was focused on the diplomatic aspect of the life of the owner. Thursday is also suitable for making the recruitment of luck in the study of talismans and amulets.
  • To arrange a personal life and try his luck in the love, personally, it is best to create the charms on Friday.
  • Those wishing to bring good luck in each of its areas of activity of the people may have for the implementation of the mystical elements of Saturday.
  • Sunday is the best time to create a variety of gizmos in the success and good luck the implementation of the policy.

When the day is identified for the manufacture and type of magic items, you can move on to the final phase. To make a good luck charm with his own hands he requires the owner of the goods (money and wealth, love, success in business, luck in work, etc.), important internal attitude. Naturally, a strong desire to more effectively "work" in order to attract a certain flow of energy.

Consequently, you will need to transfer this potential magical item to help to be desired in a shorter time. So before you take for the creation of one or another mystical thing to attract good luck (five-pointed star, runic marking, amulet style of the Kabbalah, etc.), you need to be in tune with a positive "wave" and think about the favors of Fortune for a particular purpose.

most popular

Most popular

The most popular amulets to attract good luck are considered decorative brooms and the star pentacle. How you can do it yourself, read on.

Brooms, magical helpers that protect the house from evil and unfavourable influences of the outside world, to attract good luck and good luck for every member of the family. So it's not only the charms but also charms of good luck. It is possible to do yourself at home. The most important thing – in advance to choose the day and prepare all the ritual materials.

Hard to build these elements to attract the good luck, nothing. For Slavic rods has become an effective tool in the achievement of the desired objectives, it should be done only from natural materials. As shown in the pictures for this talisman you will need:

  • Stems of grain to the fundamentals of do-it-yourself;
  • A red woolen thread for ligation;
  • Dried flowers, cloves garlic, grains, peas, corn, beans, coins for decoration.

Below the house, is not the path of evil, as well as the wealth became more and more Slavic traditional whisk to prepare better and speak of good luck on Saturday, during the waxing moon. As decoration these products are selected not only. Each component represents a particular aspect of the life of a person that needs the help of Fortune:

  • Cereals, beans, peas, a symbol of prosperity, peace and harmony in the family;
  • Currency attract different wealth to the house;
  • Dried flowers can serve to enhance the magical abilities of the assistant.

First, you create the basis of the type of Slavic folk broom. After he published the list of elements. When ready, the amulet of luck and money, well-being and protection, we should talk. The magic words will help you to activate the product, which was used to help the master of the house: "it is Now my pet! Let me good fortune, wealth, will bring all kinds of good and bad weather and problems of distance will bring!"

Then, for a time, get their hands on this amulet is designed to attract good luck and prosperity. Subsequently, the product is ready for use.

Star pentacle in the picture, is the part of the Western magical heritage. This pentagram is one of the most ancient of symbols that are used to protect its owner and bring you the best of luck.

Star, as decorative Slavic broom can be made at home from scrap materials. As this magical helper provides protection to people associated with trade to be better on Wednesday. The ritual you will need:

  • Cut a circle of green or gold in colour cardboard – it will draw a star;
  • Tab black;
  • Candle of green wax.

The light of the candle and its light, draw the star of a five-pointed star. Take the cardboard, which turned out to be a five-pointed star, and look at her, trying to fill his internal energy. Now the amulet is fully charged and ready for use.

Star, as any other amulet of luck (money, wealth, etc.) can be stored in a bag or breast pocket. The main condition of their effectiveness is the contact with the owner.