Types of good luck charms and their manufacture at home: it looks like an amulet of good luck

Good luck charm is a special item that can bring the owner good luck and success in business. The tutor can do it yourself, make a gift, order or buy in specialised shops.

Characteristics and types

According to the magic amulets talismans to attract the good luck is divided into animate and inanimate. The first group includes a great variety of plants, the second elements.

Common talismans:

  1. One of the animate symbol of the good luck four-leaf clover. With four leaves is a plant with ten thousand to get it will be possible rare felix.
  2. In China has been for a long time it was believed that the corn will bring good luck. Of course, no one is going to keep a corn on the cob. To attract the fortune wrap in a scarf or sew in ward nine large.
  3. Live mascot is a pine tree. The pine cone has long been considered a symbol of prosperity and the planting of the tree of the house will be protected from evil spirits.
Amulet clover

There are still pets, so many beliefs associated with magical properties of precious and semiprecious stones.

It was believed that:

  • pearls helps to maintain the well-being of the family;
  • the cat eye will take you to the success in love and money;
  • emerald will help you to focus;
  • carnelian removes melancholy;
  • the Labrador will protect you from the bad dreams.

Other pets can be:

  • silver key – the symbol of luck and abundance;
  • a rabbit's foot will bring the owner luck in all undertakings and protection;
  • figure toad with a coin in the mouth according to Chinese beliefs brings prosperity;
  • horseshoe over the door — according to the Slavic beliefs as a sign of prosperity.

Lucky charms zodiac signs

In ancient times it was believed that the movement of the planets affects the life of a person. The signs of the zodiac can affect whether the setting pet.

  1. Aries. Aries is inherent in the substantive approach and emotionality. Great choice of talisman for this session will be the pendant of garnet, ruby or the heliotrope. It is desirable that the pet came to the owner accidentally or was gifted with, so that they can work more efficiently.
  2. Taurus. Taureans are known for their ability to replenish the soil and rationality. A suitable mascot for them to be an image, a figure or a keychain in the shape of a cat. The animal, known for the flexibility and the advantage will help stubborn calves to avoid conflicts.
  3. Twins. Optimistic and good-natured Gemini talisman in the shape of an hourglass will give you the ability to avoid unnecessary muddling along in mundane matters. The amulet will also allow you to concentrate on business Matters.
  4. Cancer. Cancer is characterized by love and art, representatives of the sign is inclined to professions in the arts. Cancers requires a talisman to bring them back to reality, protection of the outside negativity. A good choice of amulet will be the figure of a snake. It is in many Nations considered a symbol of wisdom, and in the form of a talisman is to protect yourself from bad luck.
  5. Lion. Ambitious, strong-willed Leos suits mascot in the form of a bird. A talisman will bring the owner of wings invisible, will contribute to the development of leadership skills.
  6. The mother of god. Demanding and attentive to detail Virgos should pay attention to the decoration of the pond. Talismans will help members not to get upset over the small things and to attract wealth.
  7. Pound. Balanced scales appropriate amulet-horseshoe. The talisman helps to establish beneficial contacts and attract success discoveries.
  8. Scorpio. Restless Scorpios protect their adventures pin with a bead. It is advisable to choose a grain is red, which symbolizes health and prosperity.
  9. Sagittarius. Impatient archers of making hasty decisions to protect the figure of a turtle. The animal was considered a symbol of calmness and deliberateness.
  10. Aquarius. Talisman in the shape of a heart will make Aquarius more restraint in dealing with other people. Do not throw words to the wind and to win the leadership.
  11. Capricorn. Capricorns can choose the decoration in the form of a dragonfly. This symbol of abandonment will give the representatives of the signs of confidence and optimism, that the lack.
  12. Fish. The fish will purchase the amulet of the sun. Talisman to get rid of the indecision and the load with the energy necessary to achieve the objectives.

Where to get the good luck charm?

A rule obligatory in the choice of the mascot is to follow your heart. The time of purchase under the influence of an internal impulse bauble can be used as more reliable than the amulet, created without the right mood.

Of course, it is better that the mascot was made with your own hands, but allowed to contributed to a family member, friend or loved one.

In any case, do not use the form of the pet giveaways people are hostile or not.

How to make your own hands?

The first step is to choose an amulet that was created. Decide which pet suits you best.

The mascot is in reality an "object of power" associated with a particular owner. For greater protection you can put in an amulet a magical symbol, the name of the owner or debris. Sometimes, in order to establish communication with an amulet, he came out a drop of blood.

Standards of manufacturing
An important aspect of the creation of good luck charm at home is full concentration in the task.

The rules of the talismans are:

  1. the creation of the amulet, it is necessary to distinguish the free from the worries of the day;
  2. don't let anyone distract you and upset you while you work;
  3. unplug the phone, turn on some soft relaxing music;
  4. in advance, prepare the ingredients for the talisman.

All of the materials to create the good luck charm needed natural.

Talismans that you can do yourself

You can create a large amount of pets with their hands, some of the most effective is:

  1. a talisman of paper or cardboard;
  2. bag for good luck;
  3. monetary tangle;
  4. the magic of wax;
  5. bracelet made of threads;
  6. the Arab mascot;
  7. Imperial amulet of the luck and wealth.
A talisman of paper or cardboard

The creation of a talisman of paper or cardboard will not have much time, but a properly made talisman will bring good luck. To start, decide what shade of paper to choose from.

The most appropriate colors of paper:

  1. White is the color of a new beginning, purity and restraint. Pet white color suitable for those who started their way to the destination, you want to have success in the field of work.
  2. The red symbolizes the health and emotion. For to choose a color for those who want to build relationships, it has been revealed in the creative plan.
  3. The black is often perceived with a negative value, however, this perception is a fundamental error. The black is the end, the absorption of energy. Is to choose the people who want to finish old business, to dissociate themselves from the problems of the past.

Once decided the color of the paper, begin creating a talisman:

  1. Cover the table white, preferably new fabric.
  2. Placed in the center of the tablecloth clean sheet or cardboard.
  3. The edges of the tablecloth, arrange four candles and the light.
  4. Draw on paper the figure or inscription. We must write on a sheet of desire as if they have already been made a reality: "I bought the house" or "Dylan confessed his love". For illustration, you should choose a rune, the image of the sun or of the heart, which will help you to attract positive energy.
  5. Wait until the candles conburet igni looking at the image or text on paper. Try to visualize their dreams.
To keep this desire must be closer to yourself. Put it in your wallet or put it in a breast pocket.
Bag for good luck Red bag

Nice and easy for the manufacture of pet will be the bag for good luck.

  • to create it you will need the following materials:
  • red cloth 25 15 centimetres;
  • multi-color threads;
  • the dry grass.

The Materials are ready, proceed to the creation of the mascot:

  1. The fabric is folded in half and stitched on two sides.
  2. In the result of bag folding grass. Choose from peppermint, lavender, rosemary, or large.
  3. Tie the neck with seven threads, and then go out the window for a week.

Bag for good luck done on the growing moon, so that will have more power. Done correctly, it will bring you luck for many years.

Cash ball

To create the amulet you will need:

  1. wrap the woolen threads;
  2. a small coin.
The layer should be new, not used for knitting or crafts before.

Start with the creation of a mascot:

  1. Take the thread and begin to wind a new ball, insert the coins.
  2. They say the plot: "the Thread of threads of fate to come, the ball will attain to happiness in the house added".

After the completion of the manufacture of the need to leave a talisman in the light of the moon in the window, so you will be charged with the energy of the moon and bring home happiness and prosperity.

The magic of wax

To create the amulet will only need the wax. Select vending the candle, the color and the shape of the product is important.

Proceed to the production of:

  1. In the phase of the waxing moon, the light of the candle in the midnight.
  2. While the flame is burning, tell me about all your wishes and dreams. Try to formulate them as clearly as possible.
  3. When the candle melts, not to throw the wax and fold it in a cloth bag.

Keep the wax away from the eyes of detractors. The talisman will help you to achieve the fulfillment of all desires.

Bracelet threads Bracelet of red thread

To create the amulet often choose red thread to attract the good luck.

The creation of the talisman:

  1. Take three strands and begin to braid the"tail", are alternately superposed one on the other.
  2. In the middle of the bracelet you can weave red glass bead to enhance the talisman.
  3. The result tail a knot in the wrist.

Umelitsy can weave a thread of leather, for luck will be a solid base, will increase intuition and connection with nature. The talisman will protect from misfortune and slander, to appeal to luck.

Arab mascot

One of the strong Arabic talismans, bringing good luck is the hand of Fatima. Amulet in the shape of a palm tree are often found in the form of figurines and pendants, but it is possible to represent yourself.

The algorithm for the generation of the Arabic talisman for good luck:

  1. The light of a candle.
  2. Take a piece of paper and draw a hand of Fatima. It is convenient to draw a lucky charm blue colors, it will strengthen its protective properties.
  3. Place in the centre of the image the image of an eye to focus the intuition.
  4. Wait until the candle burns.

Ready-made pet more prudent to set out near the front door, not to let failure in the building or on the desk for luck in business.

Imperial amulet of the luck and the wealth

For the manufacture of the amulet will be a currency. Do not take the first available. Perhaps in an antique shop, there is an option for everyone.

The creation of the talisman:

  1. Drilled in the center of the coin hole. Make a hole, make sure to think about the cherished desires.
  2. Take a thread or cord red and put a coin.
  3. Tie the thread in a double knot, knowing how to tie a string of luck.

The amulet will not only affect the financial side of life, but also to protect them from damage, it will draw power dream.

Imperial amulet

How to activate the talisman?

After choosing a pet must be cleaned of negative energies and active. If the material of the amulet is not fragile, the purification is to hold it under the running water. Another effective option would be to fumigate the pet. The ritual you will need incense sticks and candles. Can be cleaned by dipping a protection of the session in the sand.

To activate the talisman you need to:

  1. Relax, close your eyes and visualize mentally as it takes all the dirt and negativity.
  2. The easiest and most efficient way to activate the talisman to bring him to the hand, maintain themselves and rhythmically to exhale on him.
  3. During the activation, you need to concentrate on the tasks that you must carry the talisman and the attraction of the positive.
  4. To fully charge the talisman imagine decurrant is the amulet of power, which is to protect in the future.
  5. Talisman need to speak to whisper to him about his wishes.