Himself a magician: make a good luck charm of your own!

For example, talismans and amulets can protect their owners from the evil eye, incantations, to attract luck, love, money, etc. to make talismans to make warlocks and healers, but their services are expensive, so that today, more and more people are thinking about how to make a talisman with their hands. In general, people with amulets strive to achieve in their lives to attract a large amount of money and success in business and family well-being.


Who and what do you want a pet?

Many modern pop stars, actors, politicians and well known athletes use lucky charms as a means to achieve the success and protection of the misfortune. Thus, some people believe in the power of his pendant, talisman, and some of the singer carried around with him his favorite amulet – emerald. She was sure that this stone has helped to build a harmonious relationship with her husband and strengthens the family. And this singer is not bad. The amulets have the ability to perceive, process, store and deliver the power from which they get their unique qualities.

However, not only the precious stones, and jewelry have become favorite pets of the stars. Fatal seductress and a master Heartbreaker – Miley Cyrus as the little girl falls asleep every night cuddling with a Teddy bear of pink colour, bearing in mind that it is your best talisman. Patricia Kaas is also a lover of soft toys (as well as for millions of women all over the world). Your Teddy bear that you need to all, without exception, touring and even dedicated songs to him.

Of what and how to make talismans?

As a material for making magical talismans for good luck you can use absolutely nothing, but more often these effects, wear jewelry (mainly used as an amulet, ring), precious and semi-precious stones (turquoise, carnelian, bull's eye, amethyst, Jasper, onyx, etc.), shells, small household items (hair clips, pins, watches, keys, belt),made of cardboard, wood and clay (pottery, figurines, dolls), textiles (embroidered shawls, lace and threads knotted in a special way, etc.).

The charms tend to be people who do not know the existence of various phenomena, magic, and the cycle of the energy and the methods of hidden influence on the people and events – these people are wizards, sorcerers, doctors, magicians and sorcerers. Only they know how to make the talisman properly, at maximum efficiency, and helped her master the solution of various problems of life.

When creating magic items takes into account all the details: the season of the year and the day of the month, place and time of day, the date of birth and zodiac sign of the future owner, colors and special properties of the materials from which the amulet. The manufacturing of this amulet takes the magician a lot of time and effort, in consequence of which there is this type of service is not cheap. So many people today are wondering about how to make a talisman with their hands , even knowing that the process of creation of this mighty talisman is a complex ritual requiring a precise sequence of actions.

the amulet with their own hands

In the manufacture of the amulet, the magician is "recite" special incantations and magic spells that help to give the favorite subject of the desired properties immaterial of the nature of things. In addition, this "professional" magician expand the magic and the element necessary energies (breathe in him, the forces of the elements, makes "reference" to a non-material entity or operates its own bio-field). For example, the talisman of the good luck and wealth receives its power through "pumping" with the energies of the fire element.

Any amulet of good luck is, in fact, the real "strength" of the person for whom it is intended and which constantly carries it with him (preferably of wear and tear and as close as possible to the body). To make it even more effective a wizard can be applied to the surface of this amulet with special magic signs. These signs can be secret magical names of the patrons (angels, demons, spirits, elementals, etc.), runes (magical symbols from an ancient alphabet used by Northern Nations of Europe), the symbols of the Gods and the elements.

How to make a talisman, attracting good luck for you?

If you don't know too much about the magic and decided to make a love or money mascot with your own hands, use our advice. Read this article carefully and then you will be clear how to make the talisman. Do not hurry and make sure you follow all the instructions. Errors in the manufacture of amulets can cause the home-made charm will be ineffective or will begin to work is not good for you, and Vice versa – at the expense of attraction of foreign to your energy field energy flows of the Universe.

The manufacturer of the mascot of his own, in addition to the obvious defects (which include, first of all, his incompetence in this area), it also has a lot of moments positive. First, making the amulet itself, feed it with my own energy, that is the one that best suits you and absorbs their energy structures. In the second place, guaranteed to make your good luck charm the way you want it to be (comfortable in all aspects). And, thirdly, they save on trips to the witch doctor a lot of time and money.

Start to create a pet, decide the purposes for the achievement of which it is intended. If it is of good luck charm or the attraction of money, take the time to select the right material and have a color and applied to the outer side of the symbols.

The most simple are the talismans, made of mud, wood, cardboard, paper and related threads. For talisman for good luck adapting to a small piece of wood, to give it the desired shape, painted Gold or white and then apply on the surface of the corresponding symbols of success and wealth.

Very potent natural power of the natural stones talismans, which are selected according to the sign of the zodiac.


The other option of self-made amulet can be a pendant of a coin the ordinary. To do it yourself you will need to choose large and beautiful of the currency, and around a piece of plastic that is a bit larger in diameter. Use fast drying glue to attach the coin to a piece of plastic so that the top of the currency remained a gap of plastic, you will need to make a small hole. In the resulting hole we take the thickness of the thread and tie its ends to make a "pendant on a string."

After your talisman is ready, it is advisable to carry out a reflection about the money, or simply to collect your amulet, hold between your hands, represent your goal or the goal for which he created the mascot. Imagine how appropriate the energy of your desire flowing through the hands and fills the talisman, and abandonment far beyond its borders, and the creation of magical things around a type of energy field. Using this technique, you charge your talisman and make it effective.