How to make an effective talisman for love

According to the people, and talismans to attract love, are popular only among women, but this is not true, many men are also turning to amulets in the process of resolution of cardiac problems.

In search of love, people are often ready for anything, and sooner or later turn to the various magical means. The main advantage of amulets and talismans to attract love that do not involve any danger to the people that use them, and are not capable of subjecting another person to their will, in contrast with the strong love spells, that are often black and caemeterium energy. There are many effective tools to create effective amulet to find and strengthen love.

Amulet – a love knot

We work to create this powerful amulet can be carried out only during the full moon. Make three petals of the red roses, a pink and a white yarrow flower and a petal of the red Tulip. All the collected flowers and petals should be sewn to the canvas bag of red or pink fabric. Then, take the bag in your hand, hold it close to my lips and whisper read the words of a conspiracy:

"Your power is directed to the servant of God (name), let this be the time he was thinking about me, about the servant of God (name). Let since then, I just thought it would be, let him welcome I'll be all night and day, and let his thoughts firmly dwell, let my face zakuet it with chains scarlet, I'll make your heart jealous, is a passion for me, as a poison napoenny. From this day until the end of days will be a servant of God (name) in my power, will do everything that I tell him my desires and he delivers. I will be more than the life on earth, come to me courage to tell his love and passion, I want it so I'll give you that. It will make reality what it says. Amen. Amen. Amen."

After pronouncing the words of a conspiracy, put the bag on the window sill so that it fell in the light of the moon. The next morning, you need to tie it to a red ribbon or cord and wear received the amulet to yourself always that you will not get the desired action.

yarrow This method of creating effective magic amulet, may seem like a strong spell, however, it is not this talisman will never be deprived of their target's own will. All you can do is to call the attention of the right person, and the development of the relationship will depend entirely on the people themselves.

The creation of a simple amulet

This is one of the easiest ways to create an amulet for love. For this you need to cut paper and even the two circles with a diameter of about five centimeters and draw the same size circle from a thin sheet of copper. He writes in the first paper sheet in red ink or blood, with the name and date of birth, and the other circle is the name and date of birth of your lover. Between the paper you want to insert copper circle so that the sides of the blades face towards the metal.

Now, in the center of the raised circles you need to make a small hole in which to thread the red thread, tie it in three knots, and to pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

"Unite the hearts, unite the mind and body of fate, the life, words and deeds. Male and female threads bind, born on the day (the date of birth of the beloved) and the day (date of birth). Yes, to be together, from this day until the end of time. As it is written, so that it is come to pass. Amen. Amen. Amen."

The stones for the amulets of love

When you create talismans to attract love is often used natural stones. One of the most effective minerals for use in this region is turquoise. This stone can be compared to a strong magnet, the attraction of love energy. In addition, turquoise is able to protect its owner from negative magical effects, including, omens, lapels and prisushek.

With the help of a special amulet with turquoise, can not be afraid of this dangerous phenomenon as corruption in the love and relationships. If you decide to use a talisman with this stone, you need to know about what to wear turquoise need close to the body, the mineral that will be more effective when constant skin contact with their teacher.

Turquoise can be used even in the case that you are already negative magical influence, for example, damage to the love. In this case, the stone will gain the negative energy from themselves and may even collapse. Because of this, don't worry, only mineral to perform their primary function. If turquoise is the colour black, that only thanks to the stone with all my heart, and only then, replace it with a new one. In order to attract the love, that you can only use gems of blue and cyan color, but in any case not green.

Herbal charm to attract love

As talismans of love are often used amulets on the basis of herbs and flowers. These effects are usually used the roots of the plants of San Juan, known as St. John's wort, and the grass Ivan-da-Marya. These plants are often together in a small canvas bag color-red.

Anise seeds can be had in a bag of red flannel cloth to attract love, which is sure to end with the conclusion of the marriage Union. Orange in many countries of the East, considered a symbol of not only love, but also of fertility, due to the large number of seeds and sweet flavor.

The spiciness of Carnations in many regions is a symbol of love. It is believed that if utykat ripe oranges with cloves and break it in a mixture of spices, it can become a very powerful amulet that can attract love, lead to marriage and loved ones the birth of her healthy and strong children. This amulet need to tie a red thread or ribbon and store in a place inaccessible to prying eyes.

The color orange is considered a symbol of love and wedding, it contributes to the execution of a strong and long marriage. Orange flowers are often combined with seeds of anise, dederunt hyacinthum root and orange peel all these ingredients can be stored in the same bag as an amulet for love.

Marjoram is an herb that is an attribute of Venus. If the woman desires for many years as my husband, marjoram, throw in all the corners of the house and updates every few months. Marjoram

Rose is one of the most popular symbols of Venus and love. It is believed that the cast in the fire the buds of this flower can bring the happiness.