Grab the luck by the tail, many are trying for millennia. And not so much to capture as to bring to their home. To do so, each nation has its own methods: a variety of talismans and magic or amulets, which carried or kept in the room, and that they become true family heirlooms.What brings good luck?

1. Horseshoe


One of the most popular talismans that bring luck, happiness and success. Luck is not only a house in which there is a pet, but the person who finds it. Yes, a Shoe need to sell it, find it, and only in this case it will become a talisman that brings happiness.

2. Four-leaf clover

3. Icon

This religious amulet and talisman of "not working", if in the heart there is no faith. But what icon to draw a pet, you need to decide individually, because you are choosing a pattern for him and his family. The best helps of an ancient icon, painted on wood. In addition, it is necessary not only to acquire it, but be sure to consecrate in the temple. Therefore, it is best to buy a relic at the monastery. It is also important to the sentence correctly in the icon, since each of them has its own prayer dedicated only to the face of the Saint.

4. Pin

This simple item found in almost every box of thread, can also bring good luck. But here, as in the case of the icons, it is important not only to buy this item, but to use it properly. Often a pin is fixed in the clothing "evil eye", however, there are some nuances. Before fixing the pin, you will need to heat in the fire for seven minutes, then three times to drill new wax Church candle and put the marker on a flat surface. At the top sprinkle three pinches of flour, three pinches of salt and three pinches of red pepper, by leaving it for the night. In the morning, the pin ready. But keep in mind that not all garments can be pin. For example, girls can not connect to the needle in the pants, since it is not traditionally women's clothing. In addition, the thing is fixed this amulet must be made of natural materials. You also need to make sure the pin was hidden from the prying eyes, therefore, it is often set by the seams. This pin can be stored at home, but in this case must be uncovered and fixed downwards.

5. Statue of an elephant.

This symbol of good luck came to us from India and China. Of particular importance figurines elephant I see in the philosophy of Feng Shui, where it is believed that it helps to achieve harmony and guide the life energy in the right direction. Elephant with long trunk on the shelf in the Cabinet will bring your home luck and prosperity, will contribute to the enrichment of the family capital.

6. Tattoo.

It is not surprising that many cultures are tattoos decorate the body. The symbols in the skin of a person can affect his destiny. But it is very important to choose the tattoo not to get the opposite effect. Often choose the image of a totem, which should not only bring luck, but also to protect the owner. You should think seriously about is represented by the symbol, because not all people are able to withstand strong energy of a dragon or a tiger, sometimes, a small flower, it will be much more effective pet.

7. Ladybug.


It is a favorite for all children is an insect pet. And even then, not so much the error as to his image brings good luck and positive emotions. And here the important number of black points on the back – the more, the more powerful mascot.

8. Jewelry

The stones are formed in the bowels of the earth, absorb its energy and emit a certain vibration that can affect humans. Perhaps for this reason, some of the stones become talismans for their owners. But to find an amulet is fairly hard, typically people feel "special place" of the stone, which is one of the signs of the good luck crystal. There is a philosophy that explains the effect of the different stones on the sign of the zodiac, the elements and even the color of eyes. To believe or not believe is everyone's business, but, perhaps, no woman will refuse such a beautiful pet.

9. Honey

The usefulness of honey is known to everyone, but the fact that honey has amazing properties to bring good luck, not familiar to everyone. Tips on that are in almost every tale, in which the honey acts as a festive drink with magical. And it is no wonder there is the expression "like honey smeared", on the site, and we strive constantly to return. And use the honey in many rituals to attract prosperity. Therefore, it was a pleasure he was bringing home a fortune, you need to feed them a brownie. This dish with a pattern of Golden color, pour the warm honey and put in the fridge or on the table. Very soon you will notice that everything in the house went well, and his work will be a great success for you. By the way, if a dish turned upside down and the honey poured out — not angry, just want your house to fool around. With patience, clean and pour the honey again.

10. Portrait of a Gypsy

This painting is one of the most controversial of the mascot of good luck, caused a storm of comments. In itself, the picture is not a masterpiece, it is an ordinary portrait of a girl with a penetrating gaze, black eyes. But it is an incredible property view brings happiness and at the same time is pursued by the holder of 150 years. The image belongs to the carbon family, each achieved success, as soon as the portrait was in the house. Someone who has won at cards, someone became successful traders, all women of this type have become mothers, even after the disappointing diagnosis of infertility. Note that "ownership" of the image, the members of the family Carbone began to give reproductions of their friends, who also adjust the life. It is interesting that the Daily American published this portrait, have become a great success, for example, Daily News. In the Soviet Union on this image to find at the end of the years 80, after the picture appeared in the newspaper "Kuban news". Coincidence or not, but this newspaper is still published, while the most successful of the competitors have long been closed.

More interesting is that a talisman of luck, you can become anything. Even little picked up in the street a puppy. Because here it is not important who you chose as a talisman, and then, with what spirit you belong to this object or animal. Why is the animal? Many believe that will not bring us the happiness and the smile of chance. This can be the usual same, but each person unconsciously decides for himself what he needed the amulet. And you already have?