How a good-luck charm, amulet, a beautiful home

The mascot, known as items, good luck, its owner. Such a talisman, which can be independent, even purchased, it may seem like it, or is quite common.

But the biggest effect enjoy mascots, independent, and owns most of the energy they carry such charm. Such a talisman is made not only to get rid of the evil eye, or damage to, but also to attract wealth and happiness.


To whom need this kind of charms.

Famous people enjoy many different mascots, success there for a reason. These charms a person moves to absorb all the information and then hand this information is useful to give to their owner.

Can be gem or jewelry but just a mascot. Some people are just a popular talisman domestic animals and plush toys.

What can be done mascots.

Production, you have to draw The mascot, any material that is Lent, but more often used for such purposes. Use of materials amulet – this gems like turquoise, amethyst or Jasper, found in sea shells, sea, rings, earrings, bracelets, pins, Safety pins, hair pins, cufflinks. Other items that can be made of cardboard or wood, and clay sculpture.

All of these mascots is usually a chance that you can use to attract happiness and energy about the person. Among these people, psychics, Witch Doctors, healers, witches, sorcerers, and magicians. To fabricate talismans and such, Wizards. more energy and very own spending power not to go through such ceremonies a day. The structure of the material is taken into account, date of birth, day and hour when you are done, and the OP is the owner of the amulet Horoscope.

And that is not cheap, therefore many people mascots like I am doing. However, you need to make less to see such a ritual, right, a clear sequence of action. Such amulets producing himself a sorcerer, reads a prayer during a ritual magician, and powerful had a strong influence on an amulet for conspiracies, his owner.

A power supply for a chance at The mascot, who wears it. Such a mascot and wearing close to your body but not necessarily permanent. It had such a charm, and still a larger force with him, a spell that is applied to the surface special characters can be encrypted.

The plan is to create a mascot

  1. Set the target
  2. Create an image of mental amulet
  3. To build or buy
  4. Clear
  5. Charging

Best of luck talisman


Magic pouch

Witch I didn't use the magic bag in different ways. Of his own creation for different purposes. filling your own herbs, stones, and other fillers and active.

So tight you must have the chance to sew a purse of gold Add crystal agate stone, oak leaf, cloves and basil.

Mascot will bring a good luck stone.

Mascot to do with natural materials, stone and stone, you will need just a stream. During the walk you need to find the appropriate stone in the stream bed and the paint on the surface desire. For example, if there is a desire getting a large amount of a large house, travel, solid, Family, Health. It was then the stones, is drawn up, the desire, the need, counter-clockwise around the creek, a rock and a tightening of their desire to focus. Then everything is completed, then the value of this stone a throw back Creek.

Rune mascot

Runes used successfully with many mysteries for the execution of the request to take a positive event.

Them is made of a stone, a tree, do not implement a formula, photos, with sheets, of paper.

And then enable. With this exercise, you saliva, for example ,blood, breath. Such activation methods based on personal valid.

If you wish, appeal to the gods, or element, can't do the ritual without something in place. Usually use 4 elements, then, make ritual offerings.

Here are some formulas luck:

Dagaz, soul, spirit, soul, Wunjo - reinforced chance

Teywaz, Soul, Kano,soul, Teywaz - success, luck

I still want to, creating a difference that uses Rune mascot it's a conspiracy. In his text, you can search for a network, or the pen itself. Naturally, her more powerful, but for beginners, practitioners can take foreigners, thereby minimizing potential errors yourself create.

Sinister mascot on handbags.

What time is the first stage of the month – begins to grow, a red piece necessary sewing of the pouch. The pouch on the second day to put some spice cloves, pepper, fragrant, some fennel, bay leaf, rosemary and mint. As always, it is put into a pouch, this spice you need to read the prayer "our Father". Like a prayer was then read, you need to read zagovornie words:


"The lodge grass on good luck you need to pull yourself and your own command of Allah. And it will be so. 3 times Amen.

Put it in the pouch for three full moon window. This mascot will start working on how you will be after. The effect is strengthened, better of wearing this pouch in the heart.

Conspiracy, money, good luck, trade.

A chance to take a conspiracy to make a little coin trade. After shopping for six days to get delivered, you need to purchase and the amount you collected, Notepad, pen, and keychain, and the seventh day of any mascot. To get started you need to collect the money the very first day, new month. Then purchased the rest you need a little something to throw over your shoulder is at a juncture, and this conversation:

"Full price for everything, and has been paid off. So you get it."

Then go home and not to look back and I don't want to talk about it to anyone on the way. These items were purchased and making you have to draw mascots.

Conspiracy a lot of ways you can attract luck and happiness can be found online. The important thing is that everything must be done according to the rules sequence.

How to delete

Cleaned before using any magic attribute. How can This be done? Here are the most simple ways:

  1. Over a candle.

Buy or make a candle a candle overwrite "needle cleaning mascot", a candle light and motion, according to him, the talisman, reading, "our Father" ( 5-10 cm). What cross move.

  1. Water.

With a symbol that is made of sheep under flowing water for 10 minutes.

  1. Salt

A great mascot to put 3 days a salt.

How to charge

  1. Simple methods: breath, saliva, blood intertwined with intent. So, we are taking the program for amulets.
  2. Ritual.

Charging light

  1. Concentrated to a magical at a target character.
  2. It is a ritual to ask the blessing on the universe.
  3. Sheep into the hands of the mascot.
  4. Consider a light that goes dere you from above. It fills up. Full energy.
  5. That flow of energy directly from The mascot. A suitable program.
  6. Thanks universe.

Method spontaneously

  • Listen ritual.
  • Sheep on the altar (table) item 4 elements. Salt, water, incense, and candles. A symbol of the centre, a charge.
  • Activate the element, i.e., light a candle and incense, water and salt to the shake.
  • Read every element of magic. ( you create yourself)

For example:

"The power of fire, his energy fill my mascot. A chance to choose to take her. True"

  • Read hooks

"Power, fire, water, air, soil, unite. Charging my mascot is at your service. My life attracts him a chance. Yes, it will.

  • When the ritual is over
  • Elements of the proposal please

Then production, carry the amulet, keep it to yourself. Bury gratefully over 6-12 months. And create a new one.

All The Blessings. )