25 Amulet of luck-light from all corners

Some varieties are widespread and common amulets in many cultures, separate characteristic for other peoples. We have more than 25 items, the faith representatives of various peoples, is a chance to retain and attract.



Lightning protection for your home the vikings habit to keep an Acorn in a window, the only girl there, she puts God-this Thundering Thor.

Crocodile teeth

By faith, some African peoples, crocodile teeth help to win gambling.


In Asian countries bamboo sprout gift that can be achieved. Accepted that he brings luck to the owner. And according to the teachings of Feng Shui, located in the eastern part of the bamboo that escaped the pot you put in. this improves the circulation of Qi energy.


Triangle – with a lot of the old Symbol Value, the most common of stability and sustainability. In addition, he Personalizes three terms human life cycle: childhood, youth, old age.


Symbol is considered good luck in many Asian cultures, and Indian. Very good sound and warns about the dangers that house and protect.


A thousand years is considered to be loyal and help a strong person – probably, therefore, seen something like a horseshoe, capable, helpful and bring good luck to the owner. In many homes, in different countries, which can be seen a horseshoe on the door, another a talisman that serves all kinds of misfortunes.


Alleged live like an Indian baby different things in a perfume. It helps to achieve a rich harvest of perfumes that are accepted.


Another magic item, ready to protect Indians in the culture designed for bad dreams. According to legend, the first people this amulet was an Indian woman weave dreamcatcher Nokomis, thank a spider which taught liberation. Field construction was go through the hole, sleep tight, the environment, all bad dreams fall off the network.


In the Middle East serves to protect against nazar amulet, the eye typically looks like in a circle. A lot of local Souvenirs as tourists into buying him willingly, though, and probably trust her magical abilities.



Ancient Egypt the Scarab was considered a sacred animal and mascots, the portray is incredibly valuable. This bug personified, Ancient Egypt in the culture of the Rising Sun, as well as associated with Rebirth and transformation.

Imperial Lion-keeper

Lion statues-keepers to meet many Asian countries, especially China. Most of the time, they placed the door in pairs from the houses of the rich, the temple or the Palace attack and the robbers and thieves to protect Property owners.


According to popular belief, ladybird brings good luck and prosperity, especially if you yourself is in your hands. And his young wife, in the back of the bug, you will want to dark spots, how many have children.


Other Pharaohs used this ancient amulet, Ancient Egypt, wore as symbol of his eternal life. Ankh is depicted in many ancient Egyptian gods gave the people the ways of the Hereafter.


Money – this is a very common symbol of luck from occurring in many cultures. Clicked to get a good mark, up eagle, and then move the lace around your neck. Often to save money, a new coat or jacket, bag and shoes.


The dragon mascot man depicting his power goes. This is particularly useful if it is accepted that the magic ingredient, people, building, career, strong leadership skills, because the gift of the dragon.


In many countries in Europe and some Asian countries represent the welfare and prosperity pig. Pig in Chinese mythology important qualities of honesty and diligence. As expected, animal shaped piggy bank to collect the money he received to use.

A rabbit's foot

Rabbit's foot – this is known as a mascot, but not necessarily must be behind. The rabbit is associated with fertility, therefore, the transport of the foot, luck, besides being a father or mother help in the near future.

Smiling Buddha

Bringing all the Buddha images in the city, especially a great chance, and wealth is regarded as her smiling figures. I need advice on putting a statue of a smiling God in the western part of Feng Shui a house, and then you a favor, good health and prosperity.

Wishing well

Accepted in many cultures of the world throwing money happiness wells and fountains. Previously believed, therefore, to protect appease the gods and the source of the water drying. In addition, the visible to gain back your energy, make a wish in the well between them, and certainly turned to him, throw a coin in the water.

Three-legged frog


The mascot also originally from Asia. The frog holds a coin in the mouth, which is usually etched characters. Luck for you it's not tried and do not leave the mascot, a frog, look at him and the door that goes towards a house.


Input is regarded as a big failure under the stairs, on a wall or a pole. The Holy Trinity symbolized by the triangle formed Christian, and such a move is considered an insult, the Sagrada Familia. But it happened, and back improve the chance business, cross fingers, and spitting three times between steps.

Cat's eye

Many believe that this semi-precious stone evil eye protects and eliminates the challenges alive. I love Him wearing players from gambling luck in which he sort of protects it, and a great loss.


The lock is a locked door, or even another human being with a true soul a hiding place for the key selected. And beliefs, the old gods there was a man with a prayer I heard even better, is the key to a happy. In Japan, I believe, a bunch of three key opens the door to love, wealth and health.


Elephants bring good luck, everywhere, where you wander to consider, many countries in Asia region. Elephants image pairs, standing opposite to each other placed in the trunk and raised the door as the symbol of hospitality. And again, these are powerful animals, symbolize wisdom and longevity.

Four leaf clover

This unique plant is closely related to Ireland and tour every chance to find a clover small — only about 1 in 10,000, but if you so if you are lucky, then surely summarize his four-leaf luck, Faith, Hope and love.