Imperial amulet

Do you want that in your life there would be more luck and wealth? You work hard every day, but the desired result did not receive? Try to bring the Imperial amulet– the result will not keep itself waiting long.


Imperial amulet is one of the important places among the great variety of magic items. At the same time, he was a monk of the Trinity Sergius Lavra for a young Russian Emperor Peter the First. The whole night carried a servant of the Church in fervent prayers to make a talisman of magic specifically for Peter. The basis for the amulet was coin Imperial. The next morning, a good topic was presented by the king with the words:

"From this day will be invincible, the luck will not leave you and wealth will never end! God be with you Lord!"

From every one of the emperors of the dynasty Romanov was wearing his own Imperial amulet.

The secret

The secret to making miraculous object, the monks managed to preserve and bring to our days, in spite of the period of atheism in the Soviet times.

The amulet is made for a specific person and is tied to your name. The power of prayer and the experience of ancestors placed in secret miraculous talisman.

The basis for the manufacture of an object the ritual is the currency Imperial – the currency of the time of Peter the great. The method of obtaining the coin should be clean.


If Imperial amulet to do it right, it is necessary to attract to its owner the positive cash flows that have previously happened. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews from people that already have this unique thing. Help:

  • The development of new high-paying jobs;
  • Career growth;
  • Success in business;
  • Luck in financial matters;
  • The recovery of debts.

Standards for the treatment of

For the proper and effective functioning of the talisman you need to follow certain rules to manage them.

The amulet is purely something personal, so that it is impossible for anyone to give, and even better to hide from prying eyes. These items can not give – they will not have effective power.A special case are the only things inherited, even though they are subject to a particular treatment to change of owner.

Try magic other should be carefully and with respect. Store in areas where always clean and tidy. Make sure you believe in his power miraculous.

Remember that your helper needs constant recharging. So, periodically, at least once in two weeks, grab him and chat with him, and recharge it with your energy. Also in contact with him in the critical moments of his life, when making important decisions, and also in the moments of happiness and joy.

The best option would be if the amulet that you will carry with you constantly.


two sides of a coin

To make an amulet or talisman can be yourself, it is important to strictly follow certain rules.

  • Choose the best day to create a pet. If your main goal is to attract the economic success, to make the amulet you need in the environment. But if you want quick takeoff and the success of the race – that is the best for this day – the day of the Sun, i.e., Sunday.
  • Creating a peaceful environment in which to be born the amulet. The light of a candle, to activate relaxing to good music. Clear the mind of all the evil and focus on how good you want to get from this magic of the item. Do not get distracted with other things and thoughts, display a joyful image of success and prosperity. If the currency that can lead to neck, have to drill a hole. But you can do without it. The currency you can tie a red thread or put in a small bag.
  • On the night of the full moon, place a coin in a piece of red cloth in the window under the light of the moon. And sincerely ask the Universe (Higher Mind, God) that what I want most.
  • After that, wrap the amulet in a cloth and put it at night under my pillow. This need to improve the unity of your energy with the energy of the amulet.
  • This is not to say the pet with strangers, not to show their strength. The dark forces of the human envy can destroy your energy.
  • During the process of making an amulet or talisman, part of its life force will go for him. But you can quickly fill. Therefore, you can eat a piece of dark chocolate or drink a strong tea, take a walk in the open air, or to surrender to the other any very great for you to do.

But it is better to entrust this important process of the production of the amulet. It has not been done, the amulet, and give him miraculous power, and this can only be a person with a pure heart and sincere faith. Before you go to a specialist, it is advisable to read the reviews of people who have already used their services to avoid fraud.

Believe in the magical power of the Imperial amulet and you will never get to know the needs, and all things will go only up to the success and well-being.