Money amulet: an overview

Often the lack of funds overwhelms the person, and the sad situation leads to despair. Experts say that the way out of the situation — a charm for wealth talisman magic. It is believed that opens the cash of the energy of the channel. It turns out that each person needs to be a talisman to attract good luck.

The proof of this fact are the opinions of rich people, all of them have the money amulet. The lack of money that prompted me to check how true the statement of psychics and magicians. Bought for fun a coin for good luck, I started my experience. Deception or reality? Let's be realistic!

amulet of the currency

Review of money amulet

Complicated life situation forced me to look for ways to improve their financial position. All my efforts to earn it was not, always something has happened.

And besides, I got into debt, wages sufficient to cover the loans. Having reached despair, he decided to buy after this, there currency. In that moment, like a miracle, but he will follow soon.

I had almost six months to get loans. All this time I never left an amulet.

Return the loans, And knew in my wallet more than my debts. Faith has set me on a note positive, improves mood and has found a new job.

The position that I was offered unexpectedly, the salary is decent, but this did not stop.

The mascot will make me a successful woman! Feel your strength, I came to the conclusion that I should tell you about the amulet of coins (Money Amulet).

How does an Amulet of Money

First of all, it has a powerful energy potential. So they had money, they need to attract. Use the power of currencies and therefore, women and men.

For accessories he has been more effective, it is recommended to speak. The Experts claim that the plot enhances the action of the coin several times. And talking amulet, who can not only on luck but also on happiness.

The period in which the amulet begins to work can be different, from 2-3 weeks to several months. Let the subject be charged for your enrichment by force.

The money will come from all over, people he quickly climbed the career ladder, which will once again forgotten, debts, or wins the lottery.

Advice family pet, I started to notice amazing things, things they went to the mountain. It turns out that it works!

It looks like the amulet to attract money

amulet for money

Externally, the amulet is seen as a currency. You will find most of the Imperial name and mascot.

Custom made to order and based on the Imperial amulet has the coin with the image of the Royal dynasty. These amulets have a great strength.

Especially if they are made by mages and monks. To create a pet with your hands very difficult, it is much easier to buy.

Carry normally in my purse, but today you can often find charms in the shape of pendants in the neck. If you have to use the coin as a pendant to bring it closer to the body under the clothes in a fabric or leather cord. If the coin turns black, which should be clean and speak (wealth) luck.

What are the properties of the currency

  • conveys the powerful energy of money for the owner;
  • works exclusively on the addition of revenue;
  • preserves existing capital;
  • gives luck and prosperity to the family.

Since ancient times, money amulet passed from generation to generation.

It was considered irredeemable currency, which in any case can not happen. In the last few years the metal of the coins accumulate immense power and strength. Unfortunately, the attitude of this kind of charms had been lost, and only recently, scholars began to speak of his power. It turns out that ancient coins do not lose their meaning.

So, they work them enough to speak.

The conspiracy of money amulet

the conspiracy of money amulet

Not everyone knows that you can ask because after this, there currency. Magic related to money, it is the oldest, so that the conspiracy known only to a hereditary magicians. Some of them share their knowledge. How effective they are, is not shown. In any case, the magic word phylacterium damage not to take, and perhaps even strengthen it.

  1. Conspiracy to make it better in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.
  2. At the time of a magical ritual with candles.
  3. Directed the flow of mental to achieve the desired goal.
  4. Think of the power that wants to give a coin.
  5. Put the amulet in a piece of cloth of a scarlet.
  6. Hold it up to the open window. The light of the moon should light up the amulet.
  7. Ask God for the strength for the mascot, which will be your guide.
  8. after this, there currency of wrap of the fabric and at night put under the pillow.

On the morning of the amulet have to hide in a bag. Not worth it to brag and give it to other people in their hands. He brings money. So be it!

Care rules, an amulet for the production of income

Like any other Obereg, the currency should be treated, respecting some recommendations. Otherwise the amulet will lose its power.

  • keep the coin in a purse or secret pocket;
  • the fabric in which it can be wrapped must be clean, for the money not the love of earth;
  • do not be discouraged if the effect did not come immediately, be patient;
  • to hide it from prying eyes, the amulet will only work for you;
  • to pass a currency can only be inherited;
  • for a gift to take the new currency, which will be intended for another person;
  • don't let the mascot of entertainment, "communicate" with him, recharging his energy.

If you believe in your power, the effect occurs as soon as the energy of the coins in connect with your. Believe it or not — to solve only to you, weigh the pros and cons. In any case, the purchase of the irredeemable currency without a commitment. For me, I make a choice.

Prosperity for you and the entire portfolio!