Talisman for good luck and money with their hands

Each called attention to the fact that some things lead to success. Of important meetings or events to attract good luck man dressed in a "happy in the clothes, has a significant products. The sports teams have a mascot that brings good luck. Is this a coincidence or enter into some interaction with the person?


That may be the talisman?

A phenomenon common when ward revealed. You probably have noticed, by chance, bought a little clothes, was to bring an animal home, you suddenly start to "work" for the success and good luck. Meeting with a lucky charm is not accidental, something that captures: texture, color, form. If this amulet does not appear in your life enough to buy or make their own hands. That can be used as a mascot? It all depends on preference, because the amulet has to like it. Can be:

  • ->Memory;
  • ->Coin horseshoe;
  • ->Jewelry: pendants, brooches, rings;
  • ->Leather products;
  • ->The things of tissue;
  • ->Costume jewellery;
  • ->Shell;
  • ->Animals;
  • ->The flowers, the trees and other plants.

It is advisable to buy an amulet of natural materials, have a warm and energy.

Amulets according to the signs of the Zodiac

Properly selected magic item plays an important role, because the need to pay attention to the astrological calendar.

With an amulet of good luck, chosen according to the sign of the Zodiac it would be easier to build up the energy metabolism, the faster you "make friends".


An amulet of good luck and its activation

Amulet, made by hand, is much more powerful. The most important thing is to follow the rules of the magic item was able to gain the power:

  • ->• be in a good mood, good thoughts;
  • ->• it is forbidden to do during the disease;
  • ->• setting should be quiet, calm;
  • ->• do not tell anyone of the pet and not to leave in the wrong hands;
  • ->• charms, it is recommended to do it on a Sunday, the moon was in the phase of growth.

Before proceeding to the construction of the talisman with your own hands, you need to define the shape, as in the configuration of their sense of the sacred:

  • ->round — contributes to the stability in financial Affairs;
  • ->oval — aid in the business;
  • ->square is the symbol of the permanence;
  • ->triangle — brings good luck.

The knot

It is a simple and effective amulet. This amulet is easy to make at home — is the natural thread. For good luck we use wool yarn: tie 9 knots, mentally accompany each and wishes of success in the areas where you want to reach the heights. It is necessary to store always that their plan did not come true. Do not give the amulet to strangers. To attract prosperity, preferably on the wrist to wear the bracelet of red, white, and black threads woven together, with an odd number of chains. Muscle magic has been tested for centuries and was widely used by our ancestors.



Represent sacred subjects printed with symbols. They are made of different materials, each one brings its own magic meaning:

  • ->Wood, stone — universal application;
  • ->Genuine leather — draws of cash flows;
  • ->Clay — suitable for the divination;
  • ->The bones, teeth of animals are used in black magic.

To make the amulet with runic characters on its own, is best made of clay, of wood. These materials respond well to the treatment, the symbols are the recording and scribbling. After Stripping and staining of the finished amulet to be activated. On a sheet of paper, write the plot, the possible use of his text, it is important not to use the particle "not". Then say the name of each rune, burn the sheet over the flame of a candle, ashes spreading in the wind. The fire after the ritual imbre drops of wine. Before you collect magic items, learn the meaning of the symbols. The names of the runes, with a charge to luck, ANZUS, Hyeres, Ursus. Keep the pet should be in the bag away from prying eyes. Sometimes remove, have in their hands, warming the air, thus, charges.



The easiest way, but a strong amulet of good luck that you can do with your hands to attract success. How to make a talisman?

To work need:

  • ->• Church candle;
  • ->• A half water capacity:
  • ->• Matches new boxes);
  • ->• Fabric of the bag;
  • ->• A small paper bag.

A candle housed in a glass of water, to record and read the spell while the fire burns. Remove the floating pieces of wax, that he liked the form and place it in a small container of paper, and then in a bag of fabric. Amulet of good luck — to the point of bringing it constantly to the pocket or purse.

A great good luck charm

The creation of this topic is not different from making small charms. They have large sizes, therefore, it is possible to spread a single character, respectively, increases its protection power.

If there is not capacity to make an amulet of your own you can buy it. In this case, the amulet also has to be recharged. To produce it is available in several ways: dipped in a solution of salt, keep it in the sun, sprinkled with the Holy water.

To make amulet easy, the most important thing to believe that he bring in your life, happiness and success.