Good luck charm, talismans of wealth and success

Something that helps the man in his work, in love and reaching the goals that it says "amulet of luck". These items are generally made for each person individually because it is something intimate. Help to achieve the wealth, "grab the tail" to their fate, to fulfill the cherished desire.

amulets bring good luck

Charms made with your own hands

Hand-made talismans are considered to bring good luck and money in a way the most active of the purchase. After the acquisition of a shop selling talismans and charms, the person can be sure that you make the soulless mechanism. But a talisman of luck and the wealth made by their own hands, absorbs the heat from human hands, his energy.

It is also positive the fact that this amulet has a foreign program, foreign power. On the contrary, this amulet is charged with pure energy of its owner. Talismans and amulets can be represented by baubles and large, pendants and boxes, statuettes and dolls.

For the manufacture of the amulet to attract money and good luck are perfect materials such as paper and metal, wood and stone, embroidery fabrics. In pieces of paper or paperboard applied to special characters - Pentacles, which are attracted by the holder of the talisman of luck, success and wealth. On the fabric or embroider Pentacles wrapped in a red triangle of material with a note inscribed the symbol.

Made amulets from a variety of materials. One of the best is the mud, since it can absorb the properties and the meaning of the symbols that the manufacturer puts on the amulet. Solar energy clay is able to grow in the oven, the contact with the fire element.

Charms made with your own hands

Amulet of pasta salt

But it is not always possible to get natural clay. After the charms can be made of polymer clay you can buy in special shops. And even easier the lucky charms to make the jump too.

Flour for dough is taken by volume in 2 times more than the salt is too cool, as for dumplings. The figure should be dried well, paint, varnish. And this is exactly what the character decides to sculpt a master's degree depends on your taste and desire.

Popular Figures and symbols

The tigers

Very strong talisman for good luck and protection from people with evil thoughts and intentions, of the injustice and the evil eye, is a figure or an image of a tiger. Especially strong tigers, acting as a symbol of happiness and luck, people born in the year of the Dragon or the year of the Tiger. Because the Zodiac sign already indicates the power of this talisman.

Threelegged toad

Talismans with the image of this amazing amphibian sitting on the coins, is used to generate a large amount of wealth, it attracts money. Beautiful and powerful symbol of good luck and fortune will be a good frog, and holding in its mouth a coin. Frog Feng Shui - one of the most powerful attraction to attract money, luck.

The pedestal of the coins

Of course, if you put a bunch of a currency is a symbol of wealth. It does not matter age is in money or modern, in which state they are in Fashion and are generally real or just a fake. And improve the effect of the amulet can, perched on pedestal figurine of an animal.


The charms, amulets against theft and burglary, are the figures of the rhinos.


Talismans, bring the money - that is something that somehow resembles a coin. And Golden sunflower petals just to meet these needs.


Who does not know that the symbol of happiness - horseshoe? But also the figure of a horse, which draws the money lying in a cart, or waggon, is a symbol of wealth, success, recognition, status in the society.

Gold key

Someone needs to be happy thank you, and someone. Talismans with which to improve their living conditions - all that is connected with houses and apartments. Character of the housing - the key. Thus, the Golden keys are the main amulets in the purchase of a flat or a private home.

Gold key


Charms are often in the form of a cat with a raised paw. The Chinese really love these figures, bearing in mind that the kitty brings luck and help to succeed. Talismans in the form of a cat with a raised paw can be put anywhere of the house, especially at the entrance, to carry with them or display it on the clothes. And to attract happiness in love can use tender pussy, giving her the chosen.


Talismans, the acquisition of money, often have the form of a turtle with coins on the back. But the most powerful sign of good luck and wealth are the figures of a turtle-dragon. As they combine the boldness and fearlessness of the dragon, increase the protection of the properties of a turtle. This symbol of luck is very useful for the business people and creative personalities. It brings not only money, but also alters the essence of the man, making him brave, helping to put into practice all the projects and initiatives to achieve the happiness, recognition and success.

Or all

This symbol of wealth is very revered in China. The Chinese believe that gold all means uninterrupted cash flow. To have a figure of the Golden garlic is a very good sign.


Talismans to attract wealth is often performed in the form of a dragon fish aravan. This is the most popular symbol by which the flow of money to the holder of the amulet an endless stream.

Wand Jouy

The symbol of incalculable wealth, fortune and success is this amulet. Especially noticeable its effect on the people in positions of leadership. Because the rod is a symbol of power, the scepter of dreams, of high social status.

Four-leaf clover

This plant, which we all know as a symbol of love, wealth, fortune and success. Not only are in the nature of the four blades has this power, but, and talismans made in the form of singular branches. It is believed that even dried grass clover, which are in the sack with him, is able to withdraw from trouble, to bring him luck, to help all to achieve success. Bring a clover leaf as talisman, and luck will always be there.

Four-leaf clover

Pairs of animals

Symbols of good luck and success in love and family life has always been considered as a pair of figures of animals. Especially enjoyed the success of the swans, wolves, pigeons. Although a couple of dolphins, a symbol of true love and happiness. It is not surprising that the Russians are the families of the last century, the young gave "the nod" carpets with images of a couple of deer or swans for good luck in married life.

It is very important not to lose amulets and talismans, and keep them for themselves or in an isolated place, where you store money, jewelry, favorite photos, cherished things.