Charms: make your own hands

how to make a good luck charm

Every successful person has of an object or a ritual that attracts the good luck. Hard to say what exactly is it that attracts the good luck, the same object or the faith in him, the man leads a lucky draw before the negotiation and the agreement is a success, the woman put the neck of a magic amulet, and is with "her," the only sports teams have their mascots, to bring them luck. Let's see what are the pet, how they can help and how to make a good luck charm own.

What can be the mascot

It often happens that the theme of good fortune, is of itself, of any stone on the banks of the river, a house, a cat, accidentally bought a statue, a piece of jewelry or wardrobe. This type of things attract owners look, texture, shape or color. If the magic item is still not found, and without their support uncomfortable, you can ask it from the manufacture, but it is better to make a talisman with their hands.

Luck can bring:

  • Stones;
  • Jewelry: rings, pendants, brooches;
  • Jewelry, pins;
  • Plants, animals;
  • Products made of cardboard, yarn, fabric, leather;
  • Traditional elements: a horseshoe, statues, coins.

The list goes on, the choice of the material depends on personal preference, but there are General rules for inanimate objects: it is desirable to use natural materials, the pet must be soft to the touch and to cause only positive emotions.

Manufacturing and the conspiracy of the good luck charm

Manufacturing and the conspiracy of the good luck charm

If the item is found, bought or ordered before you activate it need to be cleaned , you can use any method:

  • In low to night in salt water;
  • Wash the light of the moon or of the sun;
  • Sprinkle Holy water or visit with him at the Church.

A plot to find or acquire talisman:

"Now my talisman, my destiny! Good luck and good luck will bring me, Problems and bad weather I do"

Making charms to do better on Sunday, it is important that the moon was in the phase of growth. The atmosphere should be friendly, positive mood. Prepare all the materials and get started:

  1. The shape of the mascot, optionally threading the cord;
  2. If you need to draw symbols or runes;
  3. We enclose the talisman in a cloth and put it under your pillow for a night.

The knot

The union of the talisman - one of the areas of nodular magic. For the manufacture you will need leather cord and a blue flap. Fabric tied up with three double knots, each over to read the plot, then nauzu give any form.


First node: "luck was with me in my deeds and thoughts" Second node: "for these things always, and my word is truth" Third node: "neither virgin, nor a blatant knock my luck I can't! So be it!"

Nodular pets are stored in the hidden of the prying eyes: hidden at home, the bag sewn into the lining of clothing.


Traditional magical symbolism is applied to the metal (chasing), stone (scratch), wood (burning). To activate you will need to:

  • The amulet is made by hand, with damage runes;
  • With the recording of the work of the conspiracy;
  • Dish, new box of matches, tweezers;
  • Ocher - natural paint of red, beige, orange.

After the application of the runes and the staining of the amulet read :

The knot
  1. To pronounce the name of each rune, it is possible to write your own text to spell (it is important not to use the particle "not");
  2. Full of conspiracy by igniting the flame and put it in a dish;
  3. The ashes are collected and scattered in the wind;
  4. The flame of the candle sprinkle several drops of wine, Mead, beer, or essential oil.

The names of the runes of good fortune :

Anzus is the rune of the word, divination, magic.

Urzus - debris action, the success, the vitality, the energy.

Hyeres - rune results.

The secretion talismans worn on a neck rope or in a pocket internal, have regular food in the hands of the owner.


The easiest and most reliable method of making a object magic with his hands, a bag of wax. You will need:

  1. Candle (preferably a Church);
  2. A glass of water;
  3. New matchbook;
  4. The test plot;
  5. Bag made of natural fabric and a small bag.

Process of manufacture:

  • A candle set in a glass and fill it half way with water;
  • To burn the candle and read on a conspiracy.
  • The candle should burn in the water and out (to enhance the effect of the conspiracy to read all the time, while the candle is burning);
  • To collect the pieces of wax that are like in shape, put in plastic bag and the bag;
  • Pet-bags must always be with the owner.


"To the sea of the island of Buyan, in this island rises a mountain, and the mountain is the hole. And in the hole of the seven devils of sitting that people do not send. While the younger closed his eyes, and I the tail to the fire attracted. Until the fire he and his children with me to see me in the shit with the brothers"

The second version of the plot is read strictly at midnight.

"In the sea far away, in a sea of blue, there is an island. On this island stands a mountain high, high mountain there's a hole deep in the hole And sit the hell are black, the curse of failure Yes send. It has been approved, And the servant of God (name), the devils. Don't send them, my misfortunes and bad weather. And yet, the fire in me, good luck with me"

A great good luck charm


The practice of magicians and clairvoyants often have large pendants that are inscribed with pentagrams, runes or signs. This is done not to show skills, but for the best protection of everyone's attention and envy. Grand amulet of luck manufactured by the same principles as the small problem in the use of the same. More often, the habits of life do not allows you to carry a talisman in the open, on the other hand, the internal use of the pocket of the bag. Special conditions or skills to make a great pet with his hands do not need to have, in addition, this amulet can make more characters.

Everyone has the right to decide how to choose the amulet, and if it is necessary in general. The laws of the universe requires action to succeed, perhaps a personal talisman will be the first step of a long journey to the desired future.