Amulet money and good luck with your own hands: step by step instructions, materials


The tradition of creating a talisman for money and good luck with your own hands in many Nations of the world. It is rooted deeply in centuries, and its sacred meaning often lies in sniskanii favour of more powers, for example, of the Universe. In the process of creation of these talismans should usually speak their desire, or imagine in detail what you want to see in your life, once you have the correct amount of money.

Amulet of thread

This mascot in the form of a cord will bring good luck and help in the fulfillment of desires associated with money. The manufacture of such amulets should be addressed to the reduction, and even better - on a full moon. Then you will need to buy at the store threads of red, green and blue colors. Coils are used that are not recommended. Of these threads, colors that symbolize wealth (green), the strength of the desire (red) and its implementation (blue), you need to weave a narrow ribbon and tie the ends to make a kind of bracelet. In the process of making the talisman must represent what could be the source of its financial well-being (raise, new position or job, inheritance, etc.). If this is not possible, just want to quietly say your desire aloud.

When the bracelet thread is about, you will need to be worn on the left ankle and not removed until the economic situation improves. When this event occurs, the talisman should be burned and mentally thank the Universe for the provided assistance.


Amulet money and good luck with your own hands you can do as a pet for all the members of his family. To do this, take a coin or ticket of any value and that is wrapped with wool yarn in green to make a care of the ball. The thread end is fixed, for example, a piece of tape and hang the resulting talisman over the door of the cabinet office or apartment always from the inner side. This talisman for the attraction of money and gifts. To improve the action of the green ball through the use of essential oils. In particular, in amulets to attract money, it has not lost its power, it is recommended to spray it with orange extract or large.

10 tambourine

Simple, but effective talisman you can make one of the cards. You should take the ten of diamonds of the new "Russian" deck, which the players considered the most, as they say, fartovoi, and lubricate the essential oil of bergamot. However, you should mentally ask the map for help to attract money and good fortune. Once the talisman is ready, you must constantly carry in your wallet and not a show.

Currency of mud


Homemade charms can be made from different materials. For example, very suitable for this ordinary clay from which God, as we know, blinded Adam. You will also need a bit of liquid honey. The dry clay mixed with water. Then put cinnamon powder on the tip of a knife and a bit of honey.

The resulting mass roll the ball to form around the coin. Until the clay has dried, the circle pushing engrave the number that is equal to the sum of the required money (e.g., millions), and the reverse is represented schematically in the profile. A coin is then dried in an oven, preheated, for about 20-30 minutes. After the talisman has cooled, should be placed in a bag and keep together with your money.


Those who do not know how to make a talisman to attract money, you can suggest this simple method:

• in a transparent, Cup of tea and add 1 teaspoon of liquid honey;
• put the cup on a sheet of paper of green color;
• within 1 minute (no more, no less!) a brand new finely honed pencil stir the tea, moves the arm in a clockwise direction and thinking in the necessary amount of money;
• removed from the circles, a piece of paper;
you write with a pen, that he spoke the words: "tea time";
• repeat this phrase 3 times out loud;
• fold a sheet of paper four times, hidden in a wallet and not touch 1 year;
• you drink to the last drop.

The bag of herbs

Amulet money and good luck with your own hands can be done on the "recipe" of the medieval european witches.

You need to take a cinnamon stick, some pine needles, dried slices of ginger 3-4 dried leaves of eucalyptus. All of these ingredients should be crushed in a mortar and pestle. The sacred meaning of this action is to simulate sexual intercourse through which this world comes (born) everything is new. Therefore, in the process of cutting the herbs a person who makes an amulet with their own hands the creation of new circumstances of his life. After the preparation of the powder, spread it in a small cloth bag and tie the thread to the green. The pet must be stored in a Closet, a desk, or in the office. Usually the power of the talisman of aromatic herbs that attract money, enough for a year. After this period, the bag charm to burn and replace it with a new one.

Talisman "of Money in the house"

The manufacture of such a talisman is a ritual. Is required to have two candles: black and green. Will be on the table at a distance of 20 cm from each other, and by the light in a party. After 2-3 minutes you need to blow out the candles and hide in an isolated place. This ritual must be performed again for 10 days, the reduction of the distance of 2 cm on the last day of the candles and then extinguishing the flames, who have to tie a ribbon of gold and hide, wrapped in paper. This amulet will be effective mascot of his family and also to attract good luck to the house.

Magic bag

I don't know how to make a talisman for attracting financial well-being? After reading the following statement:

• make a small bag of clothes with bright red color;
• put in three coins necessarily of the same value;
• pour in to the pocket a little bit of dried rose petals and chamomile;
• sew in the top of the amulet kulisku, to pass a ribbon of gold tight and knot.

To strengthen the effect of this talisman, you can use the branches of the walnut tree. It is necessary to tie in the bag, with a thin ribbon of green.

Amulet with coins and the petals of the flowers, it is recommended to upload more hours or more the entrance of the house and occasionally to splash in one of the essential oils that attract money, for example, the color orange.



The following amulet for money and luck, made, and used to restore health. In the first place, we must carefully divide the Mature walnut and remove the contents from the shell. Next, you need to:

• on a piece of paper to sum up their will with respect to achieve the financial well-being;
• attach a note to the shell;
• connect the two halves and tie a red ribbon to get the whole nut.

You can also first glue two tanks with glue.

As the walnut is a symbol of longevity, a talisman of money described above will also help to get rid of many chronic diseases.

Growing money

You need to collect one of every coins of different denominations which can be traded in their country, and bury them in a pot with soil. Then they have to plant a cactus, and even better, geranium. For as we grow is to increase the income.

Silver charms

The gold is not the only metal associated with the wealth. In addition, since ancient times, the Slavs in order to attract the money, people used amulets of silver. For example, it was believed that the magical power of the symbol of the God Sails. It is a form similar to an inverted letter "A". Because this character was considered as one of the most powerful, it is usually enclosed in a circle. It was considered that, therefore, the primary energy of Velez headed in the right direction, and who carries an amulet, it enjoys the full patronage.

Now you know how to make amulets to attract money, and to have the support of a higher power.