Amulets and talismans for money, wealth and fortune with their own hands

amulets and talismans for money

the article, you will learn how to make amulets to attract money and good luck with your own hands.

Amulets known to mankind since ancient times. They perform a variety of functions: it protects the people from danger and disease, and gives life to the luck, love and health.

  • For amulets can not be applied to the light. Its power is demonstrated not only centuries of age, experience and modern science
  • Psychologists confirm that the presence of a certain thing-a thing, in our case, the amulet is able to schedule a person to build their own destiny
  • The amulet, which is made independently of the rules brings even more benefits. After the production that put a piece of your energy that' s "work" only for you
  • Money amulets can bring financial prosperity, to protect the owner from theft and unnecessary costs
  • On the presence of the amulet you better not tell anyone. Should be your little secret that leads to success

Amulet to attract money and wealth with their own hands

  • The amulet is a significant topic that is thought about something to attract or repel
  • In fact, an amulet can be any thing, which for you is of special importance, and it is associated with the essence of the consultations
  • For example, as a cashier of the amulet which may be a particular bill or coin
  • Important, the bearer of the amulet he believes in his ability. On a profit, we have to thank the amulet for the help
  • The most powerful amulets are those that have passed special ritual. The fact that the person is very serious about magic actions, and it strengthens their faith
  • The amulet that can be done after a ritual. Also, you can take it as a gift, if you believe in the sincere desire of the giver
  • Buy any amulet has to be adopted, that is to say, that they have value for you. Must be not only pleasant, but we must "lie in the soul"
amulets to attract money

Horde amulet on the money with their hands

  • This amulet is intended to attract wealth. It can be done, both for women and men
  • Carry this amulet that needs to be hidden in your bag or pocket

We need:

  • Currency
  • Fine rope
  • 3 candle

The coins for the amulet it is best to use the same ones that are in the street. It is believed that they are sent by lucky

  • The ritual to make this amulet is best done in the environment, the increase of the phase of the moon
  • Light candles, put them on the table in the form of a triangle and sit in the chair against
  • Have on hand a coin, and 7 times we read these words: "the Money that I take one in the arm. As it is with me now, a servant of God (name) in my prosperity will be invincible. Currency my other call, the wealth will attract. I now live in the wealth, but the wealth"
  • Therefore, it is necessary to submit the money as you own
  • After crossing to link currency with a rope, pronouncing: "to Tie, money attracts"
  • Then, the ends of the rope to burn the candle without cutting
  • Amulet of drop between the candles on the table, to them and to go to sleep
  • In the morning they should be placed in a bag, not tell anyone and not show this talisman
Horde amulet

Imperial amulet of wealth

  • Imperial amulet has a lot of features. Not only can help you to acquire wealth. In the spectrum of its "services": career success, a quick recovery of the debts, luck, and social success
  • The main attribute of the amulet is a coin. You can select the one that you like: travel, new and shiny
  • The amulet can be worn on the neck, in a pocket or purse. The main thing that was secret and no one touch it


  • Do the ritual during the full moon. The most important thing is to have a good, peace of mind and the mind cleared of unnecessary thoughts
  • Light a candle and sit at the table. The fingering of the coin, designed by the amulet, imagine what you want: how are you lucky in your career, there are riches and rewards
  • Next, put the amulet in a piece of red cloth and delivered it to the window, so that it fell in the light of the moon. Ask God and the Universe to send you success and wealth
  • Wrap the amulet in a cloth and put on the pillow at night

Call attention to your hands

  • Talisman for good luck can be any natural object as a stone
  • We have to find it on the edge of a lake or other body of water. The stone should not be the research. Better if it falls into the eye and for some reason you like it
  • You must take the stone and wash it in the water of the lake, near which was found
  • In order to take home. The night of the full moon, in the light of the candle in the stone to draw something to dream about
  • Then, this stone must be wrapped in cloth of red color and put them in a quiet place in the house, away from prying eyes

Strong talisman for good luck with their hands

We need:

  • Dried herbs: large, mint, rosemary, bay leaf, fennel (a pinch)
  • A piece of red cloth
  • Thread

How to make:

  • The new moon is made with a fabric small red bag. Fill it with the herbs and read more than three times the prayer "our father"
  • After tying it with a thread saying that "Put the lawn to the command of God, themselves for success and good luck! So be it! Amen."
  • Remove the bag in a safe place. And every full moon spread it on the window under the light of the moon (at least 3 times)
  • This pet will bring into your life only positive, good luck and success

Money talisman bag with your hands

That, in principle, the objects can be considered money talismans:

  • Tree of money. It has leaves similar to coins. It is believed that the transplant, the bottom of the pot of the tree, we need to develop a currency. Then, the income will grow, and the owners of the tree to thrive. This money tree to grow in the window at home
  • The people of the mascot — a piece of bark of birch. It protects its owner from the debtors, delays in wages and the theft of the property
  • The fate of the currency or tickets. For example, a large prize or award. This money is to attract partners in their portfolio
  • Some stones, such as agate, Jasper and onyx is able to attract money
the bag of herbs to attract money

Talisman of wealth with their own hands

There is an ancient ritual that, according to the people, works 100%.

  • So, the point is simple. From the first day of every month we have to put the correct amount of money. For example, number 1, 1 ruble, number 2 — 2 rubles, etc.
  • To do so, get a nice box and put the money there at a certain time of the day (but the same every day)
  • The present, like a box full of bills that you have to search for wealth and success
  • One condition: you can't miss a single day. If missed, the next month you will have to start all over again. To inform the money for the missed days can not be
  • At the end of the month (30 or 31) is replaceable for all the money in a great project of law. It is now the talisman for money, that will generate wealth